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  1. It isn't my camera or zigview. I bumped into some info from this blog and thought to link the zigview to this thread. The zigview have been mentioned before and this guy is using one. So it can work. There several models of zigview. You have to find an adaptable adapter to fix the zigview to the beaulieu. Of course there isn't a ready made one. Find the one with enough body to go around the eyepiece and then fix a meachnisme or a set of clamps to hold it in place. Possibly a nikon dk-7 ring could be easier to adapt to the eyepiece and then a zigview standard Nikon round-viewfinder piece could clip the zigview to the beaulieu. I suppose keeping the zig-eye close to the beaulieu is important too as the pupil exit is very small. It is a bit like viewing a poststamp at an armslength :) Things should be easier with more modern viewfinder like on the nikon r10 or canon super-8. Although theses aren't real high eye-point either. Possibly the agfa movexoom 6 and 10 have the best viewfinder on that aspect.
  2. Well, standard tools do it too: Zigview on Beaulieu 4008 I suppose if one burns so much money on a stripped pro8mm 4008 the costs of a zigview are marginal :)
  3. Seller raised the price after the first round? That is strange. Repair on the actuator will very difficult. Either it is broken or the feeler has been too long in a n end position and got glued/stuck in dried out 30 year old grease.
  4. This guy (super8camera-shop.com ) is best known for selling over-priced bad and broken cameras and then making the buyers pay for extra shipping and even the repairs. An idiot and a fraud. Even claiming to not have known about deep scratches in lenses. He is just selling untested fleamarket finds.
  5. Why do you post other people's auctions??? Apparently seller is not so happy with the camera as he bought it only a few months ago. Then at only at just over Euro 1000. But now it is tested ? And worth 3 times the amount?
  6. Don't bother. It was sold to a trader who now has it on eBay at no less then US$1500
  7. Any recommendations on the max price for such a set? http://audio-tv-foto.marktplaats.nl/films-...-mm-camera.html
  8. AA's don't fit these cameras. You either need a contact-block and an external battery-pack or you could modify the original old battery-holder to hold 6 AAAs
  9. The weak spot was the administration of the subscriptions at the publisher's end. I expect they lost scores of subscribers (if not hundreds) by their poor handling of e-mail enquiries and their offensive bureaucratic handling when people actually made it through the first subscription. But I must say the other magazine, super8today, is hardly any better. They excell especially at not answering simple questions. And thus not selling anything around $100
  10. This link runs dead :( This is what I find after some refering links: http://onsuper8.blogspot.com/2008/11/save-smallformat.html Seems the same but it should work
  11. If getting the chemistry is the trouble you should look here: http://www.wittner-kinotechnik.de/katalog/...mm/filmentw.php FOMA Entwicklungs-Kit für S/W-Umkehrfilme Fomapan R100 Vollständiger Umkehrentwicklungssatz für die Umkehrentwicklung von Fomapan R100 oder anderen S/W-Filmen. The price isn't too bad. Using LOMO tanks you can process 4 films in it. The Kodak Tmax sets are good too but prohibitively expensive in my opinion. There is also www.fotoimpex.de
  12. Noticed this Retroroadtrips s8 travel film project before. The website looked nice with the sample clips. http://www.retroroadtrips.com/ Now the DVD is actually available for purchasing. Should be a good mooded watching towards the weeks before christmas. The price isn't too bad either. Especially considering the extended content of the package. Anybody got it already? Any experiences?
  13. They have a hand of sending broken goods to paying customers. It is a way to take hostages and let others pay for the broken goods they accidently acquired. Their website clearly states 90 days garantee and at their idiotic price level they should service to the full and should pay for the shipping in and out too. It is not an accidental broken item. They are fully responsible. Also, they work under german law and are required to take anything back on postal orders. Broken or not. German police is very much unto this kind of fraudulent sellers. These can easily be reached through email and website. Very likely the seller will give in very quickly as they cannot afford to be exposed to the income tax office. Which will happen when they get fined or punished through court doings.
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