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  1. It is just from ancient marketing. Kodak came to using X as a strong sounding term for an enhanced basic BW film. Later they came up with: XX Double-X Plus-X Tri-X 4X Where it mostly relates to ASA rating being multiple X
  2. And don't forget to take the left screw out just beneath the viewfinder. And not the right-side one)
  3. That is saying goodbye to really short focal length lenses which you need on Super-8. Is there any suitable 10mm (1.5xtele) for these bayonets? Let alone 6mm (standard like) or wide-angles? People need short focal lengths. Don't bother with long lenses, barely anyone uses Super-8 for wildlife registration :)
  4. If you adapt the lens to the new camera it will no longer aline properly with the old one :( $50 for a ZM4 is a steal. It is of course the most recent 4008. Are all leatherettes present? If the battery works with the ZM then it should be good with ZM4 too.
  5. Being not the only one would give you some support? As with other suggestions from you they are plain bad advice and dangerous to other people's gear and media.
  6. Until the tape gets dented in and the gear starts to grind off the glue. DON'T even consider doing this.
  7. Indeed, Kodak will not win a design award for these cameras :)
  8. That works too :) When feeling lucky you could attempt to find a Beaulieu 4/5008 with a big Angénieux. All these lenses are 30 years old though. One would hope that there was still a slight improvement in design or manufacturing. Get a Ultra Wide Lens to fit the Variogons. That allows for a bit more angle.
  9. Kodak had better made a deal with Schneider to have them manufacturer a new/modern batch of their 6-70 Variogon (or what is current) in a clean C-mount configuration. Who wants those Mickey Mouse (sorry MIckey) surveillance lenses for feature filming and such?
  10. I am glad too that Kodak takes on this challange. However, I wonder how many actually edit and project their ciné The same for 135 or 120 stills. Or is all because of the color representation and ambience of that? Somebody ought to work out a processing scheme for RAW images to get to Ektachrome look as close as possible. Nobody asks about originals :)
  11. Thicknesses from Kodak datasheets. 135 160NC 0.13 mm (0.005 inch) acetate 120 160NC 0.10 mm (0.004 inch) acetate Sheetfilm would 0.18mm Some special films could be as thin as: Kodak High Definition aerial Film, 3414 on an Estar ultra-thin base, (1.5 mil = 0.0375 mm Or Kodak SO-208 so-1.2 mil = 0,03048mm To get more on a spool in a reconnaisance aircraftcamera or even in Keyhole spy satellites
  12. A thread leading to some photos online: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=73478
  13. There was some discussion about the mounting of the lens and the LCU on others http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=73401&hl=
  14. The prices are absurd for what are in essence marketfinds. Many of the store-like sellers give it a polish and at at best a quick motor test without film. A know of one seller on eBay.de who writes roaring descriptions and in the last sentence mention a dysfunctional aperture or something like that. I.e for example selling Bauer 715xl at Euro 200 with a broken belt which should be worth $20 because of the batteryclip :) Not to start about Beaulieu or others. Apparently people find themselves stuck with a doorstop because they didn't read the text fully. Routine sellers mentioning not having tested the thing because they wouldn't know how must be considered fraudulent sellers. BTW starting out on a project without testing the gear and without proper exercises in advance is plain stupid.
  15. isn't cinema about filming moving objects?
  16. The easy way to use the lens would be with a fitting body from the 6/7/9009 models. A proper groundglass would indeed be handy. Mind where the pin is on your lens as it must go in the hole which in different places for the 6008 and the 7/9008. Fitting a 6/7/9008 receiver on a 4008 would be nice if distances would allow it. The mirror in a 4008 is very close to the C-thread tube. Really cool would be to have a M-bayonet on it, somehow the 6-66 was fitted to Leicina too. M-to-C adapters are easy to find :) Good luck.
  17. I was just wondering about the Super-8 10mm. I have never seen one with motorized control. Neither for Leicina or Beaulieu. I suppose it was intended for easy shooting which would benefit from electronic exposure control. The tube and rings are much smaller and I can believe it would be difficult to make a standard LCU interlock with gear-rings on the lens if there were any. Not to start how to make the two conjoined.
  18. Not to start about having lenses collimated because of some mystique reason while people even in this age of 20 Euro per minute shoot as if they are hosing the garden. Possibly that is an attenpt at art too :)
  19. Just a brief post :) The plate of the cartridge is not really a pressure plate. It is the rear half of an air-channel forming pair of the camera-plate and cartridge-plate. The film flies through free of contact... As recently discussed on the forum elsewhere. Only Nikon (or who more) had small ramps at the edge of the frame in the cameragate to force the film to the rear which is in conjuction with the superior optics why the R10, R8 and Super-Zoom produce far sharper images. The further much misunderstood stop-pins worked along to keep the film still while the shutter was open :) Nikon had the engineers who really understood what was at play in the Super-8 cartridge design and didn't need secretive space-grade materials to create a camera-gate-part. A new design isn't really needed. Just use Single-8, plenty camera but film supply is a bit sparse although Retro8 has a new perforator set-up which should supply plenty of S-8 material.
  20. There are at least two other lenses with the LCU and Beaulieu fixing threaded nut... One is not so interesting but the other is :) with its 180mm max. As a third possibly there was a Cinegon too with LCU ? One might attempt to fix a C-mount camera with a borrowed 6/7/9000 chromium mounting flange. The trouble is that the 6/7/9008 lenses cannot go in deep enough on a 4008 for example. There will never be a sharp image. Although I haven't measured it. To adapt such lenses you would need to replace the chromed tail part with a C-threaded tube to hang the camera from :) while the lens is in tripod-cradle. Too bad a Leicina Special is too deep too. The filmplane is way too far away.
  21. One can (attempt to) drive the mechanism through the pick-drive in the cartridge chamber. At least you can drive it to the rest position. If you want to go any direction multiple-rounds you need to lock the trigger in run (i.e. rotate the trigger 1/4 when in).
  22. Have comfortable automatic exposure and possible Autofocus just to get going and adjust to a slower pace. In the mean time just get a Leicina Special or one from the A-line models like Canon 1014xls, Nizo professional, Nikon R10/R8 :) Or one from the modernest plenty others like Canon 310 XLS AF, Agfa Movexoom 10 which have the modernest of SMD electronics, stepper motors and the sharpest of lenses.
  23. Nothing is cheap what comes from Retro-8. Also communications are very poor. I.e. not answering or only after some 6 times repeat.
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