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  1. Your light meter is broken it seems. It's takes it's power from the main battery. Unless you've bought the camera from someone who has just ran a roll of film though it and can prove it works correctly then it's likely your camera needs a service and is broke. You don't really need the lightmeter anyway for negative. As to the lens issue. It's a C Mount camera so any C mount should work although these cameras were calibrated with their own lens when built. You don't need the motor on the lens either but I woulnd't have bought the camera without it's original lens.
  2. I would highly recommend the metabones speedbooster also. It turns the camera almost into a super35 camera (1.75crop) and with over an extra stop of light. Plus I find older lenses suit the camera and impart an even more cinematic image to go along with the great dynamic range of the camera. There is also an active EF speedbooster coming out soon (July) but as mentioned the usual issues with non cinema lenes occur. There is also of course the super16 lenses (some of which I have) and the slr magic 12mm is aparently very good. Image stabilization is great but I think it's noticable to be honest.
  3. Also THX 1138, Argo, Shame, Hunger, Sergio Leone movies; all 2 perf Techniscope. That's just off the top of my head.
  4. Beautiful transfer. I've yet to try 50D now I really must buy a few rolls.I'm always put off by the scan costs. It would be really interesting to see a scan of 50D going through the new super8 film camera being worked on when it comes out. I know unsteadiness is a quirk of super8 but if this stock went through that camera with it's proper film feed it would effectively be 16mm!
  5. Wow love this. The inside of the Canon 1014XLS is even more wondrous.
  6. Got this book. It's brilliant. I particularly like the chapter on home development.
  7. I really enjoyed this. Great subject matter. How did you get the sound to sync up with the film so well?
  8. Hi 2 music videos I did recently. It's 2 versions of the same song. Filmed on Fuji eterna with a Canon Scoopic.2nd one shot in Venice and Verona Italy. SD transfer. What does anyone think? http://vimeo.com/19330022 http://vimeo.com/19353143 Thanks
  9. Hi, there are one or two old threads on this but it looks like the consensus is don't DIY telecine and invert in post. I would be inclined, with negative, to shoot about at least 10-15 minutes of footage and get it transferred professionally to SD as generally the more minutes you have to transfer the cheaper it works out. Shooting 1 roll of negative and transferring isn't very cost effective at all. At least with reversal you can either project or view on a viewer for free. http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=17938&st=0&p=133297&hl=+negative%20+invert&fromsearch=1entry133297
  10. Oh I see, thanks for the info and pics.
  11. Does anyone know where the gel filter slot is on the scoopic...I cant find it.Does it depends on the model? I've a 16M. Also I've heard you can get filters that go over the external light meter so it will auto expose for tungsten film for example, is that the case?
  12. I know they're probably hard to come by but I'm looking for a wooden hand grip for my ltr7. If anyone is interested in selling please let me know. justin underscore donoghue at yahoo dot ie
  13. Thanks for the quick reply Tim. That's a pity but kind of what I'd expected having looked at the mag.
  14. Hi I'm resurrecting this thread 'cause I'm looking to do this. I have an LTR7 and having looked at the manual I have sussed out the feed side of the magazine regarding the daylight spools (use the "knurled' screw to remove the 400' core and hold the 100' spool in place...nifty idea). However on the take up side this isnt the case. So I'm wondering is it a case of removing the 400' spool by first unscrewing the 2 top screws and then using a small spanner to remove the rest of the core (there's a nut there I see)? When that's done is it just a case of placing the daylight spool on top? How is it held in place if that's how it's done i.e. there's no 'knurled' screw in the take up side of the magazine (at least not in my one) and won't it just wobble all over the place? Thanks
  15. Very nice footage. What camera did you use to capture the images? Does the Workprinter transfer negative also?
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