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  1. You shot Marla! For those that dont know Marla was shot using one of, if not THE, very first homemade mini35 devices. Read more about it here: http://www.marlathemovie.com/ . The method they used has now been superceded several times over but they opened the door for all homemade devices to come including the Redrock 35 device, and it stills tands as one of the better looking digital 35 shorts shot (imo).
  2. compositing? am I missing something? That looks to me like 250D on an overcast day but maybe Im missing something.
  3. I tried it. It looks like it could be useful but its sloooooooooooooooooow.
  4. in Garden State they use both motion control, non motion control, and also selective ramping. With the non motion control, they had Braff sit as motionless as possible while the party goes on around him at maybe 8fps? 4fps? I don't know.
  5. Never seen a Panavision but I have seen a SuperAmerica which probably isn't that suprising.
  6. I called kodak LA and they are sending me a little practice bit of 35mm, and also a new price list (my last one was from before the price change). BTW the marketing dept is very friendly. Good to know. I've quite enjoyed the "still chilled when it arrives from Kodak" situation, but because this is a short Im going to have to save as much $$$ as possible, so I may elect to do short ends. I only have 400' mags anyway. Thanks.
  7. and of course, consequently, to get a widescreen ratio such as 16x9 (1.77:1) with standard 16mm full frame, you would need to matte or crop the image down, resulting in a total of 40% less negative space used than with super 16. 40% is huge not just at standard def or high def resolutions but especially if ever considering a blowup to 35mm.
  8. Thanks Nathan, will give Kodak a call tomorrow morning. :)
  9. Would anybody happen to have a scrap piece of exposed 35mm, maybe 50' or so, that I can practice loading this beast? I'll gladly paypal you money for shipping and give you a special thanks in my next short :) Thanks, Trevor.
  10. i don't know what's scarier, coming to cinematography.com to talk politics, or reading anything posted at any political "news" site as radical as informationclearinghouse.info
  11. No problem. But you may want to change your username to First Last name. I think its a rule here. Besides people want to know whom they are talking to.
  12. Sorry I don't have FCP so I can't test it but try this: http://www.riverrockstudios.com/riverrock/...ayfornight.html
  13. NICE. With the advances Vision 2 has brought I can't wait to see what a stock like that could do. Moonlit with no lights? BTW Joe are you related to the infamous DP of the same name?
  14. Hi Will, I called and talkied to the Tk guy, look into uncompressed transfer to hdd!
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