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  1. Yeah, I sold the last of mine earlier this year for around $70 USD / piece. Frozen since shipment though so I felt alright about it. Totally agree with Marc on this one...I'd rather shoot V3 50d anyway.
  2. +1 to Perry's Post above As someone who has used a few max 8 cams with anamorphic adaptors you are better off shooting super 16 and doing some kind of extreme cropping if you really want a 2.4 ratio or shoot 16 anamorphic. I'd say only got like 50% of my footage actually came out sharp using anamorphic adaptors, they are tough to use on a small camera and on lenses that don't really want restrictions that an adaptor would work best with. Plus sound is going to kill you, I've had used a 1014XL, 4008, and even the new Logmar is almost too loud without a barney to capture sound. And the price difference isn't really that much different to save a couple hundred on an important project like this.
  3. Heard the initial run is going to be around $1500 for a metal body and they are making around 2000 units. If there is still demand then they are planning on a plastic body unit for the $500-800 range. Anyone else hear different?
  4. Sounds cool Lasse, I'd be interested but probably shy away from using it in a real project unless we could use some 200ft mags with it. I know you guys had mentioned the Logmar S-8 is adaptable to an unreleased larger magazine as well. Would be nice to have something available that works with both. What kind of glass are you thinking? There isn't a whole lot of anamorphic options for c-mount that I've seen other than adaptors. Also, would using 2 perf of the super 8 frame and then an anamorphic adaptor kind of defeat itself for wide screen? You would be un-squeezing a pretty tall image back into a more standard ratio? Maybe I'm not really understanding what you mean. Otherwise you guys have my interest if accessories can be interchangeable.
  5. Hey Lasse, Did you guys post this yet?
  6. Nope, all in all I'm about $4300 with lens(es) & Collimation fees so it's at an optimistic $4500 because of ebay/paypal fees. Honestly I've considered some lower offers on it though. Both Pro8 & Logmar know that I'm selling it and even gave them a heads up, not breaking any contract rules. tl:dr - ebay seller isn't making a profit, everyone is cool with it.
  7. Accepting offers http://www.ebay.com/itm/261999207248
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261990236273?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Please ask questions through ebay as I check that account more frequently
  9. Selling my Logmar with Lens and accessories http://www.ebay.com/itm/261990245148?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Please ask questions through ebay as I check that account more frequent https://imgur.com/a/115Ly/all
  10. I also am trying to sell my Retro 8 Scanner 1st gen 2fps unit. Still works great, My software key will be included in the sale. Thought I'd post here before I listed on Ebay. Seems like moviestuff has taken most info down about these except for http://www.moviestuff.tv/about_retro_units.html footage scanned with the scanner for sale -> PM me if you are interested... Also going to be listing my Logmar Camera package with a Rainbow f/1.0 8-48mm zoom -> Hit me up about that before I get around to putting it up on ebay.
  11. Here's some 500T I shot with my Logmar trying only to use available light and a Rainbow f1.0 Lens. I was getting anywhere from 5-20fc and let the Lab (Gamma Ray) do a best light 2K. Was using a monopod for about half of it so most of the shaking is from that on a few shots.
  12. Hey Anthony, I'm in the US Beta through Pro8mm and this was sent last week; We are very excited that your new LOGMAR Camera will be shipped to us shortly! The design team is finishing assembly, and each camera is going to be tested prior to shipment. We expect to get the test footage here no later than Jan 19th. If the footage is acceptable to us, the cameras will have passed the test and will be shipped to Pro8mm. I'm not sure on Euro dudes but most of us in US are getting a lens collimation with those nice Angenieux zooms that came with nicer Beaulieus (although I've got a bunch of old Bolex C Mount primes I'm gonna test too). Hopefully that won't take too long at pro8mm for them to test everything again and ship. Optimistically in hands date to me in Michigan would be first week of February if everything goes according to plan at the Logmar HQ.
  13. Here is a pro8mm Max 8mm Camera package http://www.ebay.com/itm/261626554233 And the elusive Nalcom FTL 1000 http://www.ebay.com/itm/261626589164 Both come in working condition tested by myself. They are ready to go! Please ask questions through ebay as I check that inbox more regularly
  14. Sometimes after I clean a battery compartment I spin the batteries around inside the holder hoping it might catch a connection...could just be good luck but I've had two come back to life just by doing that and pressing the trigger in between. If it leaked deeper like Josh said, it probably won't come back for you. good luck
  15. I pretty much do this but only let it scale and turn on max scale to like 105% or around there. Depends on the shot though, sometimes I get it trying to track the motion of people instead of just stabilizing the frame. I've found that cutting the length down for clips increases the success rate, i.e. don't take a 10 minute single clip and try to stabilize it, cut it down into shots and apply the effect individually. I recently watched a friend of mine do some stabilization in Resolve and it looked so simple to put exact points to stabilize and eliminate false points of motion you don't want it tracked to. I really keep meaning to do a tutorial or something of the like just pertaining to super 8 jitter. Looks like you are on the right track though
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