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  1. Shooting a film project in Europe where are the labs to send dailies?
  2. dio zafi

    Moviecam sl

    Would like to get my moviecam sl serviced?
  3. dio zafi

    Movie cam sl

    standard 24V 3 pin XLR batteries Needed???!
  4. dio zafi

    Arri 2c door

    Does anyone know where I can get the door for the Arri 2c??
  5. and one click ordering.... “Cinematography can be a hypnotic, sensorial experience, and 35mm gives me access to that so that I can pass it on to the audience. Thanks to the virtues of film,"
  6. by shooting on film you'll get a beautiful image and the BUZZ (like if you shot on an iPhone and are a name director)
  7. what is it? (is this part of the camera or a foreign part?) We found this part loose while servicing.
  8. i'm looking too after just shooting on one I was amazed how cheap the workflow was and how beautiful the footage was
  9. here's our update ...the track that the zoom moves is chipped...a piece was broken off...(probably someone forced the zoom) now where to get the part is the question..I will try to post photos..thanks.
  10. do you think we should send this into Red for repair or a regular camera repair shop?
  11. a month ago I shot a commercial on kodak film and it was great to hear the comments...(this is what I was hearing and what I thought after) "Don't forget Kodak It's make an average project unforgettable "
  12. I just rented one out and it was great using kodak and this is what I thought when I saw it and heard the comments Don't forget Kodak It's make an average project unforgettable
  13. everything is else is working on this zoom...and you can zoom out...you just can't zoom in????
  14. I'm on a job with a red pro zoom lens 17-50mmv2 that is not zooming in? Anyway we can fix this on the set?
  15. i' was born in "91 so I don't have any emotional attachment to film.. But from my experience working with colorists..Kodak film has the most professional and best image on the planet It gives the director and d.p. more control of their vision It's cheaper than working with digital which needs costly coloring and equipment rental. It gives the d.p. and or director a life instead of spending their time with the endless digital updates on cameras..and software..saving them from the digital black hole. On the set and in preparing your project there is more thought involved with using film. The world's best directors and d.p.s enthusiastically use film. Film sees things the way the human eye sees. When you buy a roll of film you are also buying the archival material for your film as well as having a perfect look right out of the can.. The best cameras in the world are film cameras. The best way to have a unique beautiful look if your starting out of is with film.
  16. here's my list of films playing or will be playing soon shot on film...I try not to miss any if anyone has additions..?? Hateful Eight 70mm Star Wars 35mm Bridge of Spies 35mm Spectre 35mm Carol Super 16mm (CameraImage Festival first prize winner) Son of Saul 35mm
  17. First place winner at the CameraImage Festival this year was a super 16mm film..
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