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  1. Thanks for the test. I'm pretty excited about these powerful LED's. Technically 3 Forza 500s are still cheaper than at 1.2k HMI right?
  2. Did you shoot yours by eyes or meter?
  3. The only thing i hate about bouncing unbleached muslin is the spillage. Be prepared to have a lot of flags. Tung
  4. Figured as much. They probably just used a nice monitor and lit it by eyes. I like the fact that his face still has detail and the shadows are dark but not noisy. Even for youtube it looks nice
  5. Good morning! Hope everyone is well. I am curious to see what people think about the key to fill ratio in this shot. I'm trying to learn more about back lighting and i really like the mood of this music video. Thanks guys!
  6. Hey guys does anyone know what stand he is using here for the overhead example at 2:13? It looks like a regular cstand but the arm is very long. Thanks. Overhead
  7. Man that looks amazing. What was the diffusion? Where would you put the mirror if there were two people in the car? One driver and one passenger?
  8. I can't see the attachment for some reason. What mirror boards do you recommend? All i can find right now are matthews'. Im guessing shake it up means adjusting it? Thank you AJ
  9. Mr. Holt. You seriously need to consider making a masterclass. We need more resources regarding gripping and dp'ing. Thank you for this.
  10. Were the litemats right on the windows or a couple of feet away? It looks fantastic in my opinion.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think im going to go check it out to see how bad they are color wise.Insert other media
  12. I hope all is well with you all. Has any one ever used portable light towers like what's below for making movies? You get so much power for cheap, I wonder if I could use something like this instead of an HMI. No one wants to ship an HMI to my location for rental and buying is not an option unfortunately. Thank you in advance.https://www.unitedrentals.com/market...-light-tower#/
  13. What a great insight. Thank you very much!Im still waiting for him to finish.
  14. Good afternoon beautiful people of cinematography. I hope all is well with you. I know this forum is a cinematography forum but this is probably the only place I actually get feedback. That being said, I hired someone in upwork to help me with my screenplay. Am I now responsible for putting him as a co-writer when submitting my screenplay to film festivals? Will I have to put him in the end credits if I somehow manage to film the said screenplay?
  15. bmforum is not as active as this one unfortunately. thank you for the input. mr hurlbut used DIY metal halide lights light metered at 5600k. Honestly, i am thinking about investing in hmi's. i will check out the link
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