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  1. bmforum is not as active as this one unfortunately. thank you for the input. mr hurlbut used DIY metal halide lights light metered at 5600k. Honestly, i am thinking about investing in hmi's. i will check out the link
  2. Hmm odd. Nevermind. I tried the same set up with my red dragon camera. I am now getting bluer 5600k. Guess camera matters.
  3. in that case i actually needed more background light since i had it turn down it was too bright. I guess i need to get a brighther key light? Thank you
  4. first off happy belated birthday to you sir and thank you once again for your reply. Basically the harsher the light the bluer it should get? I did bounce the 120d off the ceiling so i guess it wasnt really 5600k by the time it hit the back wall. That makes sense.
  5. Team. Hello. I have purchased Shane Hurlbut's how to light night exterior on his website (the link below is part of the series but is not the one i am trying to replicate). I am trying to recreate the colors he is getting with the warm skin tones but blue background light. On the course his camera was set at WB 3800k and the fake moonlight is set at 5600k. He used a red dragon on his example while i am using a pocket cinema camera 4k for mine. Why does my 5600k (Aputure 120d Mk 2) look so much more neutral than his. Is it because of the dragon sensor? Is it because of his metal halide back light? Or is it both? Thank you all for your time. My screenshot link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yP0Hv8PzIDFMvZbPM5vrSegQe-NR6Uzd
  6. Wow! Thank you for all of the ideas. I should have stated. It;s going to be a night scene. What would be the best position for a key light if the talent is standing where the picture is taken. Will an overhead work or should i have him stand beside the window and get keyed by the window lights. Thanks.
  7. First of all i apologize for my bad english for its my second language. I need your help trying to light the attached image. I would like to give it a very dark/horror lowkey look. I am thinking of punching some lights through the doors and windows and use smoke for that Spielberg effect. I am also thinking about taping some translucent trash bags on the windows so that it would break up the lights so it wouldn't be too harsh. Do you think what i am trying to do is a great idea or should i just top light the musician instead or backlight him similar to this video https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-19215859-stock-footage-skateboarder-moves-on-a-skateboard-along-the-corridor-of-an-abandoned-building.html?src=rel/4949642:1/gg. Thank you.
  8. Could you possibly also share the lighting set up for the same music video timestamp's 0:26 and 2:13? What aperture do you guys usually shoot eminem at since he moves around too much lol. He is probably an AC's worse nightmare.
  9. Wow! Ive been an eminem fan since he first came out and seeing behind the scenes stuff in the final product is priceless hahaha. I didnt even notice that flag before. Thanks Mr. Frisch thanks for sharing.
  10. Mark! Thank you very much for all the information. I love false color but unfortuately, it doesnt work correctly with my smallhd 502 monitor when lut is enabled. That's exactly what i thought too I had to turn off all the lights to watch it properly.
  11. Well here is what i came up with. Just for fun. Wife shot the whole thing for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj5grNCSEgU&feature=youtu.be
  12. I just hate how youtube kills lowlight videos. I get a lot of artifacts and blockiness when i upload.
  13. If if i were to shoot raw could could i change the ISO from 800 to 400 to lose 1 stop and 800 to 200 2 stops instead of using luts with -1 and -2? Since iso is just meta data i can just expose at 800 but change to 400 or 200 to see how it looks?
  14. Shooting raw 800iso with the blackmagic cinema camera
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