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  1. Kids out here are watching every movie on their phone and laptop through multiple degrees of digital compression. You'd be surprised how little people care. I'll be like "ew look at that digital noise" and physically point it out and they'll be like "huh? what? oh I guess but whatever it's just a movie". Getting up to adjust the contrast so I can see the shadows better and everyone else will say "stop toying with it it doesn't matter I can see the faces its fine".
  2. It's fascinating how these thread topics spark the most debate yet everyone outside of cinematography find film vs digital to be the least important element of the craft. Then again I'm sure some people in cinematography find it to be the least important element of the craft as well..
  3. Yeah the grade could use a little more punch and when the interview audio comes in it immediately destroys the professional vibe you opened with. Also getting more angles of coverage for the main interview would really flesh things out, maybe even have the camera handheld on that portion too. This goes in and out between TV quality and youtube vlogger's student film. I don't believe you're clueless to this, I think the director just settled in the wrong areas. Let me know if you need an audio guy, I'm in the area.
  4. I thought they taught this concept in middle school? Writing an outline for any long paper?
  5. Probably good you ditched it when you did. The original 4K mini is going nowhere but down.
  6. The only time the camera fell short was the outdoor tests around 2:55. But for 5% of the price, not bad at all.
  7. Would you be willing to flip? I've wanted those for a bit.
  8. ..I mean if all you watch is Full House then yeah.
  9. If shooting a completely white surface, I'm pretty sure you'll still notice it even with a crop sensor.
  10. What I've noticed with some cheaper Tamron counterparts is disgusting vignetting
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