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  1. I mean... it could've been. Could've also been done in grading given the entire shot represents that general color tone.
  2. It sounds like you've been involved in very little, if any, of the animation industry. There aren't 30 different people assembling Tom Cruise's performances. Mickey and Daffy have key frames drawn by someone in America, then filled in for fluidity by someone in France, then colored in by someone in Korea, then sent back to America for sequential editing and final review. When you actually grind into the work of this process, you're far less concerned with philosophical titles.
  3. Thanks for telling, I'll keep it in mind. My favorite so far has been WeTransfer.
  4. What are the rest of your lights balanced to? Tungsten or Daylight? If you want that general warm sunlight blast then I'd suggest playing around with varying degrees of CTO gel in order to achieve the precise look you want. They also have ND+CTO gels that could help.
  5. Worked heavily and closely on the audio and direction portions of projects with said Cartoon Network animators who just got back to me and said your actor claim is going overboard. You should hire them, here's a reel!
  6. It's like calling a painter a model. I feel like he watched some documentary where an animator was getting really philosophical with some analogy to engage the audience and Tim took it and ran with it far more literally than intended.
  7. When it boots up does it say "Mysterium-X" on the launch screen? I remember mine doing that.
  8. Let me know when you're animating for internationally televised shows then.
  9. I work with animators at Cartoon Network and they can confirm that: no, they are not actors.
  10. Then I'd probably go with C300. Red definitely looks nicer to most, but it has more of a tendency to overheat when self-recording for longer stretches of time.
  11. Are you shooting mostly narrative or all-around videography?
  12. A bigger question I should be asking is: why do we as cinematographers have to choose between Gold mount or V-mount batteries? It's like VHS and Betamax battling for 20+ years. Is there some history on this I'm ignorant to? Me personally, I feel like gold mount has a more secure locking mechanism so can't see why V-mount still exists.
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