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  1. Tri-X neg is made to be contact printed onto film. That gets rid of the mush. I have done it onto sound film.
  2. Dropbox works fine for large files. I downloaded my 2K scans of 25 feet and even a short 4K sample.
  3. Sprint may be what Pittsburgh Filmmakers used in an open house to develop 16mm tri-x reversed head shots of us talking short takes. It was all very fats. 2 min do develop. Must have been used straight. It was in a great big tub bottle like 10 gallons or more.
  4. The video made previous to this one had 25 minuets development. This one was 30 min. I exposed a new film tonight between f2.8 and f4. Anyone have suggestions as to how long I should extend development time for it? I would go at least 5 more minuets but am considering longer just to try and get f4 to work.
  5. Foma R-100 was push developed in LQR 30 min and the leader is still dark? I can hardly believe it. How far can it go?
  6. I bought new split reels for larger and much larger cores from Urbanskys
  7. It was 16mm developed in a Jobo short tank on a 110 reel.
  8. No flicker that I have seen. I have used Rodinal a lot, too.
  9. That's right, three parts in all. D96 is stronger, I think I have tried it diluted also. There are samples I have done.
  10. It does not work in 50 foot magazines every time, all of the time. Mostly it fails and makes vertically smeared images. However, it does work in other cameras reversed or as negative. My youtube channel has playlists for it. /studiocarter1
  11. My latest developments using 7222 were in D-76. Low contrast was wanted. Three tests were made. Here is a link to pictures with descriptions. Today I printed the entire roll onto 3378, another set of chemicals and procedures that took 2 tests.
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