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  1. No flicker that I have seen. I have used Rodinal a lot, too.
  2. That's right, three parts in all. D96 is stronger, I think I have tried it diluted also. There are samples I have done.
  3. It does not work in 50 foot magazines every time, all of the time. Mostly it fails and makes vertically smeared images. However, it does work in other cameras reversed or as negative. My youtube channel has playlists for it. /studiocarter1
  4. My latest developments using 7222 were in D-76. Low contrast was wanted. Three tests were made. Here is a link to pictures with descriptions. Today I printed the entire roll onto 3378, another set of chemicals and procedures that took 2 tests.
  5. Good luck getting one. I sow one of these cameras at a show but it ran so loud I almost dropped it. Needless to say I didn't buy it.
  6. My Bell & Howell 50 foot magazine camera, model 200 S, single lens, and a T, double lens model, are both out of sync between the shutter and the pull down claw needing service. Where can I have that done?
  7. It is the framing mask that would need to be rotated. If the viewing tube is swiveled the image goes black. I don't know about photos, maybe my cel phone...
  8. How can the image in the 12x120 be rotated horizontally if the viewing tube is on a side and not on top?
  9. Never-mind. I had been using a Bell & Howell Angenieux 17-68 lens that is very similar. However, the larger one will not rotate the frame in the viewer like the smaller. So, clockwise loosened the grooved ring on the large view tube. Then, the smooth part was rotated and locked the swing arm. That is all it does. Disappointing. The lens works if the viewing tube is in line with the lens, that gives a horizontal frame. It cannot be used on a side to give a horizontal image. There ARE some tiny screws on the viewing tube closer to the eyepiece from the grooved ring, but I will not undo them. It works on top of a camera. Good enough.
  10. The view tube image is stuck in the vertical position. With the eyepiece tube on the left and the lens on the right, as if it would be attached to an Auricon camera, Which way do I turn the grooved ring on the eye tube? Normally, it would be counter-clockwise. I have a 5/64 Allen wrench in a slot on the barrel through the set screw hole on the smooth ring further towards the axle, if that makes any sense. I remember something about these being threaded backwards? Anyway, I got it stuck and now I cannot loosen it to put it back into the horizontal position. Please help.
  11. I have to bleach Foma first then develop to get a negative. And HC-110 is used 1:100 for an hour to reverse 7266. Higher dilutions lowers contrast. I have used RO9 one shot 1:400 with 3378
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