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  1. Thank you so much Dom, your help has been very usefull. I purchased the mutar extender. I'll make some test when I get it and I'll get back to you for an update. Thank you again!
  2. I found the mutar, but then i found this post where you said that the mutar will not fit most of angeniex lenses, does the 12-240mm is an exception? "The Zeiss Mutar was designed for the Zeiss 10-100 and 11-110 so has a bit more room, but it still won't fit most Angenieux 16mm zooms. The Optex "Colcine Super 16" 2x extender has the most room of all our extenders." But then you said on this post that: "the Optex 2x extender for Bayonet mount has an optic that hits the rear of the 12-240 so it's no good. I tested a Zeiss Mutar 2X (Bayo mount for 10-100) and it fits the 12-240, with no vignetting through the range." So I found both extenders (optex and mutar) on arri bayonet mount, like my zoom, but I want to know wich one get to fit the angenieux. thank you for your help!
  3. I'm looking for a extender with arri B or PL mount. Can anyone recommend a brand or model that fits the angenieux 12-240mm? thanks!
  4. Thank you very much Dom. It's very confusing to me. I read in other post that the mutar will not fit most angenieux zooms. I have the 12 240mm but I'm in Bolivia so I can't test any extender before purchase it, so I'm blind here. If someone can help me will be very appreciated! Thanks you!!!!!!!
  5. Does this mutar extender fits the angenieux 12-240mm arri B mount? if not. Somebody can tell me what extender (2x) can I use? Thanks!
  6. Thank you Matej, I'm looking for a largest zoom (150mm minimum). But yours it's a fantastic lens, I hope to be able to buy it some day! (I think we bought you our new Arri SR1 some months ago, we are very happy with the camera). If you know about any other PL zoom lens more than 150mm please let us know. We are also looking for a 2X extender PL. All best!
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for a PL zoom for super 16mm, for an independent film. best if Canon 11-165mm 2.5 Thanks!
  8. Does this lens cover super 16mm?, thanks
  9. Hi! I'm just new on the forum, and I'm looking for some advice about this Schenider: http://www.ebay.com/...mEAAOSw5UZY~jmp I have an SR1 modified to super 16mm with PL mount.....I was wondering if I can put the adapter Arri Std to PL and use it with the SR1.....I've been reading that some models doesn't fit on the SR1, I hope this ones will fit.....anyone can help me please? on the other hand I'll apreciate some advice of the best budget lens for this camera Cheers from Bolivia
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