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  1. I'd imagine they were hand-cranked back then rather then motorized meaning that even with a good operator could have a frame rate range of 18-24 fps. as for weather or not they were even capable of 24, I have no idea.
  2. 1 - John Toll 2- Roger Deakins 3- Vittorio Storaro 4- Jay Holben (great educator of cinematography) 5- Matt Workman (creates video games/simulations to teach cinematography) These are just my opinions, so take these with a grain of salt. John Toll is probably not #1 on too many other people's lists, but I personally like his style of simple yet also complex shots. The style I strive to achieve is subtle visual style with expressionistic rather then practical lighting.
  3. To be fair, Fresnel lights have changed to almost entirely LED now, so whose to say the same can't happen here?
  4. have you double-checked everything with scopes? good way to know for sure if it will look like utter trash or not.
  5. You kind of get the idea by saying that it's a lazy way to color grade correct. However, trying to recreate what film convert is on your own would require a lot of experience color grading to the point where you would have to create your own LUT. One of the benefits of film convert is not only that it recreates different film stocks on your footage, but also that it adjusts that "film stock" so that it adjusts for whatever camera you shot on. For example, the same film stock LUT will look the same on both Sony and Canon cameras, meaning that no matter what camera you use it will accurately rec
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