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Found 16 results

  1. Unless someone is still doing conversions of say a bl4 to 2 perf, it's looking like the best way to shoot sync sound 2 perf is with an Aaton Penelope. Problem being that the one on offer from fjs international is like $85k, roughly $20k more than the last time I saw a Penelope on there, so I'm here. Does anyone know of anyone with an Aaton Penelope for sale?
  2. I am selling a "like new" Lomo UPB-1A developing tank for super 8mm/16mm/35mm. The tank comes with a longer hose and an extended spindle for the spirals. The tank is in like new condition and works as it should, all spirals are in tact and in excellent condition. I am based in the US, and am asking $240 for the tank. The benefit with buying from me is you don't have to wait long for the tank to ship overseas. If youd like to see photos, please DM me with your email address and I could send them. I am only accepting PayPal. If interested, send me a message. Best, Derick
  3. Please follow this link to view the comprehensive NC400, NC500 as compared to Eastman Kodak 5219 that was shot on March 1st, 2023. https://vimeo.com/820380873 We used two Aaton Penelopes in a side-by-side setup with matching prime lenses. We made two passes, each with the NC stocks in the A camera and Kodak 5219 500T in the B camera. The exposed material was developed and scanned at Colorlab on a DFT Scanty at 4.3K for a 1 to 1 representation on 4K DCI. In addition the material reviewed on ARRI Scanner Company 3 by Thomas Kuo. The team exposed the stocks at their respective box speed. The first thing we wanted to find out is the film stocks' speed. The factory rates the two film stocks at ISO 400. We implemented the standard two stops under to 2 stops over wedge test in 1/2 stop increments. We concluded that the NC400 emulsion looked closer to "normal" at one stop over or N+1, that being ISO 200. At the same time, the NC500 appears to have a slightly less normal density at close to the factory box speed of ISO 400. In conclusion, NC500 appears to have an ISO of 320. I recommend exposing it at ISO 250. Test Credits: Dwight D. Campbell - Master Gaffer Donald Burghardt - Master 1st AC Dan Venti - Master 1st AC David Auner, AAC - Cinematographer Gustavo Perez - Electrician Hanako Ohashi - Coordinator David Jean Schweitzer, SOC - Cinematographer, Project Leader CURVES-comparative.jp2
  4. Hi, I have for sale set of 2 steadicam magazines for Moviecam SL. These are 400 ft, active displacement magazines. I bought them from Cinegate-Germany (respected rental), they told me everything works, but I've never used them, because I don't have access to SL camera unfortunately, so sold as UNTESTED. Payment via Paypal. PHOTOS PRICE: €500 + shipping
  5. Hello, does anyone know of anyone or place to buy a 2 perf movement for the arricam lt? It doesn't look am camera doesn't have it and I don't know who other than them would have it so if anyone could give me an active source to pursue on that, that would be great.
  6. Arri 435 Xtreme 35mm Camera 4 Perf omar@raw-entertainment.com
  7. $6,999 https://www.ebay.com/itm/154972844032?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ywAIOfEVQBa&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  8. Very RARE original 100 feet Russian big film developing tank by LOMO for sale! Tank can be used for home processing motion picture films all types 35 mm and 16 mm (1R or 2R perforation), leigh 30 meters!!! (100 feet) in one roll. For cold (about 20 C degrees, b\w films, negative and reversal) and hot process ECN-2 (38-40 degrees C), E6 and other process. 3 liters solutions. Tank in working condition, test with films, hermetic can, spiral no have crakes and no broken. Have small black black contamination is a coating that does not affect the development quality, and can be washed off. EX++ Worldwide shipping. " " " " " " " " " " " " "
  9. Hi All, I'm selling 35mm short end recans. Selling all footage at .25/ft. and have the below stocks available: Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T Color Negative - 5,817ft Kodak 5260 Vision 2 500T Color Negative - 400ft Kodak 5212 Vision 2 100T Color Negative - 3,687ft Kodak 5201 Vision 2 50D Color Negative - 400ft Kodak 5217 Vision 2 200T Color Negative - 1,395ft Fuji 8583 - 400ft Fuji 8563 - 400ft All recans have over 250 ft of film, some are full 400ft recans. Please PM me or email hschleiff@gmail.com if interested in purchasing. I am based in NYC, but can ship if needed. Best, Harry
  10. I'm sure most of you have seen this beauty by now. Dropped out of nowhere yesterday and set the entire Internet ablaze. First of all, do yourselves a favor and avoid watching the trailer on YouTube or any other source than Netflix itself obviously. The trailer is apparently in 4K on the platform, I watched it on a big screen and it's obviously much less compressed and much more representative. The deaging can be seen from the opening of the trailer with Pesci and De Niro and at the end of it. Looks pretty darn impressive when viewed properly on Netflix. De Niro's skin looks a bit smooth on more compressed versions, it does not on Netflix itself. Otherwise, I've been checking out a bunch of set photos to determine how much was film and digital. The producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff pulled some numbers a while ago which were incorrect for some reason, ie 30% of the film being shot on 35mm, and that everything involving the deaging required shooting digitally. However, Thelma Schoonmaker said half of the film has them deaged. So that means half Alexa (as listed on IMDB) and half 35mm film. IMDB lists the following info: Arri Alexa Mini, Zeiss Master Prime and Cooke Panchro/i Classics Lenses Arricam LT, Zeiss Master Prime and Cooke Panchro/i Classics Lenses I don't know if anyone here knows Prieto or someone else involved with the film and can provide maybe more technical info? I also saw that Prieto tested some special rigs consisting of multiple cameras at a rental house. And you can see one of the rigs on the set photos, seemed like several Red cameras which are presumably there to capture facial data for the deaging. And the Alexa which is now being regularly used by Prieto and Scorsese for low light work (Wolf, Silence). Gorgeous work as expected and a film that's been in the works for a decade, Schoonmaker and others close to the project have said it's a different animal than Goodfellas and Casino despite the obvious initial similarities. The film is opening at NYFF late September too, presumably released in November on Netflix, Scorsese has been said to make a push for a wide release of sorts with possibly an exclusive theatrical window of a few weeks.
  11. Have you made a theater-worthy short and are looking for exposure? Would you like your film preserved on actual film for generations to come? Colorlab is offering the chance to have your short made into a 35mm print and premiered at a Washington DC area theater. Films must be narrative in nature, made in 2016 or 2017, be 20 minutes or shorter, be available in 4K, and have been shot with a majority of 4K video, 35mm film, and/or super-16mm film. We have two categories, Color Narrative and Black and White Narrative. A renewed trend has been the exhibition of traditionally color films as black and white (Logan, Mad Max: Fury Road) and so films DID NOT have to be shot and finished in black and white to submit for the black and white category. Approximately ten finalists will be selected for judging, which will be done by Colorlab employees at a private screening. For full rules and entry form, please visit www.colorlab.com/shorts Entries are due July 22nd. Good luck!
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that does repairs on a B&H Eyemo that was modified by Steve's Cine Service? I would have sent the camera to Steve for repairs, but he is retired now. Are modified Eyemo's harder to repair? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. How did this one pass me by!!! Just out in cinemas today is a new Sci-Fi movie from none other than Terry Gilliam: Apparently shot on what was a very low budget for Terry Gilliam and in a bit of a rush but they apparently still shot on 35mm film in spite of the fact there appears to be a lot of green screen in the movie. Here's what Terry had to say about how the production went: http://www.3news.co.nz/Terry-Gilliam-reveals-nightmare-filming-of-Zero-Theorem/tabid/418/articleID/335921/Default.aspx I'm a bit surprised by this as I had heard nothing about the movie being in production at all and it is out right now! Freya
  14. Looking for some advise - I am a producer creating a budget for a feature narrative but with ten minutes of 16mm or 35mm film and I just have no where to start in creating this category. In addition, I need some solid advice on who to go to in Chicago or surrounding areas who is talented with editing. Help? Thank You!
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