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Found 50 results

  1. Hello! I'm selling a Canon CN-E Lens that has only been used once. It is in mint condition, single owner, and it has been certified by AbelCine in New York. I am working with David Blaine Productions, we are currently in Los Angeles. List price on Adorama is $23,875.00 Asking price is only $16,000.00
  2. Lytro's first camera for filmmakers is designed to work seamlessly with VFX Lytro Cinema captures 755 RAW megapixels at up to 300fps.
  3. A great 1080p cinema camera with PL lens mount and lots of great features. Listed on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222065320662 Starting bid: $1,300 Buy Now: $1,800 I've shot numerous broadcast television commercials with this camera that aired both internationally and nationally, as well as theatrically. I've posted some images from a few shoots that had no additional lighting so you can see the quality. It has truly been a asset for my career and hope it can be a good asset for whatever needs you may have. The reason I'm listing it at a fairly low price is it has been very well used and shows plenty of signs of wear. The image is still great and I most recently used it last month as a second camera on a fashion web series for Target. My main purpose for selling it is I don't use it much anymore (Have a Sony PMW-F5 now). Included: Sony PMW-F3 Camera 2 Sony Batteries (BP-U60 & BP-U30) 1 Battery Charger 1 32 Gb SxS Memory Card. S-log firmware upgrade (already installed w/ original cost $900) 1 Stereo mic (came with the camera) 1 Microphone mount Camera Specs: With PL Mount Adapter 35mm Cine Lens Compatibility 1920 x 1080 HD, Native 23.98p & 24PsF MPEG-2 Long GOP 1080/720, Interlace/Progressive Modes S-Log Gamma/LUT Workflow 12.5-Stop Dynamic Range Dual-Link RGB 4:4:4 HD-SDI Output Genlock, Timecode (2) SxS Memory Card Slots
  4. hello, i have a used like new sony F65 im planning to sell, along with its accessories, below is the list of items and the price Used-like new Sony Digital Picture F65 Camera:- (Excellent Condition) F-65 Camera Body. SR-R4 Digital Recorder. Dual Battery Adapter V-Mount. \\SRK-CP1 Control Panel. Sony HDVF-C30RW Color Viewfinder. SR-D1 Reader. SR-memory Card (2X512GB-1X256GB). Converter V-mount Cable. Power cable limo 8-pin. Rode (2X12'' - 2X9''). Camera Case. price: range between 40,000 -45,000 USD (negotiable)
  5. Hello friends, I have a BMCC 2.5K package in great condition that I don't use and I want to trade it for Red One. It comes with following: Camera body BMCC 2.5K Full DaVinci Resolve Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm F2.6; Tokina 28-70mm F2.6; SpeedBuster Lanparte shoulder rig Shoot35 follow focus Mattebox, 1 Switronix v-mount battery with charges and power cable 3X 250GB SSD drives, Filters I'm based in Los Angeles, let me know if anybody's interested. Good day.
  6. ARRIFLEX 16SR 3A £2,500 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 3 Months Op hours- Various ARRI SR3A Camera Body Ground Glass SR MB17 ( B) 4" Matte Box + 4x4 trays French Flag Support Set of Mattes MB17 Top Flag SR LWS-2 Lightweight Support Donut 87mm 80mm insert ring Extension Viewfinder (Standard) SR3 Camera Battery Adaptor 24v/12v On-Board Adaptor Shutter Key (Fitted) Sr3 IVS PAL SR3 400'/122m Magazine x3 If you require any further information, please email me at Casey@esbroadcast.com.
  7. · F-65 Camera Body. (excellent Condition) · SR-R4 Digital Recorder. · Dual Bettery Adapter V-Mount. · SRK-CP1 Control Panel. · Sony HDVF-C30RW Color Viewfinder. · SR-D1 Reader. · SRmemory Card.(2X512GB-1X256GB). · Conveter V-mount Cable. · power cable limo 8-pin. · Bridge Plate. · Rod(2X12'' - 2X9''). · Camera Case. Price:- 35,000 USD
  8. 18,25,35,50,75&100mm Contact sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and info.
  9. Hello, First time poster here, came across these lenses and starting to see some positive reviews online. Just found out how much the price has dropped. Anyone have experience with these? Thoughts? We are looking to up our lens game from stills lenses (ZE). They wont be rented so having a name (Zeiss, Cooke etc) doesn't factor into our thoughts from a rental income perspective. But we would love some mechanically uniform lenses which we can easily pull focus with! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/906631-REG/sony_scl_pk6_f_cinealta_4k_six_lens.html
  10. Cooke S4i 14-18-25-32-40-50-75-100-135mm Cooke S4i Mini 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, &100mm Cooke 15-40mm Zoom Lens Zeiss MK2 Super Speed Lens Set 18,25,35,50,& 85mm Zeiss/Arriflex Vari Primes Lens Set Van Diemen Leica Set 15mm to 135mm Contact: sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  11. Guys, I have a proposal to follow each other's instagram to look what are we doing, to share with each other our impression and our passion in images. Just write in this Topic link to your instagram. Let's be in touch. My instagram: instagram.com/d.mulenko
  12. Want to know your opinion about my reel. Camera used: Canon 5D mark III and BlackMagic https://vimeo.com/116051988
  13. The Chicago International Film Festival’s 11th annual CineYouth Festival is now accepting short films (10 minutes or less) from filmmakers 21 years old and younger from around the world. Held in Chicago May 7-9, 2015, CineYouth strives to encourage the talent of young artists and to provide them with opportunities to tell their stories, network with their peers and be recognized for their creativity. Entries must be postmarked by March 23, 2015 to be considered. Award winning films are shown at the Chicago International Film Festival and winning filmmakers are awarded cash prizes! For details and guidelines, visit: http://www.chicagofilmfestival.com/year-round/cineyouth/entries/ Submit! We look forward to watching your films!
  14. Very big move for a company like Amazon, however, it was expected after all the money they put on developing new teams for their studios and production positions and how well they performed on smaller productions. http://variety.com/t/amazon-studios/ http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/19/amazon-studios-to-produce-original-films-for-theatrical-release/ It wants to market the indie community, which is really good. Their plan for distribution is fab too, let's see if it works though, I hope so! Have a good day!
  15. Hi everyone, I have watched so many TV shows, interviews with filmmakers and cinematographers about Cinema, and what really drew my attention was their taste or their preferred films ! 99% of them mention a classic ! Stanley Cubrick, sergio leone, Hitchcock, .... films. or even 1920's films ! I am not arguing here about other people tastes, but I want to understand the point of view of our great contemporary directors and cinematographers about their preferred pictures ! And even if you check the Top films of all time, you will find classics on the top, for example in Rotten Tomatoes the first 20 films are made more than 40-80 yeas ago ! except E.T which is 32 :) http://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/ What is special about classics that don't exist in contemporary cinema?
  16. "Donnie Darko" cinematographer and ICG Local 600 President Steven Poster, ASC, will present a master class in cinematography at IFP's Made in New York Media Center in DUMBO on Saturday, November 15, 10 am to 3 pm. The film "Donnie Darko" will be screened in the morning and after lunch, Steven will present an overview of his collaboration with director Richard Kelly. Steven will also share his secrets about how to persevere and flourish in the film business. When: Saturday, November 15 10 am to 3 pm Where: IFP's Made in New York Media Center (DUMBO) 30 John Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 RSVP here. http://nymediacenter.com/events/event/?id=242651E3-8495-4F0B-A94FEC84FA3E2750&slugid=masterclass-with-steven-poster-asc-donnie-darko
  17. I'd love to know your opinions on which is your best 35mm camera. If you want to mention what lenses you prefer working with these particular cameras that's cool too. Cheers Matt
  18. I thought I'd put this here since I didn't seem to get a response in the other section. I'm currently the DoP on a short film called "Circadium" being shot in Rochester. We're shooting on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I figured since I learn something new every day on this forum, maybe you would all like to see how this film progresses. We shot the first scene of the film on our first day of shooting, which was this morning and afternoon. I'll try to get more framegrabs of future scenes from my director, I just have 2 for now, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Shot on BMPCC, ISO400, ProRes Film, Nikon Speedbooster and Nikon AF-S 17-35/Vintage Macro
  19. £449 ARRIFLEX 16S + 2 MAGAZINES (8V) + ORIGINAL ARRIFLEX MATTEBOX + ORIGINAL 8V MOTOR + ORIGINAL CABLE Fully working. Just serviced by Les Bosher in South Wales. Pristine and clean inside and outside. Original Mattebox is in good condition. Magazines have some signs of use and acrylic pieces (on footage meter) cracked, but does not affect performance. Serial Number: 6587 £499 ARRIFLEX 16S + 2 MAGAZINES (1 12V, 1 8V) + ORIGINAL ARRIFLEX MATTEBOX + TOBIN TCS TM23 + ORIGINAL CABLE Fully working. Just serviced by Les Bosher in South Wales. Pristine and clean inside and outside. Original Mattebox is in very good condition. Magazines have some signs of use and both acrylic piece (on footage meter) cracked, but does not affect performance. Serial Number: 8467 PLEASE CHECK DOCS ATTACHED WITH PICTURES. CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE. WOULD LOVE TO KEEP THEM, BUT NEED THE MONEY.
  20. Dear friends, I updated and redesigned the site, I would like to hear your comments. Be free to watch the showreel as well. Regards, www.vedranrapo.com
  21. http://finearts.concordia.ca/officeofthedean/jobpostings/digital-cinema---film-production.php Roy Cross, MFA Associate Professor, Head, Film Production Programme Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Concordia University 1455 boul. de maisonneuve ouest Montréal, Québec, H3G 1M8 514.848.2424 ext 4659 cinema.concordia.ca roy.cross@concordia.ca www.roycross.com
  22. Thought you guys might like this Super 8mm music video from Northern Ireland singer-songwriter Robyn G Shiels
  23. CANON 11.5-138mm T/2.5 ZOOM CINEMA LENS SUPER 16 PL for sale ONE OF THE BEST SUPER16 ZOOM LENSES AROUND. SUPERB CONDITIONS. PERFECT GLASS. SMOOTH FOCUS. NEVER RENTED. Lens: 11.5-138 Canon T-Stop: 2.5 Mount: PL Min. Focus: 3ft. 6in. Weight (lbs): 3.75 Front Dia.: 95mm PL Mount. Perfect for Arri and Aaton super16 cameras and digital cinema cameras with sensor size up to Super16 .It works on RED cameras if these are used in 2K resolution (I personally shot a music video in this way and the images looked great). It should be perfect for the new Digital Super16 cameras like the Bolex D16 (http://www.digitalbolex.com/products/bolex-d16/) and the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll (http://www.ikonoskop.com/dii/) with PL adapters, since these have Super16-sized sensor. It should also work on the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera, according to an article on EOSHD.com, where they tested a very similar lens (Canon 8-64 PL) on that camera and it worked well. They only noticed a slight vignette at 8mm but this lens should not have that problem, as its minimum focal length is 11.5mm. See the article here (http://www.eoshd.com/content/9447/hurt-locker-lens-canon-8-64mm-t2-4-pl-zoom-perfect-companion-for-the-blackmagic-cinema-camera) Full details and more photos on BBlist: http://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=34974 GBP 3,300. The lens is located in London - UK. Any inspection welcome. Collection in person is preferred, however I can ship it anywhere (shipping costs not included). For info: hello --at-- mzo --dot-- tv Thank You!
  24. Hello, I have a question about Hawk-Woods MDV Link system. I have a 16mm camera which requires a 12v 5-7A power source with 4-pin XLR out. At the moment I'm using a sealed acid motorbike battery, but it's heavy and it takes ages to charge it. The question is: can I use a Hawk-Woods DV-F970 LLithium-Ion Battery ( which is 7.2V 47W 6600mA) and Hawk-Woods DV-XLRR MDV 12V Step-Up Power Adaptor to power the camera? I'm not really good at electricity, please help me. Thank you.
  25. This was a spot I did for NY Fashion Week during the Sept 2012 season. It's essentially a highlight consisting of a number of runway shows and BTS points from various shows all over the city. I had a ton of fun with this spot, as it paved the way for me to jump into fashion filmmaking alongside other bodies of work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGiBAMtE8uk Additionally, this was another fashion spot for a small urban clothing line. Sort of chimes in on the previous work a bit... ESEF NY Fall Delivery 2012: https://vimeo.com/47217443
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