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Found 15 results

  1. I know there are many Krasnogorsk haters on this forum but I wanted to share this awesome project by Russian DP Max Ivanov. It's been 2 years in the works and so much effort has been put into this with a ton of custom machined parts and boards. Here are the specs as shared on the Instagram page for the project: - Camera works with 7-12V batteries (it has a 2-pin lemo connector for power input) - Swiss 100 watt BLDC Motor. (BLDC motors have longer service life and were installed on the Aaton A Minima, XTR Prod, Arri 416.) - Motor controlled and stabilized by a microcontroller - Sync is accurate to 0.001fps at 25fps. (between 0.01-0.001 at other framerates) - Framerates: 1-50 fps - Video tap is based on GoPro internals which allows to record the tap feed in-camera. (Max said he will be adding a cable clamp / adapter since it uses the unreliable micro-hdmi connection from the gopro internals) - Optical viewfinder can be used at the same time as the video tap - Wi-Fi control which allows to set framerate and run/stop wirelessly via your phone - Electronic footage counter. (Maintains footage count after being powered off and has a reset button) - Super 16 gate with ground glass adjustment mechanism. FFD can now be easily tuned and will be precisely set on every model. Max will also be selling a set of tools for calibrating the FFD on this camera so you will be able to calibrate it yourself (I can already hear some of you complaining about how nobody should attempt to do this on their own unless they're a trained technician) - Super 16 viewfinder with correct markings - PL Mount Obviously not a camera for every situation, like narrative projects or basically anything with dialogue. However, I think it's perfect for more abstract projects like music videos or fashion films, especially when you need to move fast and do dynamic handheld stuff. I have one preordered and am super excited to test it out once it's ready! (I think the current eta is March/April)
  2. Contact me with any questions and/or to receive pictures. Aaton 35-3 Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - Aaton 35-3 Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - Adjustable Mirror Shutter - ACAD + TVTRANS + TV Safe Ground Glass - PL Mount - PV Mount - Top Handle - Pitch & Mirror Shutter Adjusting Tools - NTSC Video Sync Assist - Aaton Code - OriginCplus Controller - Aaton Eyepiece - Aaton Eyepiece Extension - (4) 400-ft. Magazine - Handgrip w/Mini-Rod Bracket - Set of Threaded Front Mini-Rods (15mm) - Wooden Handgrip - Arriflex Bridge Plate (15mm) - Arriflex Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods (15mm) - (3) 12v Ni-Cad On-Board Battery - NEED TO BE RECELLED - PAG Micromaster Fast Charger w/AC Cable - Battery Charger Cable - (4) Camera Power Cables - BNC Video Power Cables - Raincover - Flight Cases Arriflex 535B Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - 535B Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - NTSC Color Video Assist - Camera Handle Grip System - Arriflex F-2 Swing-Over Finder - Wide Angle Eyepiece - Wide Angle Eyecup - Arriflex FE-3 Finder Extension - Arriflex EL-3 Eyepiece Leveler - (2) 400-ft M-11 Magazine - (3) 1000-ft M-10 Magazine - (5) Magazine Loop Protector - Arriflex BP-3 Bridge Plate (15mm) - Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods - (2) IVS Power Cable - (2) Camera Power Cable - Flight Cases
  3. CAMERA ARRIFLEX + SCHNEIDER CINE-KREUZNACH SET aSKING PRICE : 6000 Euros / Location : Paris, France THIS KIT IS TESTED AND READY TO ROLL. The camera number shows it is one of the latest model, the body and the mags are in perfect condition, so as the lenses. This kit contains : - 1x Camera body ARRIFLEX 16 s + Matteboxe - 4x lenses + focal extender x2 : 16, 25, 50 & 75 - 2x 300ft Magazine (122 meter) - 1x 8 volt Battery + case - 2x Motors (1x 25fps motor & 1x Variable speed motor from 8 to 48 fps) - 1x Viewfinder extension - 2x Flycase All the material are like new, no sign of use (NO SCRATCH, NO TECHNICAL PROBLEM). The photo tripod in the pictures is not included in the kit. Here is some pictures of the hole kit, and multiple footage that i shot with it, it includes an audio sync shot with the 25fps motor : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15O28olFOoT8RYyXCPoNKTD2SjgrYUTBi?usp=sharing Here is the ebay link to the offer : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/144256898217
  4. Complete Cinema Products CP-16R Camera Package. Reflex standard 16mm body with 1.33:1 ground glass and mattes. New belts, runs great! Angenieux 12-120 zoom lens with some filters 2 400ft Magazines 2 batteries (only one works) and 2 chargers This is a great sync-sound camera as a starter kit for someone who maybe can't afford an SR. The only thing it really needs is new batteries, as the stock ones are pretty bad. Everything else works great and with a lens, it's a hard to pass up deal at $1500.
  5. Trying to track down a few items for the 235: - 235 Side Bracket SBR-1 (K2.55015.0) - 235 Low Mode Handle LMH-1 (K2.55006.0) - 235 Shoulder Pad SP-1 (K2.55005.0) - 235 Camera Handgrip, Right (K2.45886.0) - Arri Universal Mounting Arm, either 120 or 240 If anyone has any of these items, please let me know.
  6. Selling a Kinor 9KSN-M2 on behalf of my friend, Vitaly Kolesnik He is indeed an active user here but he can't login for some reason. This camera is specially converted to use kodak film, 4 perf 4000$ obo + shipping Camera body. 1.37 ratio, academy ratio film gate Long and short viewfinders Balancing plates 15mm rails Matt-boxes for spherical and anamorphic lenses Snap on camera and on rails Matt-box mountings Cassettes 2 x 150 and 2 x 300 Power Supply Cords, caps, etc. Aluminium boxes Follow Focus Warming Set (For operating in colder conditions)
  7. Selling my pride and joy. I upgraded cameras and need to part with this one. I'm just going to copy and paste the ebay description and a link. Included: -Arri SR2 with super 16 modification -Gold mount piggy-back adapter with working D tap -3x Batteries -4x mags -Side handle (not working) -1x Dual Charger -Power/ misc cables -Arri T Bar -electric eyepiece warmer -Cinematography Electronics SR speed controller. 2-75 fps -extra fuse -start/stop cable -niner splitter box Please see listing for more details and photos https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-SR2-Super-16mm-Camera-Package-Fully-Functional/223314481085
  8. Greetings, Selling my trusty Arri SR3 package. A++ Excellent, with recent service records. Both camera and mags overhauled at TCS (tcsfilm) in NY in July 2013. Ready to go. Camera body (3) mags (3) batts charger long and short finders 1:78 GG long rods 2 handles handgrip XC-75 video tap (b&w), with prism Transvideo Rainbow 5" monitor (2) barneys Single frame remote Asking $3500. PM me if you're interested. Thank you, Martin
  9. Hello everybody, I was hoping to find the Kodak Super 8 film camera at the NAB2017, but I haven't have any luck. Does anyone knows what happened to that project? MOY
  10. I bought this ARRI SR3 Super16 camera at the end of 2015 in the Visual Products eBay Store, it is an excellent acquisition, the camera is fully functional and ready to shoot. I use it in 2 shorts and everything is great, I love this camera and I do not want to sell it but I need the money for other projects. Arriflex SR3A Camera Package Package Includes: Arriflex SR3A (Advanced) Camera Body (with port cover) PL Lens Mount (centered for Super 16) 1:78 HDTV Groundglass (3) 400' Magazines IVS Flicker-Free Video Tap Arri RCU-1 with Cable SRIII Eyepiece Arri FE-4 Eyepiece Extension Arri EL-2 Eyepiece Leveling Rod Arri BP-7 Studio Sliding 15mm Baseplate with (2) rods Arri Sliding Dovetail Arri DC/DC-2 24/12 volt Splitter w/ Right Side Camera Run Switch Arri Right Handgrip with Camera Run Swtich (2) Freshly RECELLED Arri Onboard Battery Onboard Battery Adapter (1) Arri Dual 24-Volt Battery Charger (1) Fitted Pelican Camera Case with wheels and slide-out handle (1) Fitted Magazine Case ARRIFLEX 16SR3 FEATURES: The ARRIFLEX 16SR3 Camera System is designed to meet all modern film production requirements. The Integrated Video System (IVS) offers maximum video quality. With its off-set PL lens mount it is easy to change the recording format from Regular 16 to Super 16. Format Normal 16 / Super 16: The format change from normal 16 to super 16 is fast and simple. With the off-set design of the PL-mount, the center of the image is precisely adapted to the format required. This guarantees optimum lens performance for Super 16. To convert the universal film gate only a small change is necessary. There is no need for a new film gate, which also leaves the original adjustments untouched. Fiber optic screens with all common markings and format combinations can be interchanged. Control Panel with LCD-Display: A large LCD-display on the left camera side clearly shows information of all adjusted settings. Below the display, a control panel is integrated offering simple and precise access to the most essential camera functions. Arri SR 16mm cameras are world-renown for their rugged reliability and time-tested performance. Arriflex SR cameras set the standard for a small, lightweight, flexible 16mm camera. From the introduction of the first SR camera in 1975 to the current day, no other 16mm camera has been used to shoot more documentaries, commercials, feature films and television programming than the Arriflex SR line of cameras. ARRIFLEX SR3A Details : The ARRIFLEX 16 SR3 Advanced incorporates all the elements of the ARRIFLEX SR3 with the enhanced features of a brighter viewfinder with ARRIGLOW, a modified gate design that makes the format change from Standard 16 to Super 16 fast and simple, a control panel with LCD display and Time Code. CAMERA SPECS: Frames per second capability: 5 to 75 fps (crystal accurate to 0.001fps) Shutter: 180°, 172,8°, 144°, 135°, 90°, 45° Film format: Super 16 mm, conforming to DIN 15602 and ISO-5768-1998 Lens mount: 54 mm stainless steel PL mount Sound: 20 dB(A) + 2 dB(A); Viewfinder magnification: 10 x (10/17 times with viewfinder extension) Dimensions: L 264 mm B 172 mm H 195 mm (viewfinder in horizontal position) L 264 mm B 100 mm H 298 mm (viewfinder in vertical position) Weight: app. 7 kg (15.4 lbs) with loaded 400 ft magazine and on-board battery 24 V Power Requirement: 24 V Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C (+4°F to +122°F) Product Description:This is a very complete Arri SR3 package with many accessories not found in many SR3 kits. It is a turn-key system that will arrive READY TO WORK!! A lessor, "bargain" camera that fails on a shoot (when time truly is money) can be the hardest way to learn the old adage: "Sometimes cheap is expensive." Actual camera and accessories shown. Any item not pictured will not be included.
  11. For sale is my Arri 435es Free shipping anywhere in the world you'd like. I took a Job in England and can't take the camera with me. Very complete package in outstanding condition. Camera was recently completely overhauled with new electronics and circuits. It was just recently serviced by factory trained technicians and has not been used since. Included with the package are two 24v batteries which I just had completely re celled. It includes: (2) 24v Batteries Arri BP-8 Baseplate w rods Arri Dovetail IVS Color Video Tap NTSC Ground Glass & Glow Mask Extension Eyepiece Eyepiece Heater Cup Remote Control Unit 1 Finder Block 24v Power Cable RCU Cable - Long RCU Cable - Short Carrying Handle Short Eyepiece Eyepiece Heater Cable Lens Port Cap RS Block 24v RS Block 12v Silent Lens/IVSRS Mag Port Cover (1) 435 1000' Magazine (4) 435 400' Magazines Price $4000 USD
  12. KONVAS 1KCP-1M 35 mm Russian Movie camera set NEW UNUSED condition NEW, UNUSED stock camera 1974 year, open box, tested with film KONVAS-AUTOMAT 1KCP-1M 35 mm film professional Russian movie camera, full factory set, unused, NEW condition, open box and tested with film and battery. Full working excellent condition, all like new. The Set included: Movie camera body, OCT-18 lens mount, S/N: 740745 Stabilized motor 15EPCC Power supply unit 8,16,24,32 fps Magazines 60 m x 5 Original tool kit (oil, brash) Power cable x2 Battery- no original User manuals to camera and motor (Russian) Original case Price: 400USD+ shipping Worldwide shipping.
  13. Hey everyone, I am currently selling an Arriflex SR Regular 16mm camera package. Here are the contents: Camera: Arriflex 16SR Regular 16mm Camera in Arri B/S mount Three magazines Batteries XLR cables Other power cables and battery chargers Magazine covers Eyepiece cup Handgrip Monitor: Sony B&W monitor Accessories Mounting equipment Cables Film: Some 16mm scratch film Crystal Control Speed: Crystal Control Speed that allows any framerate up to 75p. Cables for that and other accessories PM me with your best offer or if you want to see pictures! Or email me at tonymdupre@gmail.com Thanks!
  14. I had the privilege to attend CES to witness the new Kodak's Super 8 Film Camera. Most important, they kindly allowed me to hold it in my hands. I couldn’t help myself falling in love with it at first sight. MOY
  15. Selling my Canon AF 514 XL-S Super 8 AUTO FOCUS cine film camera for just £75 GB Pounds (in perfect working order and with a crystal clear lens) plus shipping. Only for sale as I've a new MINT in box example. http://www.twitpic.com/6arwbn :)
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