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Contact printing in Europe in year 2017

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Mosfilm might be still doing contact prints. At least a couple years ago, if I'm not mistaken, they had working printers, a timing suite and ECP processing.

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There are still some labs left, but do not trust the laboratory directory of the website of Kodak.


For 16mm and 35mm prints:



TF Cine Nova, Wiesbaden

Andec Film, Berlin



DeJonghe Film



Movie and Sound, Florence


For 35mm prints:



Augustus Color, Rom

L`Immagine Ritrovata, Bologna



Cinelab, London



I am sure there are some more.

But these are the ones, where I know that they are saying, that they still offer this service.

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Still have the 16mm step contact printer from my former lab (1999‒2008) together with

the light control system Memochrome we developed and put in service in 2007.


Plans are to reopen a lab here. What’s your mileage?

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Movie and Sound, Florence


Has anyone else had any experience with this lab, I tried their Black Friday developing deals this Spring and ended up never getting my hard drive or developed film back (they screwed up the return shipping: sent with Italian post with non working tracking service which transferred it to who know else which transferred it to UPS and UPS did not send me the changed tracking number nor send any notifications for delivery attempts so I could not get the shipment the first time... then it was returned to Film and Sound and they refused to send it back to me unless I would pay them another 35euros for another shipping try (the shipping error was clearly their fault so I wanted them to pay the 2nd try and charge UPS for the error... ) . ended up in conflict with them with getting all caps emails and never getting my stuff back which was already fully paid for including shipping and everything) . I was just wondering at the time if their "lab" is some kind of Italian Mafia's web scam or if there really is a pro lab there developing film for real customers....

especially when the developing took close to 3 months plus shipping and communication problems with customer service etc :unsure:

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Hi, a small film lab Bonton in Zlín, Czech Republic is still doing negative / positive development in 35/16 and also contact printing.

They dont have good website, but they work on daily basys.

For example - every wednesday they are developing ECN2 films 😉

They offer Arrilaser, but no scanning service.



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