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Problem with processing Fuji Eterna from 2012

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Hello all.

Here is my problem, I've been shooting film for a long time, and stopped shooting Fuji like everybody since 2013. A friend of mine just sold to me a huge stock of Fuji Eterna 500, the pictures come out great, but the lab here in Paris is not happy at all because a part of the "dorsale" (that is how we call it in french) does not completely dissolve in the processing. If I understood well, it is the back of the film (the side that does not expose itself) that does not get totally dissolved in the process. The labs says that it is because the film stock is too old or has not been well stored.


The white stains disapear if I scratch them with alcohol frame by frame directly on the film, but you imagine it is not possible in long term to do that.

Anybody has any solutions or has never had this same problem ?


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Stored improperly. I've shot a lot of old Fuji recently and it all comes out great.


The backing is called remjet by the way.

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Yeah we have been seeing some stored Fuji where the Rem-Jet backing doesn't all come off, I think it is film that was stored frozen and not just refrigerated but that is just a guess.

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Thank you all for your kind answers.

Do you have any solutions regarding the fact that I just bought a large quantity of this film stock ?

We tried to put it twice in processing, but does not change much the problem, and the lab complains on the fact that it is not good for their machine.

Is there anything to change in the ECN2 process ? Because I know our lab here in Paris they build their own chemistry, maybe better trying with a lab using the kodak chemistry ? Will it change anything you think ?


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The Rem-Jet removal happens in two steps, the first is the film goes into a "softener" tank which is basically a Borox solution and then it goes to a set of rotary buffers with water jets.


Two things to try:


1. up the temp on the first tank.

2. up the pressure on the water jest in the buffer stage.


It is a bit of a difficult problem.

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