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  1. Can anyone here recommend a safe way to ship exposed color negative that would be shot in Toronto and sent to NYC for Processing? a courier service would be preferred, but open to all suggestions.
  2. Lasergraphics is already testing this new 6.5k sensor in the scanstation and are expected to have one up and running at IBC next month. in the meantime in our scan station we got rid of the5k sensor (due to high noise levels) and replaced it with the Flir 4k sensor (which is a Sony Pregius and delivers far superior images over the 5k sensor. We will be upgrading to the 6k as soon as it is available. Lasergraphics also plans to put the mono chrome version of the 6.2 k camera in the Director as soon as it become available.
  3. Recent Kodak Post https://nofilmschool.com/2016/06/be-filmmaker-not-video-maker-interview-kodak-president-motion-picture-and-entertainment?fbclid=IwAR1i2TAiOfoSeOY4yt17e8ZvzZTB6PuA4far0zPSpiUYlrCN2fH5wnNBGEA
  4. 16mm Ektachrome is now available in 100 and 400 ft rolls
  5. according to our Kodak Rep Q2 they will have 100 and 400 ft rolls.
  6. Hello All One of our clients has a Nikon R10 S8 Camera, does anyone here know if it has a automatic light meter? if so can you adjust the light meter manually? Thanks in Advance
  7. This workflow was somewhat common in the late 70 through mid 80 s on lower budget films, I m not so sure on how less expensive this work flow was, being all the film labs back then had reduction printers maybe it wasn't. Anther step the filmmakers had to go through is once the reduction print was made before cutting it for editing the work print and matching 35mm negative then had to have a new edge-code applied to the 35mm negative, the 16mm work print and the 16mm mag this was necessary so that the negative cutter can accurately cut the 35mm negative to the 16mm work print. We at Metro Pos
  8. Does anyone here know of any Precision Machine shops or camera service company that can make new Mitchel Registration Pins?
  9. Kodak lab process super 8 in a 50 ft per minute photmec machine not 100 ft per minute.
  10. Their super 8 processing is totally fine, since they started Super 8 we processed over 125 cartridges there.
  11. Hey Guys I just got back from Hollywood and one of he things I attended was the REEL THING Aug 23 through Aug 25 at the Linwood Dunn Theater one of the presentations was called Burden of 10k Dreams presented by Anthony Matt of Prime Focus and Laurel Warbick of HBO they scanned a section from a camera negative of a HBO Feature from 1995 in both 4k Director(done by my facility Metropost in NY and on the Lasergraphics 10 Director done at Lasergraphics Headquarters in Irvine Calif. They showed the results in split screen side by side I can tell you ha there was no apparent gain in quality o
  12. Does anyone know who carries the batteries for the Bolex Vario Switar len s there are 3 total power zoom and electric eye
  13. Does anyone know where a vista vision camera can be rented?
  14. you can try rewashing through the negative bath again that usually helps.
  15. Does any one know if http://www.film-photo.co.uk/ is still open for business?
  16. Hi does any one know of a reliable repair facility for Aaton cameras in the USA?
  17. They are open it just has not been officially announced. I have already scanned a few jobs processed there Spielberg production starts shooting end of May along with a HBO Series all shooting in 35mm.
  18. Thanks for the response s Im curious about what you guys think of this portion: He also planned to use traditional film cameras for most of the shooting, reserving digital cameras for low-light scenes. He quickly realized, though, that film “didn’t have the sensitivity to capture the scenes we were trying to shoot, especially the things we shot at dawn and dusk,” as he told an interviewer. The digital footage, by contrast, had no noise or graininess, and the equipment held up much better in the extreme cold. The crew soon switched over to digital cameras exclusively.
  19. Saw this the other day, would like to hear some comments from forum members concerning how digital cameras captures a better picture in low light situations. http://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/it/the-lost-picture-show-hollywood-archivists-cant-outpace-obsolescence
  20. LOOKS like it will be open within 2 weeks Chemistry going into the processing machine next Tuesday.
  21. They will have inventory by mid March.
  22. So I can interpret he means that the 35mm print looked superior?
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