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Rivas Splicer vs Guillotine Splicer?

Jon Taala

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If I'm not mistaken Rivas facilitates cement, whereas guillotine is for tape (?). I know tape is used lots in projection, but would have thought cement would be more prevalent in editing because the splice is hidden at the frameline.


If so, it really depends on what side of Hollywood you're talking about - unless of course you want to find out how many splices of each kind were made in Hollywood in 2014 full stop.


Maybe I've got it wrong...

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I could believe that the Rivas splicer was the Hollywood standard since it was invented in 1950 for cutting mag film, so was well established and also manufactured by Moviola who supplied editing machines. They're both tape splicers, with the Rivas using pre perforated tape, while the guillotine punches its own.


Although, in the UK every cutting room I've been in had a CIR Guillotine splicer, which has the option of angled sound splices.


EDIT I don't know if there was two versions of the Rivas splicer, I've only seen references to a tape version.

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I have learnt to love the Rivas splicers. There are models for straight cuts and models for angled cuts in magnetic film.


What I like about the Rivas is that I don’t have any of the slugs sticking to the film like with Dr. Leo Cat(t)ozzo’s invention. Plus I’m faster.

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Hey everyone, a little late to this thread (by a few years).


I just picked up a beautiful Rivas splicer and wanted to know if its at all possible to use non perf tape with it? I have like 9 rolls sitting in my desk drawer. If not, Is the single perf tape anywhere or do I have to stick with the double perf tape?



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