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RED One MX Stress Test Help?

Max Field

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I'm tight on equipment right now; all I have is a RED One MX and a Blackmagic Pocket.


Obviously the RED One will be more impressive to clients so I'd like to use that one, but I'm not sure it can withstand what I'll be doing with it.


Some geologists are fixing a dam and they need someone to get video of the entire process which takes almost 4 hours.

In 75 degree F heat, can that body handle a solid 3.5 hour run with no issues? I have enough hard drive space to make it work.


Perhaps I should consider time lapse mode? Should I say "screw it" and show up with a BMPocket?


As always, thank you.

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I mean 75 degrees isn't too hot to be honest-- I just would worry more about power draw. I"m assuming you''ll be on mains power?

In truth; though, I am sure a BM pocket kitted up would equally impress the clients-- I would just go with what's best for the project, and what it's needed.

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Are you sure you mean 75F.. thats only 24C.. if a camera cant run 4 hrs in that I would ditch the camera straight away.. Ive just got back from Singapore blasting away all day in 37C and 90% humidity.. camera,s get really hot to the touch but will keep on working.. over 45C is pushing it probably.. but 24C is considered cold in alot of the world.. :)

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Unrelated to that shoot but I was running the RED at 24p for 60 minutes straight and it overheated. That was 69F indoors. What the hell will I do this camera... The sensor looks so good but everything around it is a headache.

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