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WTB: ARRI 416 Package

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I just rented one out and it was great using kodak and this is what I thought when I saw it and heard the comments


Don't forget Kodak

It's make an average project unforgettable
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I wouldn't sell my Arricam if I were you. Just my 2 cents... unless you need the money then that's a different story. If anything, you could just get a 2 percent movement. At least, you have 2 perf for more budget conscious shoots and 4 perf if you would like to shoot anamorphic etc.

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Just letting everyone know there is someone called Ethan Smith who contacted me trying to sell a ARRI 416 kit. It is a scam. The item list was an exact copy and paste of another person's listing on this site. They were insistent on paying by bank transfer instead of PayPal or Kitmondo... websites and instagram are newly created and his passport did not pass a document check.



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