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Super impressive modified Krasnogorsk with crystal sync, video tap, PL mount, tunable FFD, and even wireless run/stop + framerate control!

Fedor Karpenko

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On 1/19/2022 at 2:23 PM, Matt Figler said:

Personally have so much love the K3 for what it is. It will never be a quiet sync sound camera but you can do so much with it that is simply not possible with a full size camera (XTR, 416, SR) Max's mod does sorta fill a need for many film shooters who want something that is a little more featured, accessible, 100ft loads & can carry in a small bag. I would probably even consider a 'well serviced' K3 for a c camera on anything feature, commercial etc. 

Here's a handful of projects that I've employed various K3's on. 




These look awesome! Don't you a K3 with a PL mount? I was scrolling through sharegrid and saw someone who was renting theirs and couldn't help but notice that some of the screenshots they put on the post belonged to the first video you posted. 

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18 minutes ago, Olle Knutson said:

correct me if I'm wrong but is it not flickering quite a lot? 

The only place I see flicker is in film (3) in a shot under a domestic fluorescent striplight, which I think you'd expect without the correct shutter angle.

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On 1/8/2022 at 3:08 PM, Fedor Karpenko said:

He is making a new gate though! Custom machined with really tight tolerances for correct FFD


I hate to dog on someone's hard work, but I'm a machinist by trade, and I have to say that part is really bad. Those aren't "tight tolerances" at all; some of that looks hand-filed. The tool marks and burns on the edge of the pocket above and below the gate are one thing (a thing I would be ashamed of on a part I gave someone for free, let alone charged money for), but the tool marks on the film rails are completely unacceptable. That surface needs to be as close to glass finish as possible.

I hope this is a rough prototype, because that work is on par with the original manufacturing...which I think most of us agree is not incredible.

This is optical manufacturing. It can't be done on any old J-head knee mill, this needs to be either CNCd or done on a VERY stiff non-adjustable-head machine.

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14 minutes ago, okto simaia said:

 the tool marks on the film rails are completely unacceptable. That surface needs to be as close to glass finish as possible.

yes I am not a machinist but even I can tell that is not acceptable surface finish and will cause issues.

the original manufacturing is of better quality, in most cases Soviets added at least the absolutely mandatory finishing touches to surfaces where it is really needed for the camera to work. If looking a Konvas gate for example, it is rough on some areas which are not touching film and are just "dead weight" but all the areas which DO touch the film are grinded and polished like they should. And the underside of the plate is, I assume, precision grinded to some tolerance which allows all the gate plates thickness being correct by 1/100th of a mm if measuring them and comparing to each other. So the soviets did care if it would had made the camera considerably worse to leave some surface unfinished. They shot propaganda with them after all, someone would probably had ended up in gulag if the camera would had messed the film because the rails being unfinished or other lazy manufacturing error 😄

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