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Colour film conversion to BW in post

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I found a post asking the same question a few years earlier, but I'd like to know more: would anyone have experience with shooting on colour film, then converting it to BW in post?

I did once (and wasn't too convinced with the process/result!), but I'm interested in having different point of views.

I have some vision3 in my fridge that I would be interested in using for a project (to be shot in a well-lit studio). Budget-wise it would make sense, but then…

Your input will be appreciated! Cheers

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I do this with still photos shot in color negative film when color turns out to be the wrong approach.

The grain will never look the same as B&W film grain, but you can achieve quite good results. The key is to color correct the color version under the de-saturation operation.

I would practice in Photoshop, using a still from color negative, and use the “black and white” adjustment layer, and playing with the color sliders in this control panel. You’ll be able to quickly see how the color effects the monochrome version of the image.

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I haven't had experience myself in post.

However I'm pretty sure the film La Haine was shot on colour stock and converted to B&W in post. I'm not sure specifically how they did this as I'm not familiar with the process from when the film was made (I'm sure someone else on here would know more about it). 

Sorry I don't have the exact reference/source to confirm that it was shot on colour.

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There's a reference to its being printed on optical sound stock, which is contrasty, but it's also blue-sensitive, which would have messed up the tones from ECN.

David Mullen will know how this was done. Was, in 1995. It's rather early for a DI film-out unless you're Spielberg -even Schindler's List was shot in b/w.

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17 hours ago, David Mullen ASC said:

We had this discussion here 15 years ago!

Yes but the OP was like 6 then😃

The timeline suggests Kodak discontinued the last sound stock in 2010.

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