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Tyler Purcell

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  • Birthday 07/28/1978

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    Los Angeles
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    Arricam ST, 3 perf, Aaton XTR Prod +, Aaton 35III 3 perf, Bolex EBM, K3, Blackmagic Pocket Camera
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    Cinematography (digital cinema and 16/35mm) and post production (DaVinci/Avid/Final Cut Pro)

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For over 25 years, Tyler Purcell has been focused on making visual media content for a wide range of clients. His background comes from broadcast television where he was the youngest director of live broadcasts (15 years old) on the east coast before moving from his home town of Boston, to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. After several years in broadcast engineering, he moved into the creative realm as an editor and colorist for a national ad agency. Now he works as a freelance filmmaker, both on the production and post production side with an emphasis on storytelling, through cinematography/lighting and post production.

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