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  1. This is a fleamarket find of $20
  2. Some Euro 100 spent on animals in a meadow... Curious color differences. Even more curious that the most affordable camera shoots the best and most stable images. The most expensive one, the famed Logmar, shows sideway unstableness. Like driving a car while texting :) Or must we assume this is from scanning?
  3. It got killed by retired employees who want their pensions (logically but cynical). Of course, this yanking a few cans of DSD-8 intermediate product calling it an ordeal shows other problems. Although disappearance must be battled too :)
  4. Wittner even sold off their backup machines. I.e. they had multiple. It seems to be too much trouble for them. Kodak has pancakes of 1000ft DS8 which are then split and machined into S8 cartridges. It would be easy as pie to grab a few of these rolls and spool them onto 100ft reels :) But likely also to them, it is too much trouble and possibly implies that they would sell less S8 cartridges.
  5. And what is the minimum quantity of ECN-2?
  6. It is about a copy a repair manual. Niche market repair people are certainly not giving away copies of repair manuals.
  7. Nine years have gone by. Sure the camera is a booksupport now.
  8. Thanks for the update, don't hold your breath while waiting for E100D or what they are working on.
  9. 2000 pixels wide from a mere 5.6mm of film frames. Kodachrome 35mm slides were long imagined as being scannable to max 2000x3000 RGB pixels (not camera pixels) Now it is supposed to be 8000x12000?
  10. This has just become available: http://cineassist.filmcurl.com/ Although it hasn't been programmed to use the Leicina T option properly :(
  11. It seems there is no R-8 section. Was there ever? So I just I bring it here to your attention: for sale- Ektachrome 7240 30 meter / 100 feet perforated for R-8 N-8 http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=77296
  12. Ektachrome 7240 30 meter / 100 feet perforated for R-8 N-8 For the die-hard R-8/N-8 filmer and projection-lover I have had a stack of Ektachrome 7240 perforated for R-8 N-8 Obtained from a collection of materials from a careful filmer who kept it in cooled storage until just a few months ago. Euro 90 per roll of 30 meter/ 100 feet (check on Wittner (=45) or Kahl (=30) for their 7.5 meter non-Kodak-color material :) ) Material is on 100ft daylight spools. Will fit a number of cameras but most will require respooling onto small spools. I am expecting a load of small spools, just not here yet. Processing is in VNF-1 found at several labs. But also popular with DIY processing people :) Seller based in Netherlands. Within EU happy shipping and duty free :) Elsewhere Also available: 7240 in super-8 cartridge Kodak Surveillance color in super-8 Kodak 4-X in super-8 Kodak MF-4 in super-8 Plus-X in super-8
  13. For those who cannot wait to see some really well done Super-8 filming... https://vimeo.com/ondemand/straight82018cannes8
  14. Don't hold your breath while waiting for the Kodak reversal film. Ektachrome 100D is here! Over 50 minutes of running time at 18fps! Ektachrome 100D 400ft can of Double-Super-8 DS-8 Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8 16/8 2R 122 meter / 400 feet Kodak 7285 CAT 186 1681 Comes from cooled storage, factory sealed. Obviously you will need a DS8 camera or skills and capability to cut and split this DS8 into 16 pieces suitable for Super-8 cartridges. Shipping from Netherlands The Fata Morgana:
  15. Considering OP Mr Piehler in Germany does repairs on several types of S8 cameras. E. Piehler Nachtweide 13 64569 Nauheim 06152-807938 eMail: kameratechnikpiehler@t-online.de Germany Camera-repair, Projector-repair, Repair ----------------- http://clickundsurr.de/ has absorbed the workshop of mr Munder and should be able to do the same. If they listened well.
  16. When in the USA I have no advice but to determine the price in advance, likely it will cost an arm and a leg. Shipping to Europe might work but will add extra. Consider mister Piehler. Unfortunately, mister Munder has gone retirement, it seems his workshop equipment went to a new facility in Berlin
  17. Use the ground glass to check on the focus (at wide open aperture). Then test a bit of film using a tripod and focus on an object in the far distance like electricity pylons and such. You may need dense ND filters to force the aperture open. many films are ISO 100+ and you will be at f11 before you know it. This is important when filming tripod style. When doing handheld filming while walking don't bother with collimating. Leave the aperture on 11-16 and all be as sharp as possible using Super-8 Use the internet to find chargers. Take one with a limited charge current as you may want to not fry the circuit in the camera Curious how people, while filming costs some Euro 20 per minute, want parts and cameras for nearly nothing or film like they are using a smartphone. Good luck. BTW you can't see the orange filter through the viewfinder. UNless it is a screw-on at the front of the lens or an internal like on the 6-66 for 6008 cameras. Likely you mistakenly are taking the ground glass with particles on it for the daylight-filter.
  18. Possibly the size is a problem in itself but to get going you might try doing a conversion to an older readable format? There are even free online services for that. Be sure to NOT accidentally share the images :)
  19. What do you think of this? Euro 800 for a worn lens, clearly poorly worked on, disassembled from a camera and LCU which usually sells far lower. Then claiming to not know what format it is suitable for. It is playing at hastily buyers or such. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ANGENIEUX-6-90-6-90mm-f-1-2-13-x6B-w-C-Mount-GH4-BlackMagic-BMPCC-GH5-BMCC/371977733718?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D47300%26meid%3Dc44a680b454f4df89f73b936a9221e53%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D371977715859&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  20. All set for this spring? :) What would be the purpose of this straight cylinder of glass at the rear? Could this be adapted to shorter length to fit it to other cameras with more distance from the film? Like the Leicina Special M-mount?
  21. The ground glass is intended for critical focusing. Like when in very close-up or macro. Also when filming with wide aperture like f1.8-1.2 when there is shallow depth-of-field. Otherwise, you can go without the ground glass and just film using the aerial image viewfinder. You still have to focus but then use the markings on the lens tube after determining the distance roughly (or use a ribbon) :)
  22. Assuming that er are buyers for multiple runs is very optimistic. As with the Logmar, I would expect a market of only a few hundred pieces. At a far better price, you can have late models of top super-8 cameras which have far better features and fantastic optics Several models can be serviced quite well.
  23. PM-ed Do you need other parts for your Leicina? Like a late version compact original pistolgrip/shoulder pod? Or a ST-1 controller for experimental exposure timings or sound sync pulses?
  24. By the description I would guess the ground glass has been swung in... It gets darker, dependent on the aperture you may notice the structure of the grounded glass and of course you get to see the dust particles on the glass as black matter :) Just swing it out using its control knob. Left side very much to the front. The petite one. Just above the drive axis.
  25. What is not working? It doesn't start, expose, transport film or what? Batteries OK, powered zoom working?
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