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  1. I have not posted here for ages, however it's 10 years ago today I received the camera & it still gets used. It's never needed a service, just upgrades. I did change the internal timecode last year myself.
  2. I did some tests with Epic Dragon / Alexa / F55 all superb for green screen. We were shooting tungsten 400 ISO 5 to 1 compression on a Epic, Arri raw.
  3. I would be very surprised if you have a 2709 in 2 perf, unless it was used as an optical printer at some point.
  4. A new 3 perf movement is about 30,000 euros.
  5. It's quite doable, you can even see it's through a window if thats what you want. 20 years ago with an optical printer we could lift waster & smoke from a blue screen. With all this new tech, people stat getting worried :D
  6. You are very pro unions, can you tell me if you had a full crew for your stock footage shooting? I suspect you just shot on your own or with 1 assistant as you could get away with it :D
  7. When was the last major service? It could cost as much as the camera.......
  8. Many people do, they trade on momentum, i.e. buy when the market is rising & sell when the market is falling.
  9. I assume the real answer is make the film for 3 million & pocket 13 million :D
  10. Max says their output is very good :D, where is he now?
  11. Boxes, another great documentary. http://vimeo.com/78314194
  12. Funnily enough recently several clients have asked to only pay half price because it's only for the internet, my response is thats fine if I can retain the copyright for all other uses :D each time there has been some major back tracking & further negotiation. Luckily I am not the mug I used to be.
  13. How do the images look at HD, good or soft?
  14. My first boss was an Commercial Artist & Art director, he was colour blind. His first job in the film industry was mixing paint :D he could see shades & the base colour was written on the bottle so was not an issue.
  15. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jan-von-krogh/8/39a/675 The only person I ever saw on linked in with 0 connections.
  16. This is such a brilliant thread I would pin it if it was in the General forum where I have mod privileges. This really is the thread of 2013, very happy Max joined the forum
  17. I have one that got fully serviced in the UK & has not been used since other than tested. I am not sure of current market value, send me a PM if you want to go further. It's currently in Zurich but could be sent from France.
  18. I guess he pays his taxes & pays his crew, thats a good start as the higher his profit, the higher percentage gets given to the government to help pay for the poor people who don't pay anything. If everyone was poor, the poor would be very much worse off.
  19. You mean all the crew members except Max, his 5-10k will go to a charity for the poor :D
  20. Visual Products sold one yesterday on eBay for $3050 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moviecam-an-Arriflex-Arri-Company-Compact-Camera-Package-35mm-Sync-Sound-/261336739131
  21. I would have thought if a producer gave an intern a chance it was good for the intern to get some experience. It worked like that in the late 1970's in London, which is how I started in the business.
  22. And a DOP's fund, to be fair to everyone we need a Producers fund :D running away
  23. Phil, The producer is not earning anything per hour for 3 years, if they then make a huge profit you cannot possibly pretend they had any idea how much they could draw out of the bank to live on. It's a 3 year investment that paid off. What about people who mined bit coins ? Someone even bought a 2 pizza's for 10,000 bit coins a couple of years ago, if the person held onto those bit coins is he suddenly abusive ?
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