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  1. Hi all i think that with tele lens you can be very close to aerial takes from an helicopter with gyrostabilized system Notice the difference between wide and tele shot here: https://youtu.be/JZ-ljVAlqFc
  2. The best thing to do is to shoot at higher frame rate and slow down in post. This video was shot at 50 fp/s and playback at 25 https://youtu.be/oDPbcC8l3go
  3. Hello Marco, i do 16mm transfer frame by frame scan image sequence output. email if interested for details
  4. Fantastic work Uli Meyer ! When woman runs it seems higher framerate than 36fps though
  5. Hi all can you suggest me a portable HDMI recorder ? I want to record the HDMI uncompressed 4k signal output from a GOPRO hero 5 camera. Thanks in advance. Roberto
  6. Ahah, what is it, if one is stressed by this thread , well do not read it ! PERIOD
  7. Unless you have shot the b/w and color stocks with the same lens with the same focus and f/stop, i think these are prism spots. Do not use f.22, but use a neutral grey filter or better set fast shutter speed if possible. You should set iris at about f5.6 for best definition. It is not so difficult to flip and clean the prism after all.
  8. I used that lens years back. To fix perfectly focus you have to screw very well the lens in camera first. Then if you look in the base of the lens ( close to mount) you will find 3 little screws. Unloct them and rotate the lens till you will find perfect focus for your need. Then refix those little screws. That is all
  9. Hello Margaux, i have some Bolexes, and can sell one of them. It is an EBM model. It is an heavy customized camera. The frame is enlarged from side to side, so in post you can choose wich film format to screen. Example, standard 16 or Super 16 or Ultra 16. I do not know which price to ask, since it is a total different camera from original now, so you can make an offer. I will send pictures on request. This link you can see a video i shot years ago with this camera ( S16 format) . Best regards. Roberto
  10. Looks great ! Is there some vignette on the right side ? I imagine how good it can be on S16. Would not be a bad idea next time to show some girl model instead :-)
  11. Good day Guy, i have a frame by frame scanner for 9,5mm too.It is 2560x2048 pixel uncompressed TIFF output in a folder image sequence. From this image sequence you can convert in whatever video format of your choice. I charge 1 Euro/meter.Are your 2000 feet( 609 meters) loaded in a single big reel ? My scanner can load 120 meters max, but i have not problem to customize for bigger reel. Roberto https://www.facebook.com/265618923958142/videos/268955433624491/
  12. Well, i do a sort of wet gate with diffuse light too. To me diffuse light helps with my sysyem since i have tested collimated light with worse achievement . I soak the film with vaseline oil then pass trough mechanical cleaning system. This way dust and dirt are removed and the film remains wet. Finally i scan the film emulsion for the highest quality. I can scan from sd to 2.5k to image sequence. This system works best with reversal, with negative film the difference is not noticeable aside dust and dirt removed. Here a brief description. (hem , the voice is robot,sorry for some weird pronunciation) https://www.facebook.com/265618923958142/videos/268955433624491/
  13. I have done conversion on all my Bolexes and never noticed steadyness issues after. The exposed area is the same more or less, the main difference is the wider aspect ratio vs S16 frame. The main issue are the codes on the side between perforations, so you can not scan all frame width.
  14. I have used Peleng 8mm lens on a Bolex reflex and it delivers very good images for its price , but you can use only f 5,6 iris. More open or closed iris will degrade quality very quickly
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