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Kyryll Sobolev

Sergey Kravchenco - SCAMMER

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Maybe that is the case were you live but here I always get the "be careful sending money internationally unless you know them" speech regardless of where.

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artur, i am not naive, i know what lenses cost.

but our buddy here made a public offer, and accepted my money for it.


you can call it a gamble on my side, but i fulfilled my obligations. and i am telling a story of what is happening afterwards.


and the update to the story is that a courier has picked up the lenses, presumably for shipment to me (i am guessing on the latter part)


the real issue here for our salesman is incredibly poor communication with a client. even though both parties speak 2 languages.

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Also it appears you statistical analysis is based of one teller, wtf?



You know you appear to own a computer and have web access you can always use this thing called……Google.



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Just so many stories like this on the web, so, so, many:






"By 2005, Romania had become widely known as a haven for online fraud, and buyers became wary of sending money there."




"It’s not so different from the forces that turn a neighborhood into, say, New York’s fashion district or the aerospace hub in southern California. “To the extent that some expertise is required, friends and family members of the original entrepreneurs are more likely to have access to those resources than would-be criminals in an isolated location,” says Michael Macy, a Cornell University sociologist who studies social networks. “There may also be local political resources that provide a degree of protection.”



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Where is your stat saying eastern Europe has the most fraud, I don't think a small town in Romania is necessarily representative.



So this study has listed 5 Eastern European countries in the top 12 where internet scams originate:


"Countries from where the most internet scams originate (Source: [1]): Ukraine, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithunia, Egypt, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Israel and Nigeria." Canada didn't make the list.




Eastern European countries feature prominently on this list as well:




No mention of Canada, again.

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i am happy to report that the lenses have arrived.

that was really quick from the date they were shipped, and what i had been expecting from the start.



i know there were people behind the scenes who know sergey and got him moving to send these out - and i have to say thank you to those people.


what have we learned from this story? maybe don't buy from eastern europe, or maybe don't sell anything to a guy with two Y's and two L's in his name

i personally think it always comes down to communication... even if there is a delay just be there for the client, don't be like dead air on radio

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