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  1. Any help is appreciated.  I have a B&H Filmo DA 16mm film camera that I just dis-assembled, with out a service manual.  I did NOT get injured by the spring.  I did however dis-assemble the entire clockwork/gear works not knowing that I did not have to do that. All the gear works fell apart before I could photograph them in their proper place. I was on Dom Jaegar's Cinetinker blog and saw pictures of a Eyemo 35mm service procedure. It looked a lot like a Filmo 70.  Now to the question, do you have or know where I could buy a B&H Filmo 70 service manual?? Or other help.


    Michael Leake

    1. Simon Wyss

      Simon Wyss

      Hi, Michael

      Immediate help might come from the picture. Else you can send me the camera, plate screwed in to secure the spring, I will assemble.

      I could give the camera a complete overhaul. That would cost CHF 600. Afterwards you would have a three years warranty.

      For further information please see the English pages of my website.

      Regards, Simon


    2. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      This photo helps greatly. It confirms that I did get the Filmo drive train re-assembled correctly. Thanks for help.I will be building a caging clamp for the drive main spring in the Filmo so I will be able to remove it without damage or harm.

    3. Simon Wyss
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