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  1. So say I meter 500asa film at 800 then have it pulled in lab half a stop (roughly speaking), would this increase density in blacks and get rid of some grain? Given I get my film developed with the cheaper "best-lighting" option (I cant afford fotokem), this would then take flexibility away from the person scanning forcing the look closer to what the shooter (me) intended? 🤨
  2. Cant buy it but beautiful camera. Standing the test of time
  3. if im not correct im pretty sure that should be fine also a way to get union hours so that you can join
  4. People will just have to make homemade film cameras.
  5. kodak and paul mccartney are somehow still alive
  6. About to shoot my thesis short for my undergrad and I'm glad I came across your experience, it gives me hope!
  7. Got charged $130.00 for one 100 ft roll of 16mm for 2k scans. My mistake for not looking harder but they do good work and will talk to you if you are persistent. Maybe stick to 1080 scans?
  8. I dropped adobe. Im a student and it was costing money. Davinci is free and I now can grade with software people take serious. Free version only takes so many codecs...
  9. Managed to get a couple rolls developed, this being the first time I've shot 16mm. There is some grading, any tips are greatly appreciated!
  10. Theres nothing more Id rather do than stay home and experiment with old stock. Enjoyed your video a lot and hope to see more Happy shooting
  11. This isnt too related, But I Was curious if labs develop expired ektachrome still? I went to send in some old stock and pro 8mm says you have to pay some outrageous price for old stock. Im confused though since its just e6 developing?
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