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  1. Sniper Package $6000 MK3 Laser & Display paired and with newest firmware Smoke Iris 17 Degree Lens 5 Degree Lens Optical Flat P&T Bracket Noga Arm 5 Batteries 2 Chargers Power Cables 1 P-tap to 2 pin coiled 1 3-pin to 2-pin coiled 1 straight 3-pin to straight 2-pin 36” 1 straight 3-pin to 90 degree 2-pin 36” Preston MDR interface cables 1 short 90 degree to straight 16” 1 long 90 degree to straight 36” 1 long 90 degree to 90 degree 36” 1 Display Cable 36” Manual
  2. There is this old one ... https://variety.com/2009/digital/features/is-it-really-cheaper-to-shoot-in-digital-1118008522/ And a 2015 indie experience https://www.moviemaker.com/archives/moviemaking/cinematography/film-v-s-digital-is-the-expense-of-shooting-on-film-a-misconception What's your thoughts generally (not only on the articles...)
  3. Hello, When you are metering a scene, do you meter for the camera's dynamic range, or for the 6 stops in SDR or the 13+ stops in HDR? For instance, if your camera has 6 stops of highlight dynamic range, and 8 stops of shadow dynamic range, do you keep everything in your scene between those 14 stops or do you keep everything in between the lets say 6 stops of standard dynamic range? I hope this question makes sense! Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help! - Matt
  4. Hi all, I was wondering how one would go about exposing or even using color effect filters like color gradients, Coral, Antique Suede or Day for Night optical filters while shooting on a digital camera and delivering in color. For example, say that you are using an Antique Suede. Wouldn't depriving the sensor of blue light be very destructive to the raw image? To my understanding the blue channel displays the most noticeable noise the most often. If so, how would you combat this? What are the advantages of doing such an important color decision in camera rather than in post apart from
  5. What are some ways I can make the most out of my Canon C100 MKII? I've shot a few micro films on it, but I feel like I may not be using the camera to it's full potential. I watch test videos on Vimeo and they look incredible, but when I shoot I feel like I could get a way better image from my Nikon D3200.
  6. Hi Im about to get a new camera today as a gift, but dont know what to get exactly yet. Can any give me advice and suggestions for digital cameras around $500 and what I should look for in a camera? Thank you
  7. I have available for sale- ARRI ALEXA PLUS 4:3 XR- £41,000 GBP ARRI Alexa PLUS 4:3 XR Camera Body BUNDLE ACCESSORY SET ARRI EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder ARRI Alexa Rubber eyecup ARRI VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket ARRI VEB-3 Veiwfinder Extension Bracket ARRI KC150-S Short (0.35m / 1.2 ft) Cable for EVF-1 ARRI KC151-S Medium (0.65m / 2.1 ft) Cable for EVF-1 ARRI CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle for Alexa ARRI HEB-2 Handle Extension Block ARRI KC154-SP-S Cable 12V Accessory for Alexa ARRI KC20 24v 2m/6.6ft Cable Power - Straight ARRI BP-12 Bridge Plate ARRI Bottom Dovetail 300mm / 12" (Balan
  8. Hi everybody. I have a doubt concerning shooting anamorphic on digital cameras. I know the different camera menus (I'm talking from my Epic and Alexa experience) give me the option to chose between 1.3x, 2.0x and 2.0mag (this last one I have no idea of what it is) anamorphic desqueeze factor but I have no idea of what the rule of tumb is and which one to chose according to what. Feel absolutely free to add anything else that you thing might make things clearer. Thanks a lot, Davide
  9. Hi, I'm planning on applying to a film school this summer, for a directing course. My main focus has always been directing, with cinematography being both a fascinating hobby and something I've had to do for the ultra low budget films I've made. Now, the requirements are that you submit at least two films, of which at least one "made on film (16mm, super 16mm or 35mm)". I've got plenty of digital films to submit, but nothing on film. So I have to make a new one. I've never shot anything on film and, as much as I'd like to have this experience, it would be very expensive. Even with
  10. Hi, I'm currently in pre-production on a "kitchen-sink" social realism drama and I'm looking at films like 'Fish Tank' and 'This is England' as visual references for the look of this film. I want to use the flat and dry colour palettes used in these films to create a similar mood and atmosphere for my film. Eventhough my influences are from an 80's style, this is a creative choice for a film with a contemporary story. I will be testing the Sony F55 and the Blackmagic distagon lenses next week to see if this would be a possible substitute for shooting 16mm film as this would be too expe
  11. http://movietrailers.apple.com/movies/sony_pictures/passengers/passengers-trailer-1_h1080p.mov Trailer came out today, releases same day as Rogue One. Sci-fi pic about a man & a woman waking up 90 years too early on a spaceship, and everything that ensues. Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) is directing and the Black List script has been around since 2007, written by Jon Spaihts (early drafts of Prometheus, Doctor Strange), Keanu Reeves was attached for a while, so were Emily Blunt, Rachel McAdams, etc. Rodrigo Prieto shot this on Alexa 65 & Primo 70 (at least, that's wha
  12. LOS ANGELES (August 15, 2016) - The 38th edition of The Reel Thing, a three-day symposium addressing audio/visual restoration and archiving, will explore the constantly evolving ecosystem of film and digital restoration and preservation. This year's program will examine legacy film restorations and showcase modern technologies being used to futureproof collections and keep them viable for future display and distribution formats. The event will take place August 18-20 at the Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. In addition to discussions with industry leaders, premiere screenings of se
  13. Hi Guys, does anyone have experience with shoting Sony FS7 + anamorphic lenses? Is it doable technicly- I mean like a desqueeze option in the menu, or is it done in a difrent way? I have a choice to shot a project with Alexa and prime lenses, but I woud rather go for a cheaper camera with S log and use more expensive anamorphic lenses for their look. Thanks for any advices
  14. For sale is a CHRISTIE CP2000X DLP Cinema HD-2K Projector and Christie 7 KW Ballast. The machine is in good working condition and free of technical defects. We can also service your projector. Contact for more details, picture is reference only. Price $13,000.
  15. Check this out. A new indie theater is set to open on Manhattan's Lower East Side featuring both digital and 35mm projection. Metrograph
  16. I wanted to post this conversation in the forums. Here is the original reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Filmmakers/comments/40812r/steve_yedlins_obsessive_film_emulation/ Here is Yedlin's video source: http://www.yedlin.net/DisplayPrepDemo/# And here is his conversation with Mario Carvalhal: http://www.yedlin.net/160105_edit.html Very logical reasoning.
  17. Hi, my friend is selling his Scarlet kit, in mint condition, low hours, never rented. Located in Slovakia, Central Europe. https://www.kitmondo.com/used-red-scarlet-x-for-sale/ref638020
  18. Could someone walk me through the process of rating the Asa of a digital camera?
  19. Used ARRI Alexa M 4:3 in stock. Excellent condition. £19,500 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 6 Months Op hours- 1000 Case Containing: ARRI Alexa M Camera Head ARRI Alexa M Body BAB-G (Gold Mount Battery Adapter) Bundle Accs Set for Alexa M Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) Handle Extension Bracket (HEB-2) CCH-2 Alexa M (Head) Camera Handle AMC-1 Alexa M Cage -Consisting Of: Side Bracket Bottom Plate 15mm LW Bar Bracket MEDIA M Handle Syst. - Consisting Of: Side
  20. Codex CDX-3010 Kit £3,000 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 3 Months Case Containing: Codex Onboard Recorder CDX-3010 Onboard Control Panel CDX-P065 Codex Recorder Handle CDX-P064 Control Panel Fixing Plate 6-6pin Panel Control Cable Long 5p Lemo - 3p RS Power Cable Dual Mini BNC Loom 4p XLR - 5p LEMO Battery Power Cable 4 x Codex M Flash Pack (256gb) CDX-P300 Please contact me on Casey@esbroadcast.com if you require any further information.
  21. Excellent condition and maintained and serviced by ARRI Media. £17,000 GBP (excluding VAT) + Shipping Camera Case ARRI Alexa PLUS Camera Body inc High-Speed License High-Speed License BUNDLE ACCESSORY SET ARRI EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder ARRI Alexa Rubber eyecup ARRI VMB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket ARRI VEB-1 Veiwfinder Extension Bracket ARRI KC150-S Short (0.35m / 1.2 ft) Cable for EVF-1 ARRI KC151-S Medium (0.65m / 2.1 ft) Cable for EVF-1 ARRI CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle for Alexa ARRI HEB-2 Handle Extension Block ARRI KC154-SP-S Cable 12V Accessory for Alexa ARRI KC20 24v 2m/6.6ft
  22. As I understand it, most big-budget feature movies record on film as opposed to digital; the common claim being that film provides a much more cinematic image, etc. Does anyone think that we'll come to a point when digital cameras are able to produce an image, indistinguishable from film - and that cinematographers will choose digital over film due to artistic choices instead of being led by financial considerations?
  23. What is the difference between a traditional digital camcorder that looks like actual video made for multi cam productions like soap operas, & camcorders like Arri Alexa that look as much like film as digital technology can manage? Is it the frame rate? Depth of field? Shutter speed? Resolution? Something ridiculously complicated? What is it about these cameras that makes the footage look that different from one another? Additionally, what is the official wordage to differentiate between these 2 types of digital camera? The film-mimicking one has a large possibility of names (like ‘film-s
  24. Eon S Mora

    23.98 vs 24

    My question is partly technical, and partly just a curiosity: When shooting digitally, has anyone noticed a difference between shooting 23.976, and straight 24.00 FPS. I know this is the nearly negligible difference, but these are two different rates of capture. is there any perceptive change in how it feels or the way movement is perceived? Just some context: shooting a film with some folks that are used to shooting film. The project in mind will end up with some sort of theatrical release however it'll obviously be shot, finished and watched all digitally. If this
  25. As someone who loves film and the process of it all, and wanting a lucrative career in filmmaking, I would fight anyone who says shooting digital is better (than film) or anyone who puts film down for any reason because I believe film is superior. I still do, when it comes to the approach and the finished product. Well, fast forward into reality, I was about to throw down $3,000+ on an Arri BL4 (plus extras), spoke to a few owners who were more than willing to sell. And although I had that driving force to shoot film and have a big ol’ bad camera, something was bugging me, something was ho
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