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  1. Selling ZACUTO Camera Accessories. All in excellent condition and fully functional. Can sell as a package discount price or individually. 1x Universal Baseplate V3 - $250 (incl. two 8" 15mm rods, two 4.5" 15mm rods & two Male Zouplers) 1x Z-Riser - $140 1x Zgrips Handheld Grips (pair) - $385 1x Z-mount - $75 1x Zicro mount - $35 1x Zamerican Monitor Noga-type Arm (large) - $120 Full Package discount price: $950 obo Items located in Los Angeles, CA but can ship anywhere at buyer's expense.
  2. For Sale: Red One MX 4K Digital Cinema Camera Package / PL & Nikon Mount RED ONE MX CAMERA Body Serial#1899 1679 HOURS Model Number: Mysterium MX Version: 32.0.3 - Second Generation You can make me an offer and purchase it directly from ebay: http://bit.ly/2bFy54M EQUIPMENT LIST RED ACCESSORIES Top Handle Top Handle Extension Red Top Mount Red Cheese Plate Red Bottom Plate Red 5.6″ LCD Hoodman TL56 5.6″ LCD Hood RED EVF Element Technica BNC Video Breakout Box 18″ Rods 12″ Rods Red AC power Block & Cable RED Shoulder Dovetail 24″ LCD Cable 24″ EVF Cable 18″ Drive Cable Cavision Viewfinder Mount for Red One Camera with bracket to attach to Red 19mm Top Rods Cavision Dual Handgrips & Connector which accepts both 15mm / 60mm rods and 19mm / 104mm Rods Redrock Micro microOmni Mount 19mm/15mm Studio/15mm Lightweight Rod Converter Wooden Camera Rod Clamp, 19mm Flashpoint 7″ Adjustable Double Articulating Arm (Israeli arm) PELICAN DESICCANT SILICA GEL 2x Pelican 1650 Case BATTERIES, CHARGERS & BATTERY MOUNTS (4) Switronix – XPL-90S V-Type 14.8VDC Lithium Battery Brick Switronix GP-2LSJ 2-Position Simultaneous Charger Switronix GPTS V-Mount Hot Swap Adapter Switronix P-Tap Male to P-Tap Female Extension Cable – 36″ Battery Charger AC Cable RED Cradle (Battery & Drive Holder) Switronix RED Battery Mount Quick Plate RED Battery Belt Holder MEDIA 640GB RAID Drive 320GB RAID Drive 16GB CF Cards (6) 8GB CF Cards (3) Lexar Professional CF Card Reader
  3. I'll be shooting a short soon and we're planning on using a Red Dragon at 6K with a set of Hawk C-Series anamorphics. I'm aware that, due to the aspect of the Dragon sensor, the resulting field of view using any given lens will be narrower than if it were shot with a 4:3 sensor such as on the Alexa. The widest focal length in the C-Series is 40mm, which on the Alexa would produce an image with a roughly equivalent FOV that a 20mm spherical might on Super 35. My question is, roughly how wide would the 40mm anamorphic appear when using the Dragon? I'm trying to work out if the 40mm will be wide enough for my needs. The reasons for choosing Dragon is for maximum resolution, given that it's a vfx heavy sci-fi. Would it be better to shoot on Alexa for maximum FOV? Or try using a set of diopters?!
  4. The bridgeplate can be configured with two inlays, Red style and Arri style. Its also possible to buy both inlays so you can mount Arri style and Red style camera's. An additional inlay to have both supported is 30 Euros extra. Bridgeplate for 19mm. Rods - 329 Euro. - with Arri inlay Compatible withArri Alexa Studio, Arriflex 235, Arriflex D-21, Arriflex 435, Sony F23, Sony F35, Sony F65, SI-2K, Phantom and Weisscam HS-2. Our any other situation where a Arri BP-8 or BP-5 bridigeplate would fit. Like the new Vocas bridgeplate for the Sony F5. Arri Alexa, Alexa Plus, Canon C100, C300, C500 and Blackmagic URSA only with Arri’s BPA-2 adapter. - 329 Euro. - Red inlay Compatible with the Red One (MX) Scarlet and Epic only with a third party riser plate. 12" Dovetail 210 Euro. - Native compatibility with 2060, 2075, 120EX O’Connor and Sachtler Cine 30 heads. 12" Rods 19mm. 30 Euro each. - Stainless steel. Want to know more or if you have any questions, just have look at www.petergosens.com or give me a PM.
  5. 18mm - 100mm and all II's and III's. All lenses are in the high 600XXX serial number, only the 32 and the 75mm are in the mid 700XXX. Mechanically are all in fine conditions, focusing is good in all them, only the 32mm is slightly stiff. iris is smooth in all the lenses. Coating is well preserved in all the lenses. Included are the original front caps for all them. Glass is in great shape in all of them, no scratches / internal haze / fungus. Just few irrelevant very faint cleaning marks in some lenses which is typical. 32mm shows more faint marks at the rear with some particle of dust. Great set in fantastic condition. You can tell it wasn't used much. Pics here 21.5k
  6. Hi all! I've got some RED accessories for sale. All of them have barely been used and appear like new. All fully functioning. The following list is each item and their respective eBay links: *ALL INCLUDE FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING (international shipping as well) RED Cinema REMOTE (with case) -Like new -Fully functioning -$350 RED Cinema Module Adapter (with case) -Like new -Fully functioning V-Mount module adapter -$250 RED Cinema 4-slot SSD Case (case only) -Like new -4-slots for RED brand SSDs -$25 If you would like to contact me about the items, please reply to this thread and we can talk further details!
  7. I have some Zeiss Super Speeds for sale. Pics here They are:::: Distagon 35mm f 1,2 Planar 50mm f 1,3 Planar 85mm f 1,4 All of them are in Arriflex bayonet mount, and the 35mm Distagon does have the adapter to PL. So it's easy to move the adapter around to either lens. All three lenses are in very nice shape, no issues on the glass, focus and iris are perfect. The 50mm might have some very faint haze or just need a cleaning, but this is very minimal. All the lenses have an 80mm exterior front ring diameter. Price is $15,000
  8. Hello everybody ! I wrote a table comparing most of our favorite cameras and their technical specifications (Sensor info, recording info, weight, Mount, Power Consumption, Price ...). I was bored searching in the manuals and documentations, so this should make it a bit easier ! DIGITAL CAMERA COMPARISON Next time, I'd like to make it dynamic with an auto ranking when we click on a particular category. Cheers, Romain
  9. I have a personal set that took me a year to cherry pick and build. They haven't been rehoused but the set is all 700,000 serials. All the glass is in excellent+ to excellent- condition. I own the 18 III, 24 III, 32 II, 40 II, 50 II, 75 II, 100 II, 203 + 317 telepanchros. I'm thinking about selling the entire kit for 28k. Or would consider breaking up the telepanchros and from the panchros. Not exactly looking to sell them asap. I'm located in Los Angeles. Feel free to hit me up. Look below for some random panchros below for sale immediately. I have a couple Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III's for sale. Take a look below and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much. I will be posting test footage with them soon. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 747441: Front element has scratches. Rear has some fungus. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture ring pretty good and blades have no oil. Focus ring a little loose. When shooting this lens has a lightly altered image. It creates a glow effect due to the fungus in the rear. Pics here. Priced to sell at $950 BUMP $900 BUMP $800. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 688301: Front element has some spots but no scratches. Rear is pretty clean. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture is smooth and blades have small amount of oil. Focus is smooth. Pics here. $1400 BUMP $1200 BUMP $1100 Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm II - 728719: Front element clean + free of scratches. Rear element has micro scratches + a crack. Tested it shooting and there is no effect in the image. $1500
  10. Hi everyone! I am selling a fully ready kit for shooting. Red Scarlet Mx camera on Canon mount. Registered on me/ 2 200 hours of shoot/ regularly Red serves. Kit contains Camera+Red monitor+batteries+mount+followfocus Tilta+4 64 Gb cards+card reader+handheld (kit jn photo it’s presented not fully) Copmpact Prime Cp 2 lenses (15mm(T2.8),21mm(T2,8),35mm(2,1),50mm(T2,1),85mm(T2,1),100mm(T2,1),) Pl mount +case Sachtler 25 Plus (Horizont Plus) 150 mm tripod + cine 2000 tripod + hard case. Director’s monitor Panasonic 17. Everything is in good condition and is located in Moscow Russia. 31000 $ USD (or best offers). Call, +7 916 815 O5 96 or houdh235@rambler.ru. Separate sale is also possible.
  11. EDIT - damnit, sorry I totally posted this in the wrong category.. oops I have a studio shoot coming up in which I need to shoot a bunch of 120FPS footage with limited lighting (probably no more than a 2' 4 bank Kino and 2x 1x1 LEDs). I unfortunately don't have the budget to do much camera testing, and I'm wondering if there is a consensus as whether the Sony FS7 or a Red Dragon will give me better high speed low light performance.. would appreciate any insight!
  12. For sale is my personal Lomo anamorphic round front set: 35mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount 50mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount 75mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount All lenses are optically and mechanically in perfect condition with smooth aperture and focus operation. All have stainless PL-mounts, and focus gear rings. No scratches, no fungus, The lenses are ready for shooting. Also included: 2 Cases, front and rear caps. New York City checkout can be arranged. Price: $25,000.00 Contact woftam@erols.com
  13. Im offering this as either a full package or body only package includes everything youd need to start shooting: Dragon 6k Body PL Mount Wooden Camera Support package 15mm / V Mount Backpack (1) 256gb RedMag (2) 64gb RedMags (3) Red Bricks (1) Red Brick Charger 5" LCD TouchScreen USB3 Red Mag Reader Wooden Camera A Box Pelican 1510 Case w/ Laser Cut inserts for Dragon / Media / Etc Asking Price for the package is $24,500 Body only would be $20,500 1050 Hours reasonable offers please email me @ brandonriley600@gmail.com
  14. Brand New RED Weapon Ready to shoot package for sale. Everything you need to start shooting (just BYO V-Locks). Below is a list of the full package. Camera is currently at RED HQ undergoing upgrade and should be finished some time in the next few days. $48,995.00 USD OBO RED Weapon Package: 1x RED Weapon Magnesium Brain w/Integrated Media Bay (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 Sidekick (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 Base Expander (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 Top Handle (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 REDvolt XL Module Adapter (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 AC Power Adapter (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A (Ships direct from RED) 2x Red Mini Mag 512GB (Ships direct from RED) 1x RED Station Mini Mag Reader (Ships direct from RED) 1x DSMC2 RED Standard OLPF (Ships direct from RED) 1x RED Weapon Package Case (Ships direct from RED) 1x RED Touch 5" DSMC 1x RED Bomb EVF LCOS 1x PL Mount 1x RED DSMC Canon AL Mount 1x RED DSMC AL Leica Mount 1x LCD/EVF Cable 12" 1x LCD/EVF cable 18" 1x Solid Camera EVF Mount/Arm System 1x V-mount Battery Plate/Power Solution 1x OCT-19 Mount I dont have photos of the camera or any of the new pieces as they are still at RED HQ. All the other accessories I have photos for. To view please message me or send me an email at redweaponforsale@gmail.com Cheers
  15. Hey all, hoping for a bit of advice. Having some trouble with an approaching s16mm shoot- a darkroom scene. I was hoping to light mainly with practical florescent 2x4's and then to gel them fully red for some sequences. My question is: with the interior location, I thought I should shoot on 7219 500T... should I use tungsten tubes? Or would daylight tubes be better for the gel? I know daylight-balanced bulbs on tungsten stock will come away rather cyan, which I don't mind. But gelled, what should I expect? I could shoot on 250D, but am nervous that the light loss from the gels will give me a tough exposure. What setup of stock and bulbs (filtration?) do you think is best? Unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be budget for tests. I also read in an older post here that there were issues with focusing, or that the image (red lit) will look soft. Is this a genuine focusing issue? Or should we just measure out as per usual? The last thing here that freaked me out was that someone noted that my light meter will give me an improper reading under these red conditions. Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? Thanks so much for your input. Any advice would help!
  16. Hello friends, I have a BMCC 2.5K package in great condition that I don't use and I want to trade it for Red One. It comes with following: Camera body BMCC 2.5K Full DaVinci Resolve Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm F2.6; Tokina 28-70mm F2.6; SpeedBuster Lanparte shoulder rig Shoot35 follow focus Mattebox, 1 Switronix v-mount battery with charges and power cable 3X 250GB SSD drives, Filters I'm based in Los Angeles, let me know if anybody's interested. Good day.
  17. Looking to figure out why there are two builds that were released on the same date. One is, V6.0.44 released on 12/18/15 and the other is V5.3.49. My real question is what is the difference between Versions, 5 and 6? Not just the obvious but why are there 2 different competing versions and does it hurt to switch over to V6 from V5? Has anybody else been curious about this or is it something obvious that I completely missed? Recommendations on which to use? I'm running an Epic Mysterium-X. I appreciate the help in advance.
  18. Hello! I am a neophyte asking for some advice. I edit with FCPX and with a recent project have needed to start working with RED (rd3) files in FCPX. I have never done this and am very unfamiliar with just about everything. I am beginning to realize that I am not understanding several things, and would like them clarified. First off, I was taught to always click the box "create optimized media" when importing footage, but never really understood what exactly this did. I did this with the rd3 files, they took forever to import (about 12 hours) and the "transcoding and analysis" function in the background after 24 hours was only at 5% and kept starting over. I turned it off. My question is, did I ruin something by doing that, and should I have done that at all? Should I have neither checked "create optimized media" to just import as is? My goal is to edit the footage (actually a mix of footage from a Canon 5D Mark III and the RED) into something, then do the color grade on the final project in DaVinci (a program I am also new to). What is the best way to go about this? I have a feeling that life will be much easier if I do my homework now, rather than halfway into the project. What tips do you have for me as far as the best way to edit with RED in FCPX? I did download the RED Apple Workflow Installer, and am on a 2011 MacBook Pro, 16 GB 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 if that helps. Editing with a USB 3.0 from external hard drive. Thank you so much, any tips are greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi, my friend is selling his Scarlet kit, in mint condition, low hours, never rented. Located in Slovakia, Central Europe. https://www.kitmondo.com/used-red-scarlet-x-for-sale/ref638020
  20. Pretty much since "The Social Network" Jeff Cronenweth has been shooting with David Fincher on RED and he seems to really make amazing images with the camera. The thing I really struggle to understand is the colour throughout his films. What white balance does he set his cameras to? There are so many different colours throughout the film. Does he stick to the normal white balance (3200K and 5600K) or does he do something different. This shot looks like he has his white balance at like 3200K: And this shot looks like he has his white balance normal at 5600K: But what about this? I know that he works with kinos and emulates fluorescent light for a lot of indoor stuff so did he just change the white balance to get a different result for these two images: Any information would be helpful thanks!!!
  21. RED One Package for sale with full set of RED primes and variable RED lenses For Sale : Red One Package. Asking : $16,000 Red Camera Body Red Pro 7" LCD : Compact Flash Module (3 x 8GB CF Cards) Red Power Pack (2 batteries 1 charger) 2 x 320GB Red Drives Power Supply Red Cheese Plate Custom Flight Case Red Cradle(hard drive and v-lock battery) LCD Cable 7" Drive Cable 6" Base Production Pack - Front Handle - Bottom Plate - Shoulder Dove Tail - Top Mount - Top Handle - Red QuickPlate - 24" Steel Rods - 16" Steel Rods Prime Lenses (RED) : 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm (Includes hard shipping case) Variable Lenses (RED): 18-50mm, 50-150mm ( slot available in Custom Flight Case for transport) Asking : $36,000 (the Price is negotiable within reason) All equipment is in great condition and ready to use. Drives were refitted by red in 2014. I am the original owner of all equipment and it has never been on hired.
  22. Hi there, Just did a scout at the house we'll be shooting at, and it's full of new-fangled LEDs in every room, all set up to be controlled via wi-fi. It's mostly overhead can lights with LED floods, and ornamental fixtures with the new Phillips edison type bulbs. However I came across some LEDs I've never seen before in the kitchen's hanging fixtures. They are 360 degree bulbs that use the old g4 style fixture. She said the bulbs were Chinese knock-off's that were cheaper. Attached is a picture of one of the replacements with packaging, and another of them in action hanging over the island. Anyone ever see these types of bulbs before? Worked or had problems with them on camera? Any bad experiences with over the counter LED's in general before? I've only shot the Phillips Hue bulbs (which are some of these) and they were fine on Film. We're shooting RED dragon. Trying to figure out if we can bing camera in on Tech. Thanks.
  23. RED One Package for sale with full set of RED primes and variable RED lenses For Sale : Red One Package. Asking : $16,000 Red Camera Body Red Pro 7" LCD : Compact Flash Module (3 x 8GB CF Cards) Red Power Pack (2 batteries 1 charger) 2 x 320GB Red Drives Power Supply Red Cheese Plate Custom Flight Case Red Cradle(hard drive and v-lock battery) LCD Cable 7" Drive Cable 6" Base Production Pack - Front Handle - Bottom Plate - Shoulder Dove Tail - Top Mount - Top Handle - Red QuickPlate - 24" Steel Rods - 16" Steel Rods Prime Lenses (RED) : 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm (Includes hard shipping case) Variable Lenses (RED): 18-50mm, 50-150mm ( slot available in Custom Flight Case for transport) Asking : $36,000 (the Price is negotiable within reason) All equipment is in great condition and ready to use. Drives were refitted by red in 2014. I am the original owner of all equipment and it has never been on hired.
  24. Hi there, I'm looking to buy used the next items: - PL mount. (Like wooden camera) - 1 or 2 Magic Arms like Noga for the LCD monitor and the second monitor. - Matte Box - Like Tangerine ViV level. - ND Filters 4x4.56 - 15mm Rods - Follow Focus + Rings - LLO OLPF You can send me models, pics, quotes. I'm located in Los Angeles. Thanks Guillermo 310-658-133 gpolofilms@gmail.com
  25. Hey I'm Xoaher currently based in Prague. This is my reel from last year school works. Please feel free to critic and let me know how can I improve. Thank you Xoaher https://vimeo.com/141572957
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