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  1. Hi all, Came across an intense flaring/ghosting (not really sure what's happening here) phenomenon using a Cooke S16 Varokinetal 10.4mm-52mm. It has been serviced by Visual Products 2 months ago. The stills come from footage on a RED GEMINI in 2K crop mode, with standard OLPF and no filter or mattebox on. It is present across the aperture (toned down past T5.6) and zoom range (seems to zoom in the effect). Can provide examples in other lighting situation. In a lot of scenes the light source, even a window with ambient daylight, will appear as a blue ghost/flare. The effect was noticed on ARRI mini LF too and potentially on ARRI SR2 (though not as evident on the 16mm footage shot yet, as the source was ambiant overcast daylight). I find this interesting as I tested a lot of vintage S16 zooms before from Angénieux, Canon and Zeiss and never came across this to my memory. Anyone has insight or guesses on this? Trying to gather information from other users too. Thanks, Alec
  2. FOR SALE: CANON 6.6-66 super 16 ZOOM PL mount lens Excellent condition. Bought it like new on cinematography.com three years ago. Used it for one documentary project (centerscanwith F5 - beautiful results.) No longer using it so it is time for it to find a new home. 5000 euro. Lens is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Can ship anywhere as long as you pay for freight costs. contact: petr@lomfilms.com
  3. For Sale : TLS Aurora 24-70mm T2.8 Zoom Covers Full Frame. The lens is in excellent condition. Glass is super clean. No scratches, chips, haze or fungus. Mechanics are perfect.
  4. For Sale : Price REDUCED NEW- Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact 37-102mm Zoom Lens Full Pack (U35 + FF Rear Optics) Price : $51,500.00 US NEW IN BOX NEVER USED Covers Full-Frame & U35/Open Gate Includes Interchangeable Rear Optics 2.7x Zoom | 37-102mm FF, 28-76mm U35/OG T2.9 FF, T2.2 U35 Aperture Lightweight yet Durable Form 114mm Front Diameter Appealing Cinematic Look Across Series User-Changeable Feet/Meters Focus Marks Cooke /i Metadata Connector ARRI PL Mount52
  5. Looking for the wide EZ zoom in either the USA or Australia.
  6. REDUCED Glass is very clean. Some faint coating marks on front element. One tiny chip on the edge of the rear element, which you can see in the photos. No haze. No fungus Lens is super sharp. Just had a complete service at Duclos. They also installed a new lens support ring and standard 125mm front. Price : $16K US https://broadcastsolutions.com/product/cooke-10-30mm-t1-5-zoom-lens/
  7. Set of 2 Sigma High Speed Cinema Zooms - PL Mount 18-35mm T2 & 50-100mm T2 These lenses cover Super 35 Single DP owner, lenses well cared for. Lenses were just tested & cleaned by Abel Cine Tech in NYC - paperwork available. Lens housings show minor wear, glass is immaculate. Comes with rolling Pelican case and lens supports. Can hand deliver in NY area or will ship for cost of shipping. $6500 or best offer Contact: nielsalpert@me.com
  8. cooke 20-100mm T3.1 zoom pl mount have micro cleaning marks on front glass but they ate not affect to image. mechanical parts perfect. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce2r-wHK4Ft/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= looking 7500eur for zoom thanks
  9. Hello everyone! I just found on sale in Japan a CANON K-35 K-300 27-300mm F4.5 Zoom. I used to have the 25-120mm T2.8, but I have never heard about this long one before. Does anybody know it?
  10. REDUCED For Sale : Angenieux Optimo 24 - 290 Zoom Lens Price : 29K US Accessories include: - Duclos Carry Handle - Front and Rear Caps - CSE Arri Style Dovetail Plate (24”) - One pair of Element Technica 15 mm. 24” Rods - Arri Lens Support - Custom Flight Case
  11. Fujinon Premista Zoom 80-250mm LIKE NEW omar@raw-entertainment.com $30,000
  12. Cooke Technovision zoom 40-200 f4.5 with SHIGA rear 2x Anamorphic in PL mount in excellent condition. The image is very Sharp on the adapter. Has very minimal breathing with a close focus of 2,4”. Swapable PL Mount, lens can be used as Anamorphic lens 40-200 and as spherical 20-100 ( spherical PL mount not included ). Comes with 2 pair of long rods, lens bridge, Vp Lens Support Ring and flight case. $13.000 usd + shipping Lens test - https://vimeo.com/285408318 High-quality Shiga rear anamorphic adapter conditioned by Technovision Lenses. The image quality is excellent and this adapter works perfectly throughout the range. Lens based in LA after been serviced by optix1 in LA. Feel free to ask about service documents and more pictures.
  13. Both lenses purchased / serviced at Visual Products. Both are in excellent condition. The Optex 4mm comes with a hard carrying case. The Angenieux is fitted with a PL mount from Visual Products. I can show footage shot on these lenses per request :) Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h9so9a2cnrr4gaq/AACgNdHIlGbOv8v7PxkUmb-Da?dl=0 - Optex super cine 4mm (2,500$) - Angenieux 17.5-70 (1,750$) Will accept paypal / can ship anywhere in the US. Thanks, Tanner Pendleton pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  14. Looking For : Canon 10.5-210mm T2.4 S16 Zoom Lens Please contact me with pricing and details.
  15. Looking To Purchase : Canon 10.6 - 180mm T2.7 S16 Zoom Lens
  16. I'm a bit confused .. i thought the first Angenieux 25-250 was meassured as T3.9 and now i see a T4.1 meassure on this rental ... Any ideas what's going on ?
  17. Hello Community! I‘m searching for a Canon 8-64mm T2.4 S16 zoom lens. If someone want to sell one please write me! Greetings - Rick
  18. For Sale : Cooke Varotal 18-100 T3 Zoom Lens Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  19. For Sale : Angenieux Optimo 28-340mm T 3.2 Zoom Lens. (Feet) Includes 2 motors and microforce w/ cables.
  20. I recently picked up a Beaulieu 4008 ZM II with the ANGENIEUX 1.9/8-64mm lens. When zooming out to a wide angle a squealing sound / squeaky like noise occurs. This noise only occurs during the second half of the zoom range (from approximately 30mm to 8mm). If I let the camera sit by the window in the sunshine for a bit (warm it up) this noise goes away and the zoom is quiet. I assume this must be a lubrication issue(?). Does someone know how I might try to lubricate the Reglomatic Zoom Control on this camera? I’m tempted to hit it with some DeoxIT, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea and I don’t want to make things worse. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. For sale is a Lomo Foton Anamophic Squarefront Zoom focal length of 37-140mm in PL mount that was serviced a year and a half ago by Olex Camera and has seen little use since. Also included is a Lomo 0.8M diopter. Located in the US. Glass is clean and clear with only minor blemishes, nothing out of the ordinary or unusual for a lens of this age, overall it is in very good condition. Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/osr8xq1 $6000 OBO
  22. F.S. Angenieux Optimo Zoom 28-340mm Lens $52K
  23. Hello, I am in process of choosing glass for a project and I need to find a zoom lens that matches (or at least gets close to) Zeiss SS mk3 lenses. I was considering the old Ang 25-250. Does anybody have some tips on this? Ideally I will go to a rental house to test some lenses, however I would like to go with a better idea. Thanks!
  24. Hi, for sale is Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens. Serial number is 10303 (so it's been made around 2003) Lens is very sharp, even wide-open, has no noticable breathing when focusing. Lens is designed for Super16 image size, film or digital sensor. It has Arri PL mount, and 95mm front diameter. Lens has got installed Chrosziel damper for fluid zooming. Lens is in mint condition, with minimal signs of usage on barrel and absolute pristine glass. Comes with lens support, both caps, in custom metal case. Footage ------ I live in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Shipping only to EU. PRICE: 3300 € + 150 € shipping. ------ PHOTOS
  25. I know this is probably not the right time to sell this but since I sold my Eclair this have been collecting dust. She looks a bit worn, and front element has a little nick, but last footage I saw from this still looked great. This is a R16 lens. Also included is an adapter from RAF camera to use screw in 77mm filter. (I had an anamorphic adapter on the front element before) I looked online and tried to figure out the average price and saw a lot of different prices. So it’s $450 OBO really. Buyer pays shipping.
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