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Stephen Perera

West Side Story - Spielberg + Janusz Kaminski

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West Side Story - directed by Spielberg with Janusz Kaminski as cinematographer. Shot on Panavision Panaflex Millennium with Panavision T-Series lenses.

Rewatched the original on Netflix and wow it looks fantastic.....such colour, texture....such an 'acute' image....the deep focus on location stuff shot throughout is superb.......shot by Daniel Fapp (won Oscar for it) on 65mm Eastman 50T (5251)

....very much looking forward to see what Spielberg does with this film. I LOVED La La Land so very open to this new musical......I hope they don't Disney-fy it (Disney is the distributor according to IMDB) and it becomes an over-acted, over-exuberant embarrassment that's just...wet......I doubt it......should be great......

Interesting to have Rita Moreno back in the film!

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 I particularly love this sequence from the original in 1961.....camera on the ground.....the 'compression'....the building in shadow........so expansive and cool.....


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It won't disneyfied in any way as it was made by Spielberg and Fox, Disney just happens to inherit the film. It's been pushed back a whole year to December 2021 alas. It's going to be glorious and lavish (100 million budget).

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I just heard the 'Go Creative' podcast featuring camera operator Mitch Dubin who has done 17 Spielberg films incl. this one but doesn't talk about it much other than it was a personal challenge given it was a musical and that he really enjoyed shooting it....I'm sure we will get a lot more 'material' when the film is actually out......

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