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  2. David, how would the Black Satin perform here? Closer to the black diff FX or the HBM?
  3. Here's an updated technical resource link (the old one stopped working) https://www.arri.com/resource/blob/75794/6036604fee7c53947fad0b2cbfb2629b/8-6-0-matte-box-mb-19-4x5-65-data.pdf (PDF, 361 KB)
  4. Ended up making a slit into some plywood. Was originally going to throw a bolt through it, but chain vide grip was more secure. Worked great!
  5. Looks like classic Kodachrome to me, not that early attempt that had the same name.
  6. Hi Folks, I'm lowering the price to $1,500. Thanks, Rich
  7. Yes you can, but at this moment im not breaking up the kit. I would like everything to sell together. Thanks.
  8. Is there any way to rig the Digizoom with a Servo motor grip thing? If so, I may be interested in the zoom.
  9. https://archive.org/details/the-golden-west...-los-angeles-partial The source of this film said it was the earlier formula Kodachrome even though the film is dated 1938. I've seen early Kodachrome, (pre 1938) it is nothing like this. It is a mess. Also see gasholder @ 43 seconds upper left. (looks like erector set) Very rare and extinct. There were common in when I was a kid. Before hi-pressure gas lines, gasholders were it for natural gas.
  10. I have one of the keslow modified Canon HJ21x7.5 Cine Zoom lenses up for sale. Lens is in great shape, comes with road case and both front and back caps. Asking $1,200 (or best offer). Any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks.
  11. Hey Guys, Due to financial struggles i'm facing from loosing my job to the pandemic, I have to make the hard choice of letting go of my beloved F900R package. Everything is in near mint or mint operational and physical shape. Well taken cared of. It includes the following -Sony HDW-F900R Body -Sony HDVF-C30 with custom bracket by Panavision -Two Sony memorysticks with Log Gammas and Kodak 250D Print Gamma -Zeiss Digizoom 6-24mm T1.9 Cinema Zoom Lens -Chrosziel CLWAH-F4,5 Mattebox -15mm Rods, Black -Zacuto Lens Support for Digizoom -Fotega DP 2 Follow Focus For more pictures and any questions you might have, please get in touch with me here or email at digitaltproductions@gmail.com I'm asking $4,200 (or best offer). I paid quite a bit more for all of this awhile back, I believe this to be a fair price for everything i'm including.
  12. Well yeah but VHS and tube camera aside, I was amazed at how easy it was to get full coverage of the face without any strange double shadow artifacts on the nose in specific. It's weird how we all go through the gauntlet of film education but then find beginner's assumptions coming back in handy for certain looks. When starting out I never utilized any form of bounce or diffusion and solely relied on a symmetrical raw fill source.
  13. I find it regrettable that attempts are being made to stifle constructive criticism. Thank you, Phil Connolly, for addressing my criticism. I have never denied that the show is good overall. I only referred to the nude and sex scenes, which I think could have been filmed differently. It's true that I didn't see the show, but I read the complete script of the first episode, and on Imdb there was talk about seeing breasts in the scenes in question. A counter-argument was that these shots are necessary to convey a certain information to the viewer. Since I know, of course, that the context of a nude scene is important, I thought about what that information is, and then I thought about whether it could be transported in another way. I then communicated the result of my considerations. I am not alone with my opinion that at least the topless scene is probably fan service. On the TV-Tropes page https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/TheMarvelousMrsMaisel I found the following entry: I don't agree here. Woody Allen's scripts, for example, are bought and read like normal novels, and there is the "Best Screenplay" category at the Academy Awards. Scripts often contain scenes that are missing in the finished film, and they often provide information about characters, locations, etc. that you don't get in the film. There is even a separate category on this topic on tvtropes.org: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AllThereInTheScript And often the stage directions contain hints about how a character thinks or why he or she acts in a certain way. But you can often tell from the language and expressions used what the author was about. I recently read the screenplay for the horror comedy "Happy Death Day", and in it a nude scene of a female character named Tree is described as follows: It was important to the author that the camera is not voyeuristic, but that the nudity is tastefully filmed. There are no vulgar words, but also no judgmental adjectives like "hot", "sexy" etc. The author describes the reaction of the people who are completely surprised to see the young woman completely naked. This reaction is important. So, the camera should indicate that the girl is naked through tasteful camera angles, and then we should see the reaction of the people. It's not necessary to see her naked body. One hint and the following reaction of the people is enough. I agree with you, and that's why I also thought about whether these scenes in the script could be filmed differently without losing the information they are supposed to convey. Greetings, Sandra
  14. There wouldn't be anything worthwhile in any partial roll. Each roll is a scene at a particular place - establishing shots, action, wrap up. It would be impossible to match sky from a roll with a reshoot of just a couple shots. In some cases, establishing shots are on a half roll and action is on a whole roll. If any part of 1.5 rolls is bad, all of it is bad. That's what makes this one so frustrating. I reshot a scene yesterday and blew the last shot. Today I have to go reshoot the whole thing because sky is different today and there are no sunny (it was sunny no clouds yesterday) days in the forecast for the next two weeks.
  15. I'd say give it a watch, its a really good show. Worth discussion from the perspective of blocking and camera movement, with some nice long takes. Then you can judge for yourself. Scripts are only a template for a shoot, they are just a sketch of the finished result and shouldn't be judged in the same way as the finished media text. Context and delivery is everything, particularly in comedy. The same script could be shot in a way thats chaste, funny, sexy or sleazy and the choices that throw it one direction or another can be very subtle.
  16. Hi I am selling my Alexa studio package. I was going to keep the package after I sold my Mini but I'm barely using it at the moment and I don't have any future projects. The package is in excellent condition and includes: Arri Alexa Studio XR 4:3 License Bundle Arri PL ARRI Ground Glass 16:9 Spherical, 800 ARRI 435 Viewfinder Extension Medium FE-5 SxS Card Reader SxS Card Reader 5x 64gb SxS Pro Cards Codex SxS to XR adapter Arri Heated Eyecup ARRI Heated Eyecup Cable Alexa Studio Field Lens 12" Dovetail Plate Arri FE-3 Extension Finder FE-3 Extension Finder Caps Polarized SMA Antenna Alexa Rolling Case Hours: 3431 $12,500 jasonlamarking@gmail.com
  17. Sandra .. come on really ..you are from Austria , so you have some excuse.. but enough .. I have spoken ..
  18. Hi, It is still available. But, it does not have the anamorphic attachment.
  19. You wrote two posts I didn't respond to, and now you're claiming it's "rather silly" to discuss with me? You and I haven't had a discussion in this thread yet. The discussion has been factual and polite so far, and I would appreciate it if it stays that way. I take counter-arguments seriously, and I would like my arguments to be taken seriously as well. I have taken the trouble to read the complete script and have thought about these three quoted scenes and explained why I think that these scenes could be filmed differently without losing the message. So it's not, as you wrongly claim, about simple questions of taste, but about considerations of what the statement, the intention of the respective scene is and how it can be conveyed in an alternative way by cinematographic means. Thank you.
  20. Sounds like the show might not be to your taste. That's fine, but I think it's rather silly to continue arguing over the merits of the scene, especially if you haven't actually watched the show yet. In my opinion, that's a bit like arguing whether a restaurant's pozole really needs to be that spicy because you read how many chiles are in their recipe, but you haven't actually tasted their food...
  21. Yeah these are mechanical machines. It may also be that mag pressure plate was stuck in some way and running film through it loosened it but a tech look through is a good idea.
  22. I would also see what is possibly recoverable in the damaged film. As a person who runs a lab I know it is a hard thing to have to tell a client that there is a loss and especially these days when the world is crazy. Good luck.
  23. Thanks for the very detailed, thorough, helpful response. The lab has agreed to waive all charges for developing of 14 rolls (9 good, 5 bad) and telecine. That covers the film stock loss and then some. I'm glad they did the right thing. I am going to ask Athos about this. Perhaps incidental damages are covered by my policy. Have a good weekend.
  24. It felt normal, but I'm just going to try and get it all serviced. Seems to be very overdue
  25. I have now read the script of the first episode. There are three parts that I find critical. The first scene takes place in a strip club. INT. STRIP CLUB - CONTINUOUS Joel and Midge sit at a sticky table watching a stripper gyrate on stage. She hits a twirling crescendo that sends one fringed tassel flying into the audience. The room APPLAUDS AND WHISTLES. She heads offstage. Midge rushes over, picks the pastie off the floor, runs up to the stage and waves it at the retreating stripper. MIDGE Excuse me! Miss? Miss? The stripper turns and comes back. STRIPPER Thanks, Toots. Why is it important for the pastie to detach itself from the breast? And is this part of the show or not? At least there's no stage direction here that specifically requires the camera to show the breasts. You could have shown the pastie flying through the air in close-up. Or how it lands on the ground, and when the stripper turns around and comes back, you could show her from behind. The viewer knows that the pastie belongs to the stripper and that she has obviously lost it. I suppose she lost it by accident. Why can't she lose another part of her costume, e.g. a piece of her headgear, a ring, a ribbon, or something similar? Why does the screenwriter want her to have an exposed breast? EXT. PARK - NIGHT Joel is screwing Midge up against a tree. JOEL (mid screw) You know what I want? MIDGE Please don’t say a virgin. JOEL I want to make you laugh every day of your life. MIDGE Okay, but you realize you said that while you’re still in me. I find both the stage direction and the dialogue problematic here. Why are the words "screwing" and "mid screw" used here? Wouldn't it have been enough to say they were having sex? Why this vulgar expression in a stage direction? And why does Midge say, "Okay, but you realize you said that while you're still in me"? Why doesn't she say "(...) while you still have sex with me"? Sounds like fan service to me. "Let's let Madge talk dirty. It's sexy." Midge pulls down her straps and shows her boobs. We hear gasps, cheers, a couple of boos, glasses crashing to the ground... it’s complete pandemonium. Susie’s riveted. SUSIE Oh, poop! MIDGE Now, seriously... (she covers her face and stomach again leaving the boobs exposed) ... there’s no **(obscenity removed)** way Penny Pann can compete with these tits! So this is the part where Midge shows her breasts. Why doesn't the screenwriter call them breasts? Again, there is no instruction that the camera shows her breasts; it is only implied that she shows her breasts to the audience. I think, if one would have worked with insinuations here, too, then the viewer still knows that she is topless and can see from the reaction of the policemen who take her away that this is a scandal. The screenwriter describes in detail the reaction of the audience, and also how strict the policemen are. Isn't the reaction of the audience as well as the policemen proof enough that Midge goes too far here? Or in other words: the audience and the policemen in the series see her breasts and react to them in a certain way. That's how we, the audience in front of the TV, can see how drastic her behavior is. So we have all the information we need to understand the plot. So why is it important that I see her breasts as well? I think it is important that I see the reaction of the audience and the police officers. Please don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this show. I generally question whether a nude or sex scene is necessary, and if it could be shot in another way and the viewer still knows what it's about. In the examples I mentioned I think that you could do without breasts or dirty talk and the viewer could still follow the plot and get all the important information. Greetings, Sandra
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