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  2. Watched Lenny again last night. I'm always struck by how stark and, for lack of a better word, tactile the cinematography is, the close-ups in particular. Has anything been written about this? I can't find anything ... How was this achieved? I thought Surtees might have underexposed to get that kind of inkiness, but some of the highlights are so intense that I'm not sure. Is it just - hah, "just" - a matter of lighting, or was he using some kind of filtration? I'm also wondering how much of the look came out of whatever was done in the lab. I'm sure the answer is some version of "all of the above." What do you think? If you were to emulate this look, where would you even begin?
  3. Yeah it's the same with prices around here too. Everything has gone crazy. Rent has gotten several times higher even though there are a lot of empty places that could be rented out or sold. You can't buy an apartment let alone a house as the prices have gone up so much that a sane person can't imagine the numbers involved. On the other hand people aren't prepared to pay for any kind of services regardless of the quality involved. Like it doesn't matter what you do or how well you do it as long as it's cheap or even better free. Who cares if you survive or not as long as the person finds the someone to help them with whatever they don't know how to do. Just for reference the stuff that I complain about how much it costs is the stuff that I know how to do myself which is a whole lot of things and I rarely have to rely on someone else for some kind of services. On one hand some things are expensive or going up like taxes, when the road tax has gone up so much like I was driving a Bentley and not a 20 year old Jeep that keeps breaking down because of the crappy state of roads. On the other hand some stuff is so dirt cheap that I don't even understand how that can be. Cell phones, electronics and even service stuff like internet or phone bill which is so cheap that I can't even contemplate how these prices come about. So yeah doing something creative as it seems everywhere is loosing it's value. The problem is that if they don't get it from you they get it from someone cheaper regardless of quality. That's why some stuff things seem to be of such low quality or it just looks the same as something else. Unfortunately this is unsustainable because once creative people stop creating and turn to "regular" jobs there will be a deficit of supply and there will be no one left. That's teh worst case scenario but I keep wondering what would happen in a situation like that. A sort of Art type Boston tea party if you will. What would happen if someone would wake up and notice that there are no more graphics on websites, that advertisements in the mail have no more design or photographs and when they switch on Netfilx the only thing they could watch was the weather report or couldn't read anything but the tax law or phone book if that still exists. Not to mention no architecture or product design. I wonder how that would impact peoples lives. And this is not mentioning a lot of other areas like art in the sense of music, paintings, sculptures, etc.
  4. ZEISS - STANDARD SPEED MKI - SET (16,24,32,50,85) F2 S35 Very nice vintage set of MKI Standard Speeds F2. Nicely sized for gimbal use. -Excellent Condition -DUCLOS SERVICED -Clean Glass -Covers S35 -Smooth Mechanics -Standard Fronts -Front and Rear Caps -Nice vintage look -Storm Case PRICE: 10K
  5. It would be possible to attach a potentiometer on the board which could be used for fine tuning these values. but not every one of them... maybe one or two of the speeds closest together like the 23.976, the 24.00 and the 25.00 . That would actually help 90% of the users. I will consider that option 🙂
  6. at this stage I am not absolutely sure how accurate the current design can be when it is properly fine tuned. The first working prototype could maintain about 50rpm accuracy so the 10rpm is a good target for now. Part of it is that the analogue electronics are not properly tuned yet and the square wave conversion is not perfect which messes up the speed calculations a little. The Kinor motor also generates one pulse per revolution which is not optimal for this type of system. With a proper encoder with dozens of slots the speed accuracy would be much better in any case but it needs lots of testing to see how accurate it can be
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  8. what it practically means is that one needs to open the program code in Arduino IDE , locate the lines which set the PWM cycle low and high values separately for every frame rate and then manually fine tune the low and high values when comparing how stable the set speed stays when changing the values. I may do this differently in future versions so it might change. The speeds are rpm in this version (the "freqSetVal" ) :
  9. Aapo, when you give tolerance at +/-10rpm, is it intended for cameras/motors with a 1 frame/rev relationship? If so that tolerance may be too great.
  10. Hello. Nr.4 (Foton) and Nr.12. (OKC 1-50-1) has been sold.
  11. I currently own three cameras which urgently need sync motors so I am primarily making the system for them. so small scale prototyping is not that costly and I have already done most of the hard work except the actual circuit board design (have to learn to use new programs so takes some time). The price point depends on how much the board needs customization or if the design I use fits the other cameras as well. Physical size is the most limiting factor if one wants to fit the whole system inside the existing motor housing. If an external box would do, then it would be much much simpler and cheaper. One of the factors is that the current code needs to be fine tuned per camera/motor type and the end user may need to do this by themselves. The current system is based on Arduino so the fine tuning is very easy to do but it may not be for everybody and will take some time. what will seriously take the cost up would be: - shipping cameras and motors back and forth, especially from U.S (installing by me instead of the end user) . By my opinion this should be avoided unless absolutely necessary - small physical size which is more demanding on the circuit board manufacturing technology. Larger boards can be made by me at home by simple means but very small boards will probably need to be custom made in manufacturing company which necessitates very precise designing and standardizing and a larger production run which is not economical for this kind of relatively early prototype - custom manufacturing mechanical parts like encoder disc fittings. this may necessitate shipping the motor back and forth
  12. I don't think the RetroScan uses perf recognition / machine vision stabilization. It uses a LED or Laser perforation detector to fire the lamp and trigger the camera. Machines like the Scan Staton / Xena etc fire the lamp/trigger the camera using velocity from the capstan encoder or combination of velocity and perforation detection. Then the film is overscanned and the perforation and film edge are looked at with machine vision in real time and the film is stabilized in the GPU in the X and Y axis before being demosaiced and written to disk. With the Retroscan you would probably have to do additional stabilization in Resolve or After Effects etc. with an overscanned file.
  13. I would definitely be interested but I imagine the price point would be pretty high to make it worth your time. I think the NCS Revolution Sync Motor sold for around 1K, not sure if they're still being made or not.
  14. Selling my Angeniux 12-120 Type C lens for Bolex h16 cameras. The lens is lovely and in fantastic condition, I could send photos upon request. I'm asking for $400 + shipping -Derick
  15. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew what the filter thread is for the Som Berthiot 10mm C mount RX lens? I'm looking to get filters and want to be exact. Best, -Derick
  16. Canon EOS C700 FF Camera Canon Cinema EOS C700FF Body PL Mount Canon EVF-V70 OLED Viewfinder for C700 ARRI Pro Set 19mm ARRI VF attachment C700 VF Cable 4 Pin Power Cable 2 x Sandisk Cfast 2.0 128GB cards Lexar Cfast Reader ARRI Dovetail plate 12” Ridgid Aluminium CustF.S. Canon EOS C700 FF Camera $22K USom Case 35mm Global Shutter Sensor (Original)
  17. You left LA in 1989? I've only been here since 2002 and the price to live here has skyrockted since the recovery started in 2010 ish. When I moved here from Boston, I found the price to be very similar in both places. $1200/mo for a 2 bedroom apartment was the norm in LA. However today, the prices have skyrockted. You can't get a 2 bedroom in a decent place for less than $2400/mo. Everything has gone up in price, the DWP, the food, the restaurants, the gas, I mean it's completely out of control in my opinion. I remember when a $5.00 burger was expensive, now decent burgers are $12.00 without fries. The restaurants are still full of people, but the cost of owning a restaurant has gone up so much, it's causing a yearly price increase on everything. Now going out to eat for two is $40 + after tax and tip, even if it's just a burger, fries and a drink. I've been traveling all over the country and this problem is systemic. It's not isolated to Los Angeles at all. Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Denver, even Phoenix where I've spent a lot of time shooting my documentary, are all grossly expensive cities. Forget about Boston and New York, they're just colder version of Beverly Hills price wise. Everyone is searching for a place with good jobs yet a living style that isn't out of control. There are some places in Texas and the mid west, which have new industries coming in, where you can buy a house for $250 ish and get something pretty decent, but how long will it be before the demand to buy is so high that people start upping the prices on houses, just like they've done here in LA? Eventually all the great inexpensive places to live today, will turn in to expensive places and it won't stop, it will keep going and going and going. I'm currently engaged in my backup career for a while because I was tired of stressing out being an "artist" only. Though all it's done is stressed me out more because now I have much less time to be an artist, generally after work and on weekends. I wish I could leave Los Angeles, but like so many people who live here and other media cities, if you wish to practice your craft with the best of the best, you need to be around the best of the best. Los Angeles is for better or worse, the best place to be if you want to be a successful filmmaker.
  18. Nice, yea in motion it looks so much better. Only way to make Vimeo look good is to upload either a HEVC .h265 file OR the original Pro Res file from the workstation. .h264's don't work sadly.
  19. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew what the filter thread is for the Som Berthiot 10mm C mount RX lens? I'm looking to get filters and want to be exact. Best, -Derick
  20. Cooke S5/i Set Includes: 18/25/32/40/50/65/75/100mm Price $135K US They come with cases and the focus light controller/dimmer for use with non LDS cameras.
  21. More like shadow lines or a blur as I remember
  22. huge Mallick fan.....Tree of Life is a masterpiece.......disappointed he shot this one in digital though........I love digital for sports and nature/wildlife programmes.......not films.......the more the top directors choose film the longer it exists and the easier it is for nobodies like me get option of buying film to shoot.... Its great for the big guns that can get to use Arri Alexa's etc but us at the bottom of the barrel will be forced to use Sonys and Canons and Fujifilm cameras and all that....come on....youtube....it looks like 99% of the 3 billion videos on it or whatever were shot by the same person on the same camera.....as David Bailey said of digital...."it's visual communism" hahaha when the jump cuts became fashion I was like what the hell is going on.....
  23. did a crappy Instagram cut I did in a rush...its all out of time but it will do for now....this is just a small cut from the first 400ft....I have another 1200ft for the project I'm shooting.....to tell the story.....it will do for now...some of the stills don't appear in this cut...also the final piece will be 2048 x 1556px not this square format for Instagram...I despise how they try and kill grain with their compressions....Ive raised a ticket with Vimeo to give me the highest data rates as i pay the PRO version .....
  24. How would the scratches affect the image? As in contrast? Best, Derick
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