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directors and cinematographers

Daniel Carruthers

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what do you think are some great directors and cinematographers who made some great looking movies together. im sure this is a common topic,but i dont care.


my picks are

John Carpenter and Dean Cundey- Escape from newyork,Halloween,Big trouble in little china.

Oliver stone and RoberT Richardson- jfk,nbk,

Steven spielberg and Allen Daviau,ET,Empire of the sun

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Guest Alex Taylor

The Coen Brothers and Roger Deakins: The Man Who Wasn't There, Barton Fink, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and, of course, Fargo.

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Some of the most famous director/DP collaborations: Bertolucci/Storaro, and Lean/Young...


Also noteworthy: Kubrick/Alcott, Powell/Cardiff, Welles/Toland (although that was only once -- Toland also did great work with Wyler, Hawks & Ford), Hitchcock/Burks, Truffaut/Almendros, Ritt/Wong Howe, Pollack/Roizman, Allen/Willis, Spielberg/Kaminski, Ray/Mitra, Leone/Delli Colli, Huston/Morris, Lester/Watkin, Coen/Deakins, Altman/Zsigmond, Coppola/Storaro, Inarritu/Prieto...

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Such a long list could be made out of this, so here are just two of my favorite Director/DP teams who have worked with eachother numerous times



Coens w/ both Deakins & Sonnenfeld (You can't mention a Coen film's cinematography without mentioning "Miller's Crossing")


Gilliam/Pratt (Come on, Time Bandits, Baron Munchausen, Brazil, Fisher King, 12 Monkeys...all brilliant)

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Aronovsky/Labitique and Nolan/Pfister just came to mind


As do Bryan Singer and Tom Sigel.


There are also some television collaborations that have produced very interesting work, although in that medium the collaborator is the producer, not a specific director. Two that come to mind are Tommy Schlamme and Tom Del Ruth, and Mike Robin and both Brian Reynolds (Civil Wars, NYPD Blue, and The Closer) and Chris Baffa (Popular, Nip/Tuck, and an MOW called Bailey's Mistake).

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Steve Soderbergh has a great relationship with .. well... Peter Andrews AKA Steven Soderbergh. :D






Ha ha, good one Tim. I'm still perpetually impressed by how Soderbergh is able to function as both DP and Director on set, and yet he's still able to give his actors some great direction towards what have generally been brilliant performances.


I'm really looking forward to seeing "The Good German", especially considering the technical rules of "old studio days" that he adhered to during production.


Oh but look, I've gone off topic...here:


Jeunet & Caro w/ Khondji

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Guest Tim Partridge

Richard Lester and David Watkin

Hitchcock and Robert Burks

David Lean and Freddie Young

Fellini and Otello Martelli (or even Guiseppe Rotunno)

Sergio Leone and Tonino Delli Colli

Lucio Fulci and Sergio Salvati

Terry Gilliam and Roger Pratt


Gilliam/Pratt (Come on, Time Bandits, Baron Munchausen, Brazil, Fisher King, 12 Monkeys...all brilliant)


Peter Biziou shot Time Bandits, Guiseppe Rotunno Baron Munchausen (Pratt only shot the model unit at Pinewood). I do agree though, their films are just irresistable visually, even if the script isn't up to much!

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