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Arri PL to Aaton mount adapter?

Stephen Perera

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Les Bosher in the UK just machined a specialized PL to Bolex Bayonet Mount for me. He does superb work.  Do you have an Aaton LTR? There should be sufficient Flange Focal Depth (FFD) in order manufacture one, i.e. 

Aaton FFD --> 40mm (Throat diameter = 50mm)
PL FFD -----> 52MM (Throat diameter = 60mm)

Expect to pay around 350+ GBP.  
web = http://www.lesbosher.co.uk/
email = les@lesbosher.co.uk 





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13 hours ago, Stephen Perera said:

Hi all...does anyone make an Arri PL to Aaton mount adapter? i.e. to enable PL lenses to be mounted on an Aaton XTR 16mm camera

Ya can't adapt PL glass to work on Aaton mount sadly. You need to replace the mount with a PL one. 

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Nicholas, sorry I wasn't clear, that throat diameter is 54mm.

The FFD I thought was 52mm, with sometimes some tiny change to allow the photons to dig a little into the film emulsion...

I think the techs commonly use a depth guage with dial increments that border on being hard to interpret, so experience is needed to use them. It's an interesting thing to ponder. Maybe Dom will tell us what it's like.

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Hi all thanks for the responses...spoke to Les Bosher and he confirmed no adapter is possible would have to convert the camera to a PL mount......cost is £500 (GBP) which Im sure is a good price for the wonderful job he would do......Ive heard great things about him and to be honest I love the fact we have old school doing things like this......recently sent my Hasselblad 201F to Ulf Kühn in Germany, a specialist for Hasselblad V system and scanners and I love guys like this are around

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That is impressive that Les can build a PL hard front for the older Aatons. I know he offered something similar for the Bolex but he advised me that the PL adapter was better for the Bolex. The adapter also retained the use of C mount lenses. 

I stand corrected on the PL specs. Thanks everyone.

Flange focal distance: 52.00 mm (51.97 mm for the Arri SR high speed models) (73.5 mm for Arriflex 765, that mount is known as "Maxi PL-mount")(60.00 mm for XPL-mount on ALEXA65) (44 mm for the LPL-mount on ALEXA LF)

  • Diameter: 54.00 mm (64.00 mm for Maxi PL-mount) (72.00 mm for XPL-mount on ALEXA65) (62 mm for the LPL-mount on ALEXA LF)”
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7 hours ago, Chris Burke said:

Why not true, care to elaborate?

I think my comment from 3 years ago, was misinterpreted to mean PL lenses can't have their mounts changed. That's not what I was inferring. You can't make an adaptor that will allow the PL mount lens AND Aaton mount camera to remain unchanged, but simply add a piece of hardware "adaptor" to work. That is something you can't do. What you CAN do is swap the mount on the lens OR camera. 

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Is Les Bosher still doing this sort of work?

Who else in the world is currently considered the best for putting a PL mount on, say, an Aaton, or a hardfront with PL mount on a IIC? Thanks for any info. Bruce at Aranda Film in Melbourne told me in an email that he's closed up his workshop permanently. The end of an era.

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Les Bosher is fantastic and such a nice man. He made me an M42 to Aaton mount and an Arri BL to Aaton mount. He also does a great Nikon to Aaton mount.



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