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  1. None of the results googles lists were originally posted by Anderson himself. It is most from over-eager forummembers and data harvesters who list business to business informatie. As I recall his own website merely functions as a footholder without any info.
  2. There is plenty of play in the exposure. That must be because real consumer life is crude on this kind of technique đŸ™‚ The notchrulers aren't all that different. Best to go with the Peaceman ruler as that is the newest and drawn up by an expert.
  3. Is it really good practice to post other people's real life data which they themselves never posted before?
  4. Don't bother with collimation after taking out the internal filter. It is just theory and witchcraft. Many filmers film handheld and with ASA 100 film have apertures near f11. So what would be the point? Just expose a bit of film at wide open aperture (use ND filter) while filming from a tripod. Find a subject at infinity and some other closer by and measure the distance which you set on the lens-scale. It that comes out fine you are fine. BTW the very late models of 4008ZM4 which came without internal filter weren't adjusted with their C-mount machined off for a hair's thickness either
  5. Would it not be logical to ask the repairman?
  6. Indeed a nice camera. I don't follow the reasoning that more film would drive the price down :) I don't understand why they the processing of E-6 or D-94 would need to go through retro8 too. They need the cartrdiges back?
  7. All R10s are equal :) Except for the zoom gears which are metal on the 78xxx series and nylon on 79xxx. R8 are the smaller camera but do have a smaller lens and want 625 batteries :( A problem might be that R10 are rather heavy and due to age you must double check on all features working properly. Sometimes they get noisy gears or possibly a stuck exposure system.
  8. BTW Max full variable ISO range, best film gate design, best rewind handling, and best lens on Super-8 is, of course, to be found on Nikon R10
  9. The S560 is nice and compact. The only gain would be to have a longer lens on the 800-series. interchangeable lenses. What extra speed options do you want? Compared to the S560? Only Beaulieu 4008 have truly variable speed. And interchangeable lenses. What other lenses could you possibly want? A 0.95 Schneider? Using C-mount adapters you could fit many Nikon or other brands. That works best for telephoto. Undercutting 10mm fixed focal length is hardly possible. There are special ciné lenses.
  10. The opening is troublesome because most/all screws are behind rubbers or leatherette. You need to know where they are and to get access without wrecking the covers. It is impossible to get replacements as they would use in the days these cameras were new or current :) I have no experience opening these types of Canons.
  11. Better no quick charging with batteries in the camera. It will fry a big resistor inside the camera. Modern chargers at $10 already have adaptive circuits and put the turbo on when they sense the opportunity. Who needs exposing capability for 30 cartridges when films cost $50 per piece :)
  12. Better not to experiment with charging batteries with unknown qualities inside the camera. Sometimes batteries inflate like a balloon when (over)charging and then it may crack the circuit board of your camera. When charging in-camera always use a correct charger. Even when it goes alright when using a modern adaptive charger the current may get too high and it will roast a resistor inside :( When charging do this outside camera either using the Beaulieu charger container with a Beaulieu charger as this has the same circuitry or use a modern charger but connect it to centre-plus and the hull-minus of the battery housing.
  13. The movexoom 6??? It is only your camera which acts like that and not a general feature of these cameras
  14. Not that many people work on the inside of cameras. I think. More likely corroded pads on circuit board or the finger of the selector.
  15. It has an automatic exposure system. It adjusts the aperture according to measured light and the ISO value of the cartridge. It draws power from the main battery set. Function is easily checked by pressing the trigger half way and pointing the lens in the direction of a bright light or dark field. The needle visible in the top of the viewfinder should indicate what aperture it sets. This indicator only shows when there is enough light over the camera to light up the indicator background :) It is an old fashioned camera. The exposure system can be directed to over or under expose using the knob on the right side. Setting or locking aperture can be done by pulling out the EE knob on the left and rotate that. Aperture setting is visible in the viewfinder. Keep the REW/FOR knob on For(ward) while testing. The camera will stop after 100 frames in REW, appearing broken while it is not.
  16. I have one 1014XLs which I found at a photo-faire. Euro 20 but with 6 batteries stuck in in the grip. With some clever thinking (+body weight) and tool usage I managed to pull these out. Camera is running fine now. The grip hinge is a bit less smooth as on an original.
  17. How did it end up with your nephew rather with you, the son?
  18. I'll give it a try some sunny day, on rare document film in super-8. I have both cameras and a tripod. :)
  19. Never heard of troubles with 1014XLs as you describe. These are fine machines with features the new Kodak will never have. Apart from actually being there to use at all :) Nikon R10 and R8 were the first with built-in dissolve/fade over 100 frames max. These can be found in good condition and they have by far the best lens in Super-8 world (despite people claiming otherwise), also they are the single model in super-8 which have a specially designed film gate which forces the film in the focal plane :) Sometimes they can be a bit noisy. The exposure system can go being stuck where the actuator can no longer move the aperture blades from their base position. Which is troublesome to have repaired :(.
  20. The needed plug is obscure and I would be glad to learn what type it is. The grip of the 814 and 1014xl-s is the same and the covers are the same.
  21. Frozen should still be good. People fight over these :) Processing available through www.super8.nl Or DIY
  22. EM-26 film (the late version Ektachromes 160 in super-8) is best suitable for E-6 , it produces usually very nice images. The only trouble is getting the black backing off. When it comes out transparent something else went wrong.
  23. BTW Beautiful camera. Use it regularly to keep it running smooth. It requires a bit of a budget these days :) Curious that some/few have correctly CINÉ (with accent aigu) on their side but most are like this one with CINE (without :( ) Possibly the opening in the mask was too small and got clogged?
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