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Satsuki Murashige, Cinematographer. (2016)


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Good dunes. What's the location? I've looked at that patch of stuff down on the US border with Mexico in the past, but as it's the only dune sea in the continental US (as far as I know) I suspect it's expensive.



Thanks everyone. Location is Death Valley. It's actually a fairly small patch of dunes a short hike from the hotel but they are fairly high with a ring of mountains as a backdrop, so with a long lens it looks like it goes on for miles and miles. We discovered that there's a daily sand storm around 10a-12p because the heat stirs up the wind. My 2nd Unit DP Luke Rocheleau grabbed those shots with a splinter unit after I went down for a few hours with heat stroke. He's a good friend and great DP as well, so I'm very thankful he was able to step in.


The storm was pretty intense, we ended up trashing a Scarlet, Canon 70-200 with a doubler, and Miller 55 head. Had to get them all professionally cleaned. Good thing we kept the Epic and Optimo DP lenses under wraps! Luckily, the little studio in LA that we were producing the film for and who lent us the gear were so excited about the footage that they didn't care too much about the gear. The campfire scene was shot at a campground in the Hollywood Hills.

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Haven’t seen this one yet, but I did see the 2013 one. Loved that silhouette shot in the desert around 01:05! The fire (around 01:24) did look a bit too artificial, too sharp, for lack of a better word. Sorry.


Another gorgeous shot is the one in the stables, around 01:45. Since I’ve been thinking to do a thread regarding planning this kind of thing, I was wondering how did you guys know when the Sun will be in this precise position? What I’m aiming at is did you use some kind of ephemeris or app.

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Yeah, I would have liked to diffuse the 'fire' lights a bit more. The nose shadow bothers me too. The key light is a Dedolight hidden behind the fire in the wide shot on a Magic Gadgets Flickerbox. Normally, you would light this way for the wide and diffuse for the close up so that the nose shadow was less obvious. We shot with 2x cameras and did wide and CU at the same time for a variety of practical reasons, so there was no opportunity to soften the close up.


The horse stables, the director and I did a scout the day before at sunset. The shot with the sun in frame and the girl is actually sunset, we shot that on our scout day. So we got lucky and just found that shot. We used the Sun Seeker app to predict where the sunrise would be and came back and shot the other footage. It was basically just the two of us running around with 5D Mk2's and some EF zooms.

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