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Battery for 16mm Eclair ACL2

Luca Rocchini

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I have been looking for a new 16mm battery for my Eclair ACL2, but no luck. My old battery is in the picture attached.


I have tried this type DC 12V 4800mAh Super Rechargeable Portable Lithium-ion: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics , doesn't work at all. And this one 12V DC Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack for CCTV Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics which works only up to 25fps, the camera stops working at 50 and 75fps. It seems to be a lack of strength.


Any tips to help me finding an appropriate battery? I still have a few BW cans in my fridge!


Thanks for your time!



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It is dishonest by the manufacturer to list these as 12V packs. Their nominal voltage is 11.1VDC.

The Eclair motor needs a bare minimum of 11V to run at accurate speed. Get a 12V NiCd or NiMH pack instead. At least 5Ah. This is assuming your camera is clean and properly maintained. If however your camera is gummed up, it will take a lot more power to advance the film.

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No Luca. I'm afraid you misunderstood.


You should avoid Li-Ion batteries altogether for these older cine cameras. Get a NiMH pack instead.


If it was a more modern camera that is built to take higher input voltage, only then would I suggest a 14.8V Li-Ion battery pack.


I would not take a chance to feed 14.8V into a camera with older electronics like the ACL.


You can also use a 12V Sealed Lead Acid battery which is cheaper but quite heavy.


Or if you just want to tests you can kook up two of these 6V batteries:





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I found Andrew's email. He was replying to questions re my problem getting 75fps. ACLII, latest motor. I'll paste it here, but anyone using these ideas please assume responsibility yourself.



We recommend running the motor with a 4Ah or higher capacity battery and a cable no longer than 1.5m. If the camera battery is weak, then with the motor running at 75fps thebattery is discharged rapidly, with the current about 4-5A (depends on the magazine loads). If the cable is too long or has a small gauge, then at 75fps possibly a few volts can be lost on the cable, causing a loss of motor speed. To run the camera at 75fps you have to use a 12V up to 15.6V Nickel Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride battery at least 4Ah strong ; 15.6V battery works better then 12V at speed 75fps, 30% lower current and less heat. The source of your problem with high speeds might be due to the fact that your battery quickly dropped voltage once the current exceeded 4A, as well as the increased current had been generated by friction in the bearings increased by temperature.


The proper current for the 74fps motor just with the camera body (no magazine) with 12V battery is:

24fps - 0.8A

50fps - 1.8A

75fps - 2.7A

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So finally, I guess this should work:


Pack NIMH 13.2V 4Ah PL SL2151 AO F - MGH00210 | Allbatteries.co.uk


But probably I go for this (cheaper and I have the same charger), hope the higher Ah is not a problem:


NiMH Battery Pack: 13.2V 5Ah (66wh, Hump) with Trail-Tech female plug


Thanks Gregg and Jean

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Is the Battery Space pack on that page C size? So it will be heavier than sub-C?

ACL II is already heavy. If the batts are going on board I would be careful about weight. Also, get the weight as far to the rear as you can. I designed, but didn't yet build, a 19mm rod system that allowed handles for hand holding. Instead of using the 19mm rods for box etc, one had handles, and a 15mm LWR system for the rest. The 19mm rods go rearwards, so one can fix a battery well back to improve ballance. When needed, the 19mm base is used for the heavy lens, tripod, big follow focus etc.

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Yes C Batteries, It should weight around 750 grams, so not too heavy. I will probably put in a small handbag and be on my body instead of being on the camera.


Hopefully they ship to Europe, tho!

I recommend glueing velcro all over it so that you can attach it very easily to the camera, to your belt, etc. It may be a good idea to add a extra layer or two of heat shrink plastic on it before applying velcro so that the surface is more sturdy.


You can even buy a cheap basic clip on utility belt from local hardware store and use it as a "battery belt", just attach the battery with velcro and you're ready to go :lol:

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Bit tetchy there Mark. They work fine on my Eclairs...NPR and ACL.


LiPo also work on mine but they have no strength to go up to 50 or 75fps. That's why we discussed that NiMhs at 13.6V and 5Ah in order for my motor to pull that speed.

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