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  1. Because she/they is/are their own boss? If it must play on 4K TV too they might want to have a reasonble image. Standard S8 may look good for family S8 material but Perry must please more people 🙂
  2. Ever, from a videoclipwebsite, that is. Others have used Super-8 too and had their clips broadcast the old way through television. And had 100-millions of viewers wordl-wide 🙂
  3. The most useful post for Q1 and Q2 🙂
  4. Superior design and ingenuity from Europe. Unfortunately overwhelmed by not so well thoughthrough goods from the East. And undercut by uneconomical hourly rates for production. Already other models were produced in Japan like the Movexooms 6 and 10 🙂
  5. The Canon 512 is a top camera 🙂 Amazing how well they age and how bruised they can be and still work. You need some trickery for the battery though. . The only thing is that weighs a bit. Not your hiking camera.
  6. Just find a pack of money and take the Toeppen scheme. I.e. buy a ton of 16mm unperforated film and have it perforated somewhere in a format you like/need. Or just use what is available. And don't use Wittner or Kahl if you want a more favourable meterprice. Thanks to these Mercedes driving people everything in EU is now crazy overpriced. And they are the reason the toeppenfilm costs such a crazy amount (apart from the three times shipping long distance 🙂 ) If you want a pressure plate on super-8 just get a Fujica single-8 camera. Ready to go in a minute.
  7. Here you have Wittner with Mercedes prices: https://www.wittnercinetec.com/epages/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film/Categories/"Filmklebefolien+/+Klebebänder"/"Super+8"
  8. R10 have a variable notch reader. It can read anything. It is not limited by sensing switches who only set high/low or better a set of 5 possibities.
  9. Several sellers offer bullet cameras to fix to eyepieces of old ciné cameras. There is one for beaulieu zm 4008 cameras and I noticed another for zc1000 To what should the frame rate sync?
  10. Mr Nowill in London can do reperforation of 16mm 2R (two perfs) into R8. No blanks and no 1R. The perforating is not expensive. If you would find old stocks you can send them to London. Shipping is a bit of a put off. Best to have like 2-4 100 feet. If you have a pile you might thingk about going there personally, deliver it and then go to the British Museum. If it were open. Pick up later.
  11. An american guy had a batch Kodak color film perforated by Wittner. Cost a ton. Then shipping out and back. Short rolls are available from his website. Costing considerable. If organised it needs to be efficient. I.e. you order a batch from Kodak in Germany, have it sent to Orwo directly who then deliver to you. Hopefully they can fix it on 7,5 metre spools too 🙂 Processing in EU can then be done by www.super8.nl
  12. It shouldn't be too difficult to manufacturer R-8 or DS-8 from the 16mm bare strips they have as in between product. If they still have the perforators 🙂 Spools are easier to produce or handle than S8 cartridges I would think. Their sales data from the past may have indicated that there is no viable consumer market for these. So somebody else has too take the risk. Unfortunately the small producers will triple the cost per foot.
  13. Seems more like what you suggest. A rough calculation from the images comes to 0.12mm Fairly thick for a hair, unless from a thick haired animal.
  14. I have a stash of Kodak 7240 in R8 on 100 spools. Should you be interested to buy one just use message function of the forum. Mind the timezones 🙂 It is slow cinéma.
  15. Haha, they aren't answers at all. Just spend more money.
  16. When you take off the lens the ground can been seen sitting to right. When it is swung in. You could attempt to brush or blow. Don't push too hard and don't overdo as the blowing may displace the dust further on.
  17. martin, 7 feet is a rather big one. There was an article on phtographing from post war V2 rockets just this last issue of Fotografica PhT magazine. First time they managed to photograph the curve of Earth (believe it or not 🙂 ) Cameras were very sturdy as there was no parchuting down after the high rise. I have seen some discussion of a much smaller 70-ies ciné rocket which had a special S8 camera built in. Looking down from the rocket. Just to see the onlookers disapper in the distance. It was very basic but also had a special cartridge with just a few feet of S8 which had to be DIY fill with S8 which I suppose had to be cut from a standard cartridge. Who did processing of these or who kept a few of these clips. Drone options have been discussed too. Using a late compact like Fujica P2 or other mostly plastic things was then the suggestion. Use AAA or connect the drone power. Take off all trimming et cetera. Stop and start. Seems people with plenty budget just want to send it up with the camera running from the start and then for 3 minutes. It seems tasking these heavy lifting drones with a the few 100 gramms aren't a problem anymore. Main focus seems now to make simple things more complicated and adding weight. 🙂
  18. Why do you ask if you know it so well? Just use a standard thing for remote control instead of this overengineering and still not be enable to choose the moment of filming. Good luck
  19. Just find an of the shelf wireless remote control with 2.5 plug. Why all these difficulties?
  20. If the drone has no switches then remote control is possible through 27mc equipment. It all depends on the distance. Also there are IR remote controls. New and vintage. Nikon had ML-1 IR and MW-1 radio. Also there delayed start and shot-length controllers. Even from the original S8 era.
  21. You have a problem. I don't see why would I start questioning suppliers of goods which I don't have. If your camera wasn't adapted you cannot charge Li-ion batteries in-camera. Good luck.
  22. Li-ion requires dedicated chargers. How could this work in a standard 4008?
  23. Well, thank you for that. It certainly helped a lot of people. I am not sure what the views are these days. Most people have diverted to facebook-groups with more members than ever in all forums together. Otherwise you might want to attempt google ads.
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