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  1. They didn't approve for book section, so putting up here. 2 Kodak books may be of interest to the cinematographer. JPEG scans only. Kodak Professional B&W Films F-5 D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Kodak Filters For Science & Tech Uses B-3 D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive <><><><> Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Popular Culture Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Audio Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to share a new online library that I've been working on with my focus puller to share our lens and filter tests with other filmmakers, cinematographers, directors, camera crews etc. It's called the LFL - Lens & Filter Library and is available at rwpreisner.com/lfl So far there are over 80 lens and filter tests with many more to come in the next few months. It's currently in the early stages of development and I'm looking for feedback to see how useful people find it to be and what improvements they would like to see. I'm also looking to see how useful the choice of tests are to those that use the library. It's available to be saved as a quick shortcut on IOS & Android devices so can essentially function as an App on Ipad and Android as well as the videos being available in 4k for viewing on larger monitors. It's appeared a couple of times in the BSC magazine news and they have been supportive. You can read their short article about it here Have a look and it'd be great to know your thoughts!
  3. Hi, Apologies if the anwsers to my questions are obvious, my background is in lighting and the stuff I found online only raised more questions. I’m about do a short on S8mm (Canon 814, 7.5-60 mm) and I’ll be using a thread in 85 filter for some exterior stuff. I’m wondering about "safety" of adding another filter on top of it (ND). My two worries are: Is there a high risk of the two filters creating reflections and flares? I’ve read a lot about Matte Box filters potentially creating issues like that. Could there be any Vignetting on the wide end of the zoom? I unfortunately was not able to test that as I had no access to both filters at the time. The filter size on this particular lens is 58mm, if that’s relevant at all. Many Thanks, Michal
  4. I have a film coming up that I would like to try some split diopters shots on. I have not used split diopters in the past and I would interested to hear about how you have used them. I would love to see how people have rigged them on to the camera so that you can control where the split is in the frame, I don't necessarily want it to cut through the center. Please share any picture you have of your setup, as well as tips, tricks, and things to know when working with split diopters. Thanks, Laffrey
  5. https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/uk/news/handy-filters-launches-the-worlds-first-modular-magnetic-filter-system The REVORING Swift filter system is designed for quick and simple filter adding and swapping using snap-on magnetic attachment rather than fiddly screw-in or slide-in filters.
  6. The late cinematographer Robby Müller was a big advocate of testing. I remember watching an interview of him talking about doing extensive tests of various filters for an upcoming BW film. From what I recall, he said he ran film tests for a couple of weeks with filters. And in the end, he decided filters were not up to the job for his film. Müller was an advocate of letting the camera stay in the background and not having camera work be the main thing. Internet Photo: Fair Use Robby Müller, Inventive Cinematographer, Is Dead at 78 - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Bringing it home to our own forum, I read countless questions here that can't be solved by words, they have to be solved by tests. In the digital age you can't get things any easier to test than digital. And with film, testing is even more important. So, I can't understand why people have such a block to testing things. Can you tell me why? Recently I joined a forum that deals with various still scanning methods and post work. As specialized forum for scanning, I thought it would be a given that members would have test results comparing a flatbed scanner against a camera scanning setup, as they had sections for both of them. My interest in camera scanning is my archival work. Some archival work, especially some cine' film, is not conducive to flatbed scanning. So, I would like to know how methods compare before throwing some money at it. As well as knowing what direction to throw the money in. You would have thought I was from outer space asking the forum that question. I got nothing useful from the forum except a lot of replies criticizing me and my request. Not looking for pen pals, nor having time to waste, I left the forum. I will have to throw some money at it and do my own testing. I was just trying to economize on testing to find direction. Sometimes it is nice if you can build and refine on the testing that has gone before you. But to really get at the truth, you need to test things yourself sometimes. Breastfeeding won't yield much if the tit is dry. <><><><> Example of Newton rings from scanning film directly on glass - DDTJRAC
  7. Just $40 each filter! I can provide more pictures if needed/requested. If someone wants to buy the lot, feel free to make me an offer. Preference for NYC locals who can meet up and pay cash/Venmo/PayPal nearby in Brooklyn or Manhattan, but I can also ship. My preference is not to break up sets (as grouped below), and not to have to go to the post office to ship one $40 filter, so if you want me to ship only one or two, just consider there to be a $100 minimum charge, excluding the shipping cost. 4x4 85 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND3 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND6 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND9 (Tiffen) 4x4 85B (Tiffen) 4x4 85 Pola (Tiffen) 4x4 81B (Tiffen) 4x4 UV-16 (H&H) 4x4 Enhancer (Tiffen) 4x4 Yellow 4 (YL4 = Tiffen #15 equiv.) (H&H) 4x4 ND3 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4x4 ND6 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4x4 ND9 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4.5" Round Rotating Pola (Tiffen) 14" Follow Focus Whip ($50 O.B.O) Follow Focus Speed Crank ($50 O.B.O) 4x4 Filter Frame ($50 O.B.O) French Flag with Gooseneck ($50 O.B.O)
  8. Late Spring Cleaning, items from Super 16 Arriflex 16SRII for sale. ARRI LWS-2 Rods with extensions. These are the convertible rods that work with Arriflex 16SR, 16SRII and 16SR3 cameras, in Regular 16 and Super 16. Asking $275 Van Diemen 4x4 Matte Box (with 15mm rod mount), 2 Stage, both Stages rotate, with 4 donuts for different sized lenses. Asking $250 Schneider #85 4x4 Filter, used once. Asking $99 Tiffen #25 Red 4x4 Filter, never used. Asking $125 Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any question. Shipping is free for residents in the lower 48 here in the US, actual shipping and handling cost will be added to international sales. Best, -Tim
  9. Hi, Working as camera assistant I came across combination of RED Monstro 8K VV and Sigma FF lenses. All good, except 14mm… That marks beginning of Compact Matte Box. I have found this type of product very useful in various fast pacing situations as wll great for gimbals and other lightweight setups. www.nd9.eu Available for 80/95/110/114 mm size as well 14mm Sigma prime. Custom size and solutions also available, If any questions please write Contact form
  10. Hello everyone, I am seeking for examples of filter use on 16 mm, anything from glimmer, black promist to effect filters (stars ...etc) will do. If movies also pop in mind don't hesitate ? I am in research for an upcoming 16 mm video (dance performance, with natural light) that we'll shot with the aaton xtr , 7219 film, zeiss 12 mm & zeiss zoom 12-120 (by mind). Caméra on dolly or stand, 'black swan' inspired of some sort . Thanks ! Jordan
  11. Set of Tiffen White Pro Mists 4x4 1/8 1/4 Never used still sealed 1/2 1 Never used still sealed 2 Bonus... Just labelled Pro Mist.. Not sure its white pro mist but included as a bonus... Freya
  12. Hi there! Im’ looking for these filters: 4x4 • Tiffen Black Promist 1/8 • Tiffen Glimmer Glass 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 (Could be also 4x5.65) • Classic Soft FX 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 4x5.65 • Tiffen Clear • Tiffen ND 0.3 and 0.6 I’m located in Spain, I can buy from anywhere! guillermo@loshermanospolo.com Best!
  13. This may be an obvious question. But does using orange or red filters with 16mm Kodak Double X have the same affect as with 35 or 120 photography film stock? Can't really see any examples from Google. Thanks
  14. You can buy any one 4x4 for $45, two for $75, for three or more add $25 per filter. Here's the list and how many I have of each: 3 Tiffen Coral 1/8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1/4 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 1/2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 3 4x4 4 Tiffen Coral 4 4x4 0 Tiffen Coral 5 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 6 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 7 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral SET (1/8-8) 4x4 0 Tiffen 82 4x4 0 Tiffen 82A 4x4 1 Tiffen 82B 4x4 0 Tiffen 82C 4x4 1 Tiffen 82 SET (82, A/B/C) 4x4 4 Tiffen 812 4x4 5 Tiffen 85 4x4 3 Tiffen 85N.3 4x4 1 Tiffen 85N.6 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N1.2 4x4 3 Tiffen 85 POLA 4x4 1 Tiffen 85 SET 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N.3 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B N.6 4x4 4 Tiffen 85B N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N1.2 4x4 2 Tiffen 85B POLA 4x4 5 Tiffen 85C 4x4 1 Tiffen 85l SET (1/8-8) 4x4 3 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/4 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/2 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1 4x4 2 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist2 4x4 SOLD Tiffen Warm BlackProMist SET 4x4 2 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/4 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 3 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 4 4x4 Tiffen BlackProMist 5 4x4 SOLD Tiffen BlackProMist SET 4x4 4 Tiffen Sepia 3 4x4 0 Tiffen Sepia 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Sepia 1 4x4 2 Tiffen Sepia SET 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 1 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 2 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco 3 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco SET 4x4 2 Tiffen Fluorescent B 4x4 1 Tiffen Fluorescent D 4x4 2 Tiffen Enhance 4x4 1 Antique Suede 1 4x4 1 Antique Suede 3 4x4 0 Tiffen ProMist 1/8 4x4 2 Tiffen ProMist 1 4x4
  15. LEE Filters, the premier global provider of filters for photography, cinematography and lighting design, has appointed a trio of industry experts to its North American team. Morgan Prygrocki will be charged with leading the company’s U.S. office as general manager, and Patrick Corcoran and Richard Andres will serve in business development roles for the west and east coasts, respectively. Paul Mason, LEE Filter’s managing director, says, “As LEE Filters continues its worldwide growth, the addition of Morgan, Patrick and Richard demonstrate our commitment to the U.S. market. These talented industry professionals bring a broad range of capabilities to enhance our sales and support services to the professional photographic and cinematography communities. We’re excited to continue to build upon our industry-leading position and develop deeper relationships and partnerships throughout the U.S.” Prygrocki is responsible for all North American business. She comes to LEE with robust industry relationships from her previous senior level roles at Ncam Technologies and RED Digital Cinema. She is based in California at LEE’s Burbank, California, location. “LEE is a trusted brand and dedicated partner in the industry, and I’m excited to lead our North American team in delivering the highest-quality products and services to our customers. With the addition of Richard and Patrick, we are augmenting our presence within the community of artists and creatives who need top-tier tools.” As Business Development Manager–West Coast, Corcoran brings extensive experience working with professional filmmakers. He joins LEE from SHOTOVER camera systems and RED Digital Cinema. Andres, Business Development Manager–East Coast, comes to LEE with more than 20 years of experience in the stills photographic, rental and studio sectors. He previously worked at Foto Care in New York. This expansion follows LEE Filters’ recent addition of Lilian Tran as Social Media and Marketing Coordinator in the U.S. in July, enabling LEE to establish global social media coverage. This week (October 24-26), LEE Filters will be exhibiting at PHOTOPLUS at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Come meet the new team on Stand #152. For more information about LEE Filters visit www.leefilters.com.
  16. Selling a full set of Schneider Platinum IRND's These have served me great over the last few years. Used to be the standard at rental houses, great quality for the price. 0.3 (Excellent) 0.6 (Excellent) 0.9 (Newer/Excellent) 1.2 (Two tiny nicks on the border, no where near photographing, otherwise great) 1.5 (Excellent) 1.8 (Excellent) $1250 Photos avail.
  17. Following the widely successful launch of the LEE100 Filter Holder in March, LEE Filters has introduced two new products to further enhance the system. The new LEE100 Tandem Adaptor proves invaluable on occasions when one filter holder isn’t enough, and the LEE100 Hood is a versatile and sturdy companion to the ecosystem. The LEE100 Tandem Adaptor Unique to the LEE Filters system, the Tandem Adaptor, which is constructed from aluminium, allows the photographer to use more than one ND grad and rotate each independently, so they can be set at different angles. This allows for far more precise creative control of the exposure in complex lighting situations than one holder alone. To fit, the first LEE100 Filter Holder is attached to the lens via the adaptor ring as normal. The LEE100 Tandem Adaptor then slides into the holder’s outermost slot, and the second LEE100 Filter Holder is attached to the adaptor. The holder closest to the lens can be used with up to three filter slots (one must be used for the Tandem), while the holder that’s attached to the Tandem Adaptor can be configured with one, two or three further filter guides. Both holders can be rotated freely until the desired effect is achieved, and then locked in place to avoid any accidental movement of the filters. The LEE100 Hood Designed to shade the camera’s lens and reduce the risk of stray light and flare spoiling the image, the LEE100 Hood can be used with up to three slot-in filters plus the LEE Filters Polariser. Constructed from a water-resistant reinforced nylon in a collapsible concertina design, it is self-supporting, with no need for intrusive and fiddly rails or guides, and can be adjusted to different angles and extensions for maximum versatility. Simple to set up, the hood comes with an attachment ring that is affixed to the LEE100 Filter Holder via four locking tabs. The hood is then locked securely on to the attachment ring with a lever. It is then attached to the adaptor ring in the usual way. The hood can be rotated independently of the LEE100 Filter Holder, allowing the photographer to use ND grads as normal, while still getting the most out of the hood itself. At its fullest extension, the hood can be used with lenses of around 28mm and a two-slot filter guide without the risk of vignetting. Once it is reduced to half extension, lenses as wide as around 20mm can be used without vignetting. Easy to extend and collapse, and quick to attach and detach, the LEE100 Hood is the ideal addition to the photographer’s kit bag. Pricing The LEE100 Tandem Adaptor is available now to purchase from LEE Filters dealers, with a MSRP of $65. The LEE100 Hood is available to purchase from LEE Filters dealers beginning August 19, with a MSRP of $295.
  18. FJS International is brokering a sale of a large inventory from a European rental company. You can buy items individually. See complete list here: https://fjsinternational.com/fjsaprilinventorysale.html
  19. Anybody happen to know if the cool blue moonlight looking ambient light in this scene was done through gels? If so, which gel do you reckon it might be? Arrival-Bradford Young https://fancaps.net/movies/Image.php?name=Arrival_Screenshot_112&imageid=2493209
  20. Dear Cinematographers, It can be seen in the films of Takeshi Kitano and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, among many others. Hausu, Ran, violent Cop, Hana-Bi, Cure - even Charisma, Ju-On, Ringu, and Pulse (Kairo) - and many others all have the same, distinctly Japanese '80s, '90s aesthetic - and not simply on account of the costumes and set decoration. It is a late night TV special kind of look, with faded tones. Other than that meager description, I cannot further elaborate - the aesthetic is too subtle. Therefore I must ask you who are greatly more experienced than I - was it by means of the cameras, lenses, and filters, or was it primarily the film? I would sincerely like to know for a feature on which I am presently working. Sincerely Grateful, Kurt Cassidy-Gabhart
  21. Hi, Looking for variable ND filters for this lens. According to the information "Holds 1 Series 9 filter". Can I use 82mm filters for this lens? Any filter size Series 9 compatible?
  22. Hi, I'm in the market for a few ND filters in 4x5.65 size Looking for : 0.9 ND (3 stop) 1.8 ND (6 stop) Black pro mist 1/2 OR Black frost 1/2 Thanks!
  23. Hi all. Excited to ask my very first question on this forum! For an upcoming short, I'm trying to achieve a pastel, somewhat low-contrast color palette in a bright daytime exterior, very much like the attached reference image from Vertigo. Being a micro budget project, I don't have the opportunity to pre test a bunch of filters or lenses. Any recommendations on filtration for this reduced contrast, slightly blooming look? For the project, I'm using the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII. I own this camera, and the colors from its Super16 Kodak CCD sensor feel inherently pure and dare I say film-like. I'm pairing it with oldish glass, the Cooke 9-50 Varokinetal (T2.5). I've rented this lens before and it is not only affordable but renders a very creamy three dimensional image. I've attached a sample I shot with this configuration, no filters. Just need to turn that into something less contrasty, more talcumy, more "vintage" for lack of a better word. Thank you! Jall
  24. I currently own a K-3 16mm camera that came with 5 ND filters. I'm trying to label them for shooting purposes, but there are no instructions on how to identify which filter is for what purpose. Does anyone know how to label them properly? Nathan
  25. Dear guys, I'm going to Hong Kong for a photography project (and I also want to shot some 150 fps). I want to get the look of this picture in a GH5 with a Leica Summicron R (f2) and I'll probably use a Minolta flash. I'm looking for a 4x4 filter that can helps me to reach the following look on camera. Do you have some recommendation? Thanks, best S.
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