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Found 25 results

  1. SALE ITEM and LOCATION PHANTOM HD GOLD w/ PL mount + NIKON mount and multiple accessories, see below THE KIT located in Bangkok, Thailand DESCRIPTION serial No:: VR1112 7115 PHDC IP: XIP: This machine belongs to our Production House. It's been always kept with the utmost care in A/C, non-smoking environment. Cosmetically it's really in very good conditions with very few nicks. Recently we wanted to make it mobile to enhance its possible use on set. It took LOTS of hours of research, planning and emails to VISION RESEARCH. In the end we got there. Being un-tethered opens a world of new possibilities for the shooter. The sale package is really unique. I don't know of any other PHANTOM HD GOLD that has been made fully mobile Hard to let this baby go, we really love the images out of it - but as of right now we need to make different business investments. THE KIT - PHANTOM HD GOLD in PL MOUNT - NIKON MOUNT w/ shims sets - 1x HAWK-WOODS RP-CF1A battery plate with 15mm rod clamp (can power ALEXA MINI too) - 3x HAWK-WOODS RP-100H REEL POWER 26V 100W BATTERY (H SERIES) - 1x HAWK-WOODS RP-2X2C REEL POWER 26V 2-CH COMPACT FAST CHARGER - HP Pro Tablet 8" model 608 G1 w/ 32 GB (user expandable via Micro USD) - ETHERNET USB w/split micro USB C - SDI cable 8mt - LAN cable 8mt - POWER cable 8mt w/3pin plug - PELICAN CASE w/ custom cut foam A few notes here. We worked a deal with a *very* well know custom mount maker, so in case you could have an EF mount made for really cheap (deal privately disclosed only to the buyer). The Hawk-woods batteries are BRAND NEW. You can also use the plate and the battery to power an Alexa mini, or 1x1 Lite Panels via the D-TAP. Very, very versatile. We went for 100W because, to the best of my awareness, you can fly no problem with all Airlines with the batteries as carry on. Of course you can buy more from Hawks-wood, they carry a full line or Reel Power 26V batteries. The HP tablet is BRAND new too. It is simply the best compact Windows tablet on the market. It has a gorgeous screen and it comes with AMTEK PCC 2.7 software pre-installed. The beauty of our configuration is that you can store the Phantom files on the tablet while shooting un-tethered, and keep the tablet charged at all times while ingesting the Phantom files. We have a copy of the Phantom Software stored on the cloud, not all released versions work with the Phantom Gold. You can run the machine in a fully tethered configuration from any Windows PC. The value of the accessories is in excess of 5K. That's without taking into consideration a ton of research we put into the project. TERMS PAYPAL OR BANK WIRE ONLY. Buyer pays shipping, fees & import duties (if any). I have tons of positive feedback on Ebay shall you want to look me up. Item ships Worldwide. PRICE 18000$ for the kit, exc. shipping CONTACT PM me please IMAGES https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X2...9D_vycZJe-MnKC ** The rig and the lens are for demonstration purposes and NOT included in this sale. NOTE We will be traveling to EUROPE and the US over XMAS. This is a good chance to have the item hand carried to destination
  2. Hi there, I'm shooting a music video in Australia soon and plan on some 48fps slow mo shots. I usually shoot 172.8 shutter at 24p because it's 50hz here. But disregarding lighting fixtures for now: Would it make sense to keep the 172.8 shutter angle at 48 fps or is a 180 shutter angle going to be a more natural/smoother look? Maybe a better question: Is there a significant difference in motion between these two shutter angles at 48fps, or is it almost imperceivable like it is at 24 fps? Any help appreciated!
  3. I'd love any comments or critiques on this latest music video I shot. Specs: ARRI Amira 4k 60fps or 2k 200fps Canon CN-E Primes Let me know if you have other specific questions. Thanks! DI
  4. Hi guys, im new here, and i'd like some advice. I own a Canon 6d + 24-105mm, and i'm going to shoot a music video for a hip hop/trap artist. I've only shot a hardcore punk music video, and it was very fast paced and with several cuts. This time it seems to be different. Upon searching references, such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, etc, most, if not all videos rely heavily on slow motion scenes. Even the song the artist sent me is much calmer and sort of romatic than the others. But since the 6d can't shoot faster than 30fps at 1080p (if can with magic lantern, but the tests i made didn't turn up so good), i'm looking for alteranatives, and i strongly believe that the lack of resources boosts creativity and this might just allow me to create something different (I'm thinking different cuts, camera movements, etc) For instance, the artist want a scene with a woman in a white wolf mask at the beach at nightfall, kind of abstract, symbolic. And unfortunetely i can only thing of this in slow motion, but i'm sure it's just that i can find the right inspiration. I've been searching for movie scenes and music videos that could inspire me to have more ideas, and honestly i feel like slow motion is overrated and overused these days in music videos, so i'd like to move away from that but still keep this sort of poetic, emotional, abstract feel. Could you guys share some videos, scenes, thoughts, techniques and ideas that could work in a more symbolic and meatphorical scenario? I'll keep reading the forum and searching for more inspiration, but on google it's hard to find anything that DOESN'T involve slow motion when i search this subject. Thanks in advance! Cassiano.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to sell my Weisscam HS-2. The camera itself it is an high end camera, but of course with a 2K sensor. Isn't a cheap slomocamera, there's no compression of the quality from 1 to 2000fps The camera work perfectly but I need to rebuild my equipment and I don't need 2 High Speed cameras. Here the characteristics: WEISSCAM HS-2 MkII Super slomo camera, 2k sensor. 1500fps @2K 2100fps @1920x1080 4400fps @ 1280x720 stand alone camera, PL mount, EF mount, Nikon mount, 2 data cables (30cm. and 6mt.), power supply, hand unit. 32GB Ram allowed 8sec. of buffering at 1000fps for any more info please contact me Best Andrea
  6. This is a short film I made in Oslo. Feel free to critique, comment and maybe share :) Thanks! Martin
  7. I need to film some items falling and want to slow it down so it takes 15-30sec to travel from top to bottom of frame at a play back speed of 23.976fps. Any recommendations of what frame rates I should film in and what what high speed camera I should rent?
  8. Weigh in on how to achieve flawless slo mo
  9. But of course, please provide me with feedback. I'm the type of person that values the negative feedback way more than positive so don't hold back :)
  10. Phantom Flex 4K Body, Batteries, Computer, 10gb to Thunderbolt Adapter - $2,500/day 2TB Cinemag - $500/day Phantom Miro LC320s, 2 Cineflash, Batteries, Accessories, Macbook Pro - $1,500/day
  11. PHANTOM HD GOLD FOR SALE $25,000 Package has signs of small cosmetic wear on the paint but everything is working normal. Camera is running latest firmware. Firmware 797 Serial 7066 Package includes: -Phantom HD Gold Camera 16GB Internal Ram -Power supply (US wall power plug to XLR to Phantom Fischer) -Ethernet to Phantom Fischer cable to connect to laptop -Phantom riser plate for 15mm lens support rods -Top handle -Port cap -Mag cover -Phantom PCC CD software and case -Phantom getting started guide -Custom fitted Pelican case -Dell laptop running Windows 7 and latest version of PCC for camera control and footage offload Ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Phantom-HD-GOLD-High-Speed-Digital-Slow-Motion-Cinema-Camera-1000-fps-/301862700089? Located in Los Angeles email for more info ty2k@me.com
  12. Hello, I'm trying to find out the frame rate used during the slow motion shots of Moonwatcher striking the skull with the bone in the "Dawn of Man" sequence from 2001. It looks like it might be 120 fps, but I can't find a quote anywhere (checked the SK archives, the new Taschen book on 2001, and several biographies and studies). Does anybody know for sure, or perhaps has a more educated guess based on the cameras used during production? Thank you.
  13. Hi everybody, Shooting a 2 1/2 minute shot in slow motion (30 fps or slower) but it's a shot of someone lip syncing an entire song. I'd like to do it on 16 or Super 8 but I'm not sure what the most budget-conscious way of proceeding would be. There's definitely no way of achieving this without crystal sync, right? So any advice on the cheapest camera system that can do slow motion (at 30fps or slower) and keep sync? Thanks so much for the help! - Ez
  14. IDT Y5 HDiablo high speed camera for sale. Well taken care of, only used by me. A 2k res camera for the budget conscious. Please see the showreel link below IDT Y5 Diablo is cinematic high speed to the next level. Starting with the scientific-industrial standards, the cameras are enhanced with a cleaner image, less noise and improved algorithms for superior video output. Independent HDMI and Pixel Pipeline provide constant monitoring and real time image adjustment while YiFi enables wireless control via mobile computing devices such as iPad and iPhone. HDiablo enclosures are specially built to better fit in the rigs needed for film sets. Y5HD surpasses shooting high definition providing a 2560x1920 image at 640 frames per second at max resolution and even faster at reduced resolutions. Extra Accessories included/thrown in: Y series Battery (attached to right of camera in the pictures) Nikon and PL lens mounts Power unit 2x lemo power cables Handle Trigger cable Carrying case Software dongle Extra ethernet cables Hawk Woods v mount battery plate with lemo connector for extended field use. Here's a showreel shot totally the IDT y5 Hdiablo https://vimeo.com/66530094 Looking at US$23K for the whole package, excluding shipping and willing to ship to anywhere in the world.
  15. Hi everyone! Im very excited to join the cinematography community here in order to learn and continue to advance my craft. With that said here is my very first question / post. I've noticed a handful of music videos that are shot in slow motion (my guess here is possibly 60fps?) and the performer is singing and yet the lips appear to be relatively in sync to the music. Now is this a case of simply shooting the performance like you normally would but just at a higher frame rate, or is there more to it that I'm missing ? Below are some examples the first one being the strongest. Example # 1 Example # 2 (most evident at 1:03, you can see the bus on the right moves slowly yet lips are in sync) Example # 3 (most evident at 0:49) Thanks everyone!
  16. Hi guys, i'm going to shoot music video, the big part of it is in House, my camera settings should be 800asa 2.0 f 120 fps with 1/240 shutter speed and 800asa 4.0 f 24 fps with 1/48 shutter, it will be handheld. My question is: Can i pre light it for both settings, so i can just change settings of the camera in the middle of shooting from 120fps to 24fps and back? Flickering for me is fine but not so much. This is the reference for flickr and lighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0DvjgagJko https://youtu.be/lXYq9ImJIN8?t=1m22s https://youtu.be/ZXBcwyMUrcU?t=1m24s
  17. Could it work without harming the camera? Let's say I'm shooting at 24 fps and then have someone carefully dial the speed to 48 fps?
  18. Hello! We just launched the second instalment of our Kin Fables trilogy titled Salvage. Shot on the west coast of Newfoundland on the Red Epic using Zeiss Super Speed lenses. I'd love to hear what this community has to say about the film, on all aspects. Thanks for taking the time to watch! https://vimeo.com/119777338
  19. Hey guys, Part of the storyboard I've been given for a client requires a light bulb to be blown up. It's for an electrical engineering company. What is the best way to do this? Using a high frame rate would look best. Would it be better to see if a VFX company can achieve this? Or is hiring a high frame rate camera + hiring specific crew for the shoot a better option? Thanks in advance, Jordan W
  20. First time poster, but have absorbed much from these forums over the past few months! I have a live event shoot coming up tomorrow that I'll be shooting 240fps on a FS700 for some nice slowmotion shots of people in a single, indoor area - however from tests I've done (with ambient + tungsten to replicate the venue) I've gotten some pretty terrible flickering. Problems: 1. No control over ambient lighting in the area (indoors) 2. Small indoor area 3. Limited gear allowed in area (1-2 lights, flags would be pushing it) Any ideas on what I could do to make this video the best it can be, or at worst, remove the flicker in (shudder) post? Would really appreciate some help on this, really want to deliver a high quality video for this client! -Karl
  21. Hello, Does anyone know whether any modern interval timers are compatible with the Canon 814 electronic auto zoom super 8 camera, or is interval timing reliant on the elusive Interval Timer 'E'? Any help is appreciated!
  22. Hello there, I launched a new short film over the web a few days ago. We have been chosen as official selections at a few festivals and have won Best Cinematography at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, as part of the Quebec short films. I'd love to get some feedback from anyone watching the film. Any comments, suggestions, thoughts, etc. Whatever anyone wants to share, I'd be delighted to hear it. Thanks and hope you enjoy :) Here it is. KIN.
  23. I'm shooting a a low-budget music video that includes a campy square dance scene in a community center basement. The look I'm going for is a slightly higher-key version of The Knife's video: dingy, weird, and somewhat depressing. The room has 8 overhead fluorescent fixtures, and I want to embrace the fluorescent look. I'm going to be shooting most of the dance action at 120fps on a Sony NEX-FS700 (w/ the relatively fast Zeiss Distagon/Planar lenses). I will have the budget for a few small lights but nothing major. My questions are: 1. In keeping with a 180° shutter and not going too crazy with my ISO, does it seem like I'll be struggling to get enough light at that frame rate (we're shooing at night so no natural light) based on how many fluo fixtures are already in the room? Ceilings are about 12' high or so. For what it's worth, we're shooting in a somewhat loose, fluid, 'cinéma vérité' kind of way and it will be tough to hide lights all the time. Also, lots of wides... 2. On a similar note, I'm curious what people's impressions are RE: the video as to whether or not the close-ups were lit with anything beyond the existing overhead practicals. Thanks in advance! Luke
  24. Hi Cinematography.com people... I've just released a director-cinematographer 1st promo, shot with no budget other than stock, developing and telecine and would love some feedback if you had a few minutes. The idea was to create a mood and tone rather than a certain narrative. https://vimeo.com/54611682 H.Grimace "Lands of Gold and Green" With kind thanks, Ash (Ashley Michael Briggs).
  25. Here's a music video I made as a submission to a competition created by the band The Civil Wars. I love this site because most of my work gets a lot of constructive criticism which helps for the next production. So let me know what you think about everything! :) Thanks! http://genero.tv/watch-video/34354/
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