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Post your favorite movie stills!

Max Field

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25 minutes ago, Phil Rhodes said:

Speaking of Tokyo, I don't know if this was a triumph of available light or some of the most naturalistic big-movie lighting I've ever seen.


I read that most of the filming in the hotel had to be done from late evening into early morning only .. ie when no one was around and nothing was open .. no balconies at the real hotel rooms and super high up .. the hotel is on top of an office building ....so either this was day light, shot with Kino's  (or both) or another location ?   but I don't think anything was shot in any studio sets ..  Lance Acord was the DoP.. an almost slight graze with fame.. the local company dealing with the shoot asked me to shoot Tokyo b roll .. but I couldn't do it .. 

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Personally, I am not as big a fan of the French New Wave as many but I think 'Alphaville' is a very beautiful film. I know they used Ilford stills film (pushed a stop?) and remember reading an interview with the cinematographer in which he admitted he didn't think they could shoot in natural light, but that Godard pushed for it and was proven right.

Years ago, I wrote to Oswald Morris and asked him several questions about how he had photographed certain scenes. I was so entranced by this scene with the bulb I sent him a clip and asked his opinion. He was not impressed and thought it was just showing off.

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